The Entity Registry System (ERS)

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Information about The Entity Registry System (ERS)

Published on April 26, 2014

Author: cgueret



Presentation given during DownScale2013. ERS is a Linked Data publication platform that is offline by default and fully decentralised

THE ENTITY REGISTRY SYSTEM (ERS) DownScale2013 Geneva, 19 September 2013 Christophe Guéret(@cgueret)

ARCHITECTURAL CHALLENGE Collaborate onashared knowledge base Iconscredit

USE THE CLOUD ! Big server +reliable network +light interfaces

BUT IT DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK ... 5B people do not have reliable Internet access Big servers are not widely accessible either Applicationspecific ->beware of data-silos No P2Pdialogue, evenfor P2Pactivities Transfer ownership of data Smart phones are anexception, not anorm So we need something else....

INTRODUCING ERS Fully decentralised Linked Datapublicationplatform Lets users collaboratively describe and link entities Works under any kind of connectivity context Tracks back individualedits back to their authors

BASIC COMPONENT: CONTRIBUTORS Edit the content of the dataspace Every contributor hosts its owndata Contributors canshare datawiththeir peers

BASIC COMPONENT: BRIDGES Increase connectivity Canonly cache content fromContributors Fullcopy of cache among bridges

BASIC COMPONENT: GLOBAL SERVER Aggregates the content fromthe Bridges Exposes the knowledge base to the outside world Needs to scale up



USE-CASE 1 : SOCIAL NETWORKING Contributors:someone's laptop, contribute one profile Bridges:coffee-room device, keep track of visitors Global server:server providing an overview of the contacts => Everyone visiting a universitycan connectwith those who came before and those who are there => Automatic, gossip-like, update of profiles => Tune bridges connections based on shared interests => LinkedIn like endorsementbyresource description

USE-CASE 2 : MARKET PLACE Contributors:farmer selling point, announces prices Bridges:Sneakernet(people/truck/...), makes the info move Global server:crowd-sourcing for governments => Verypervasive wayto communicate marketprices as structured data and do crowd sourcing => Adjustbridges to connectto anyother bridges

TAKE HOME MESSAGE ERS infew words : Fully decentralised Linked Data publication platform Worksunder any kind of connectivity context Tracksback individual editsback to their authors Simpleand versatile Open Source Low resourcedemanding ... and open for contributionsso don'thesitateto fork it!

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