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Published on March 28, 2014

Author: GEOFRAMEcafe



This is my report on the application of the Water Directive and the Flood EU directive in Italy, I gave at the Graz Alpine Convention/Planalp meeting.

Flood Risk Management PlansMichelangeloBuonarroti-TheUniversalDeluge,1502 R. Rigon, M. Dall’Amico, P. Macconi (South Tyrol), Civil Protection PAT et al. Alpine Convention Meeting - Graz March 25-26 - 2014

The emergency is the enemy of the good

!3 Where are we ? A few examples P. Macconi - SouthTyrol North East District Unit of Management (Adige River) South Tyrol (7400 km²) Communities - Contingency Plans - Urban developement plan local operational regional strategic Wide jurisdiction - Civil protection (laws & plans) - Landuse (laws & plans) - Environment (laws & plans) - Water resources (laws & plans

!4 Pilot Areas P. Macconi - South Tyrol South Tyrol (7400 km²) 4 Mountain basin management plans

!5 Organisation P. Macconi - SouthTyrol

!6 analysis current
 natural hazards land use use of water ecology vision, objectives ! catalogue of measures synthesis 
 conflicts and risks
 realisation, implementation information, public involvement and initialisation reference area data organisation objectives project management Design P. Macconi - SouthTyrol

Models Help

!8 New Alert System ! Furthermore it is now operative a H24 a special personnel availability for the flood service. In real time are available the data on the precipitation and on the water level in the dams In action P.A. Trento

!9 Models ! In case the prediction given by the hydraulic-hydrologic-meteorological modeling suggest the necessity of dam regulation and/or civil protection measures, the procedure foresees to activate the regulations and a warning message is given to the various Civil Protection Units of the surrounding regions and river authorities.

!10 A chain for Models Hydrological modelling

!11 given the meteorological predictions, the actual measures of discharge and dam levels, allows to estimate the future evolution of the flood in the main rivers. Hydrological modelling Predicting

Key Points

!13 • integrated management plans following a standardised procedure ! • Smooth procedure, well structured, with external experts and internal project managers ! • Technical studies and reports: 59-75% of the budget ! • very „intensive“ public involvement and engagement (18 – 29 % of the budget) ! • problem in the implementation phase (sometimes only issues related to acute flood risk prevail, it is needed a „suffer“ of……) P. Macconi - SouthTyrol Recommendations

!14 From project view to a process view Continuity (persons, process, public engagement and involvement,.. ,..) ! • Organisation ! • Consolidation/institutionalisation/establishing of river corridor/area/ watershed management as a standard ! • Public engagement P. Macconi - SouthTyrol Recommendations

!15 P. Macconi - SouthTyrol ! ! • organisation of the working practice „institutionalisation/establishing “ ! • networking and synergies ! • Working horizontal and transversal in between administrations ! • River watershed manager with „leadership“ ! ! Recommendations Organisation structure

!16 ! • Consensus based decision making process ! • Legal ancoring, improve the bindingness ! • Pilot projects to show the potential success ! • Careful planning of the implementation phase ! • Catalogue of measures not too general and not too detailed, and not defined too soon, ! • Intensive collaboration ! • Regular monitoring of implementation Key behaviours for success Recommendations P. Macconi - SouthTyrol

!17 ! • Continuity ! • Information exchange and transparency ! • Translation/adaptation of technical language to the demands of the involved stakeholders ! • Careful planning of public participation: where, who, when, what, how Public participation process: Recommendations P. Macconi - SouthTyrol

!18 Improving meanwhile ! • Exchanging information (e.g. Alpine Convention) ! • Performing studies (i.e. through European Projects, e.g. KulturRisk) Recommendations P. Macconi - SouthTyrol

!19 <latexit sha1_base64="tYHCApFiY8slQcKMwQxwGacE74A=">AAAA+3icSyrIySwuMTC4y Conclusion R. Rigon and M. Dall’Amico Harmonization

!20 Grazie per l’attenzione! G.Ulrici-,2000? R. Rigon The End

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