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Published on December 13, 2016

Author: DuncanCameron6


1. The Els Club – TelukDatai – Langkawi I have the pleasure toorganise KLExpat MalaysiaGolf Communityandwantedtoshare with everyone whosubscribestoKLExpat Malaysiaourrecentexperiencewhen12of usvisitedLangkawi for a Golf Weekendinearly October. The Els Clubisa 45 minute drive fromPantai Cenang(unlessyouchoose tostayat the 5 star Datai attachedto the golf course…).It’sworththe time,withthe endlesscornersandthe plethoraof monkey’swarmingthemselvesonthe tarmac because, asyouturn the corner before The Els,you getgoosebumps….withabackdrop of the oceanon one side andcrispygreenmanicuredgreens withfairwaysasplushas an Axminsteronthe other.It’sall aboutthe golfingexperienceandthisis the ultimate. It justtakesyour breathaway.A beautiful place tocome andplaygolf,forall rangesof ability……It has no bunkers,the Satanof highhandicappers!! On arrival youare metby bag handlers,notonlytotake your bag butto welcome youthroughinto the Clubhouse withasmile andacheerful ‘GoodMorning’……it’salwaysnice tofeel welcome ata top course because sometimesthat’snotthe case,especiallyinMalaysia. Checkinand registrationiseasyandyouare thenshownto the lockerroom, where youhave your name on the lockerand anotherwarmwelcome fromthe staff inthe changingroom…..the whole experience justmakesyoufeel special !! Check-in,change andovertograb a nice hotcoffee andbreakfastandagainthe staff are great. I have had the chance to play 3 timesthisyearat The Elsand each time theyrememberyour name….ThankstoJenie formakingusfeel sowelcome. Sittinginthe openClubhouse lookingatthe vast numberof greenkeepersworkingonthe course and the mountainsinthe backgroundthe immaculate lineswhere fairwaymeetsroughjustmakesme wantto playgolf ……and enjoythe experience…..andmostimportantlyplaywell.

2. It’s on to the 1st tee…..andall I am thinkingis’please hita good drive,please hita good drive’as I’m sure that the caddies will not be impressed if I don’t….and the other 11 guys behind me won’t be sniggering uncontrollably…..Phew, straight down the middle !! The openinghole isagreatwaytostart,as are the firstfew holes.Nottoowide,nottoolongandthey ease youin to relaxingandenjoyingthe experience…..Oh,anddidImention,there’sNOBUNKERSor OUT OF BOUNDS…..This just gets better and better !!! 1-9 have agreatrange of holeswithbothshortandlongpar3’s,lay-uppar5’sandbirdiablepar4’s… catersfor highhandicappersaswell aslow andthe course makesyouthinkaboutyournextshot.The areas thatimpressedme most,unlikemostcoursesinMalaysia,hittingwedge intoa greenfrom 120 yards, it stops and you can pitch and run. The whole course caters for everyone. 10-18 have a slightlydifferentfeeltothemwithmore angledfairways,blindshots,trickyliesandthe 10th having an amazing view of the mountains in the background.

3. Moving through the jungle and getting towards a hole I’ve been looking forward to playing, the 15th …..a par 3 raised up, not far at about 120 yards and boom, nailed it!!!

4. I cannot expresshowmuchthiscourse meanttome while playing,fromthe manicuredgreens,the flocksof parrots flyingoverhead,the AndamanSeacrashingoverthe rockswhile I’mteeingupon the 17th , the GPS screensinthe buggy helpingyouwithdistances,eaglescircling,hornbillssittingin the treeswatchingusall go by and the backdropto the whole course…..Icouldplaythiscourse every day forthe restof mylife andbe a veryhappy man.

5. For more informationandif youwishto join the golfing group for our monthly tournaments please email Follow the link to see ALL the pictures from Langkawi - Langkawi Golf Weekend 2016 Dave H - “A greatweekendof golf atThe Els course Langkawi.The attentiontodetail wassomething I have neverexperiencedatanycourse,fromthe individual namedlockerstothe engravedbagtags, teesandpitch markrepairers.….the service wassecondtonone throughoutandthe foodwas excellent.A highlyrecommendedgolf retreatforgolfersof anystandard” BillyB– “What a fantasticweekendof golf we hadhere.The course isbeautiful andextremelywell maintained.Everybodywhoworksthere providedan excellentservice,fromthe waiterstothe caddiestothe managers.Hadboth breakfastandlunchhere withbothmealsbeingdelicious. Also the buggiesprovidedare worldclass.All inall anamazinggolfingexperience,cannotwaittogo back” DavidA - Startingwiththe good,and …. - Lovelysetting. - Wonderful fairwaysandgreens. - Excellentfood. - Enjoyable company. - Welcomingmanagement.

6. - Couldhave beensunnier,butitdidn’train (course coped verywellwiththe veryheavy overnightrain) - Caddiesnotproactive atall,came acrossas veryinexperienced(helpwith clubs, distances,lines,orball findingall poor) –biglet-down. But yes,I wouldgoagainwithouthesitation. Thank you for a great weekend;whatwe all needeverynow andthentoresetoutsystems. ColinC- This isthe thirdtime we have come to playThe ElsLangkawi and everytime itneverfailsto disappoint. Evenwiththe volume of rainthat we have been experiencingrecently, the course wasstill in excellentconditionandthe greenswere astrue astheyalwaysare. One thingto highlightunfortunatelyisthe qualityof the caddiesandtheir experience of the course, more trainingisrequiredI'mafraidespeciallyin readingthe greensandalso 'green-keeping'(i.e. repairingpitchmarks) Otherthan that I hada fantastictime andcan’t waitto come back Edd S - Course – On distance andpaper,I thoughtthiswouldbe a walkonthe beach;but itturned out to be a verycleversetup course withhazardsinthe correctplace.The viewswere stunning especiallyaroundthe beachareaand the greenshave beenkeptinexcellentcondition,evenbeing softenoughto allowyoutofullyattackany pin.I wouldrecommendanyonetogoand playthis course but stayout of the jungle especiallyif yousaw the deaddogon the 9th . Facilities –Excellentservice andfacilities.Myfavourite hadtobe the buggieswiththeirGPSand allowingyoutoorderfood and drinkanywhere onthe course.Ihave alsoneverhadmy name on a lockerandbeengiventees,pitchmarkrepairer,ballswiththe logoof the course onthemwithinour arrival. Staff/drink/food –Staff were absolutelygreat,veryfriendlyandeasytotalktoo.Foodwas well timedandveryenjoyable.Iwasveryimpressedthattheyevenwentoutespeciallytogetsome beef bacon forthe seconddayafterit wasrequested. Caddies – Caddieswere goodandmade me laugh,as theykeptusingmyRory the doghead coveras a puppet. It was a greatweekend,well organisedandeveryoneinthe groupwasup for a laughand couldn’t have beenanyfriendlier.Massive welldone toDuncanand Ianfor sortingthisout.I will happily come on the nextoutingbut hopefullybringabettergame.The fact I scoredso badlybutstill enjoyedthe wholeweekendshowedhow fantasticthe weekendwas. Reallyenjoyingthe video’s and picturesbutif I knewIwas beingrecordedIwouldhave pretendedtohave hita greatshot each time.Alsobettermention,Ithoughtthe prizeswere verycleverandmade sure everyonehada chance on both days,evenif theyhad a shockeron the firstday. Don G – Course – Course was spectacularandingreat condition.

7. Caddies – Day one – Caddieswere verypleasantandhelpful.Forputtingdidnothave much input/ knowledge(maynothave helpedanyway!!).Daytwo – ImprovedoverDayOne as more involvedandprovide goodguidance ongreens/linesetc. Food – Foodand beverage team were excellent.Lookedafteruslike royalty.Foodquality and service excellent.Foodqualityverygoodformeals.Chef came outandmetwithus and was verypersonable. Reception/Org – On arrival well verygoodwelcome andreceptionfromstaff.All verygood and helpful. Course staff – Verypolite andhelpful. Management– Veryhelpful.Welcomingandapleasure tospendtime with.Excellent. Equipment–Carts all goof.Electronicsgreat.Drinksstaff alwayscame whenrequestedand timely. Improvements?None Icanthinkof.Excellent.Highlyrecommendcourse andteam. AdamS - Langkawi,home of the white belliedSeaEagle.There were plentyof white bellieson displayatthe KL Expat Golf Societytourbut eaglesof the golf varietywere anendangeredspecies. Birdieswere alsorathersparse howeverthe standardof golf didn'tdetractfroma fantastic weekend.The Elsclubisa beautiful course,eachhole perfectlymaintainedandsculptedintothe landscape withgreatviewsof the surroundingmountains,beachesandthe AndamanSea.The service wasfirstclass,we were treatedroyallyandeveryone thoroughlyenjoyedthe weekend.Roll on the 2017 tour! Nikhil D- The course was thoroughlyenjoyable whilstbeingquite challengingitwasinno wayunfair and gave opportunitiestoscore if youplayedgoodshots.Consideringthe amountof rainwe had the previousnight/morningthe course wasinfantasticconditionandthe greenswere ajoyto putton. The service andfoodwere brilliantandtheyevenrememberedmyhotchocolate fromthe day before andbroughtme one on the 2nd day withoutasking.The onlynegativewouldbe the caddies whoneeda lotmore trainingup as were notveryknowledgeable aroundthe course.

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