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Published on December 13, 2016

Author: DuncanCameron6


1. The Els Club – DesaruCoast– Johor- Malaysia A friendandI had the pleasure to playThe ElsDesaru CoastinNovember2016 and wishtoshare our experienceswiththe course,staff andfacilities. The Els Clubisa 4hr 30 minute drive from KualaLumpurunlessyouchoose toflytoJB andthenit’s around1 hr drive…..It’sdefinitely worththe time! Althoughstill goingthroughregenerationandgentrificationinthe area the drive upto the clubhouse isfantasticandina fewyearsand withthe new course openingin2017, thiswill be a mustfor any golferastheywill thenboasta 27 hole championshipcourse aswell asthe new 18 hole championshipcourse. Like Langkawi,onarrival youare metby bag handlers,notonlytotake your bag butto welcome you throughin tothe Clubhouse withasmile andacheerful ‘GoodMorning’……it’salwaysnice tofeel welcome ata top course because sometimesthat’snotthe case,especiallyinMalaysia. Registrationiseasy inthe proshop andthe staff were veryfriendly, youare thenshowntothe lockerroom,where youhave yourname on the lockerand anotherwarmwelcome fromthe staff in the changingroom….. Little gesturesof appreciationalwaysmake ushumble golfersfeelspecial,likethe bag tags….awesome memento’s andsomethingwe willkeeponthe bagforever.

2. Check-in,change andovertograb a nice hotcoffee andbreakfast fromthe restaurant,whichstill has a couple of teethingproblemsasstaff seemedeithergoingthroughtrainingorvery inexperienced,let’s hope thisgetsbetterasthe course will onlygetbusier. Sittinginthe openClubhouse lookingatthe course justmakesyou wantto playgolf….andwith27 holesonSaturdayand Sunday…I’mgonnaneedtoboomthe ball as the course is 7400 yardsoff the blacktees…..whichafter3holesmyplayingpartnerrefusedtoplayoff andmovedtothe silvertees (similartostandardblues) It’s on to the 1st tee…..andgreatdrive …Straightdownthe middle….secondshoton to the greenand drained the 20 ft birdie putt…..This is gonna be a good day !!! CoastNine - hasa great range of holeswithbothshortandlongpar3’s,lay-uppar5’s andpar 4’s… catersforhighhandicappersaswellaslow asmostof the fairwaysare verywide.This9hassome very pretty signature holes and holes that make you think about your next shot….

3. Lakes9 - Have a slightlydifferentfeel tothemwithmore angledfairways, afew blindshots,trickylies and was slightly wetter due to rainfall. The fairways are wide and like the Coast nine very well maintained….the holesseemedlongerthanthe Coastandyoufoundyourselfplayingdriver,rescueor long iron for your second…..especially off the black tees !!! Ridge Nine - Moving throughthe contours of the local landscape thisis the nine each day that killed me…eventhoughsupposedlyit’sthe easierof the three….the fairwaysare wide, well-manicured but the holes again seem very long…or is it just me after playing 23 holes ???

4. There are some great holes on the course and seemed to be water on almost every hole that kept catching me out, especially the par 3’s…but all in all very enjoyable. As we came up the 9th hole, we feltthat this course is meant for far better golfers than ourselvesas thisplace will definitelyholdamajortournamentinthe nextfewyearsonce all the newbuildingwork is completed and the other 18 holes complete. All in all the course as you would expect is immaculate, even after very heavy rain and hot sun throughout the last few months, the facilities are great, however if I were to be overly critical, the course needscaddies,duetovisaissuesforoverseascaddiesTheElsDesarudoesnothaveanycaddies as there isaban Malaysiawide onnewcaddie visas,oratleastthatis whatwe were informed,having said that the buggieshave GPS and full TV screenswhichhelps,BUT, if you’ve notplayedthe course before or buggy on track will make some of the walking quite strenuous and make the game much longer…. There is not much in the area for nightlife/groups/socialising which may put a few people off right now and some of the hotels are taking advantage of the new projects in the area and are charging exorbitantprices,the drive isalongway fromKL, but it’sdefinitelyworthit…..Andwe will be looking to book a group weekend at The Els Desaru in 2017. Thanks Warren & see you in 2017 For more informationandif youwishtojointhe golfinggroupforour monthlytournamentsplease email

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