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Published on July 26, 2008

Author: MobiusView



why analytics is the edge. now.

the edge what gives successful organizations an advantage over competition?

… nothing lasts forever. ‘ the edge’ always changes

ownership  utilization owning the ‘edge’ is the first step; later, utilizing it becomes key

natural resources were the earliest

… oil, coal, ore, land… coal and cotton gave britain a head-start in the industrial revolution oil continues to be a bone of contention

… and gold (wealth) too the presence of capital drives commerce

soon, utilizing resources became key henry ford’s assembly line concept put them on top the race for ownership gave way to the race for optimum utilization

better banking used wealth better

the next ‘edge’ was ‘demand’ owning and utilizing resources efficiently took care of ‘supply’ marketing, or creating demand, assumed importance after that those who owned consumers, owned demand

strong brands help own consumers the need for strong brands gave rise to advertising

soon, demand had to be utilized better walmart utilized their consumer base effectively strong corporates diversified on the back of historical brand appeal

technology came next ibm used it’s headstart in technology

using available tech better went further the ipod was based on current technology nintendo’s wii used available technology to outrun competition

the internet was the new battleground early portals quickly gained ground google’s superior search engine and better interfaces won the battle, though

web2.0 uses the net better

so, what next?

factories, banks, brands, technology & the web generate & store…

… data.

data is the new ‘edge’

firms have led by owning data research agencies survive on the quality of their data technology firms have specialized in helping manage the data

so, harnessing data comes next

this is called analytics

capital one used massive consumer database to drive it’s ‘information business strategy, that took it ahead’ there have been some initial successes… pureplay analytics specialists are cropping up

… but there is a long way to go, yet.

use your data better  get ahead

[email_address] a presentation by mobius view

thanks! images from the flickr pages of thomas hawk, raterrell, ryanbooth, guy with a camera, jim reeves, steve webbel, emily (artbear), scott wills, cliff dwelling, ian s, benben, sandman, ilovebutter, tuminelli, sou, photo david wikipedia

images from

the flickr pages of thomas hawk, raterrell, ryanbooth, guy with a camera, jim reeves, steve webbel, emily (artbear), scott wills, cliff dwelling, ian s, benben, sandman, ilovebutter, tuminelli, sou, photo david


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