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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: AyushSrivastav1



This Presentation describes all the thing about Earth that are necessary to be known by you.


EARTH PLANET Earth is the third planet from the Sun, and the densest and the fifth-largest of the eight planets in the Solar System. It is also the largest of the Solar System’s four terrestrial planets. It is sometimes referred to as the world or the Blue Planet.



MASS: 5.972E24 KG

2 SURFACE AREA: 510,072,000 KM 2


COMPOSITION OF EARTH The Earth is made up of three major layers:- Crust  Mantle  Core

BEFORE TRILLIONS OF YEARS AGO Before Trillions of years ago there was nothing rather than Meteoroids and Asteroids in the Milky Way Galaxy.

THE BIG BANG THEORY According to Science there was a Big Bang approximately 13.798±0.037billion years ago when there were two very big Meteoroids in the Milky Way Galaxy. Those two Meteoroids got a Big Bang in between them a huge explosion took place in the Galaxy.

FORMATION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM Because of this explosion many small pieces of those Meteoroids settled near a small star known as the Sun. Due to the Gravitational Force of the Sun those pieces of rocks started revolving around the Sun which is nowadays known as their Orbit. Thus the Solar System was formed.

CHANGES IN THE PLANETS Each Planet changed according to it’s climatic conditions. The 1st Planet know Mercury is very near to the Sun so it turned Orange. The 8th and the last plane know Neptune is very far from the Sun so it turned Blue because of cold climate.

CHANGES IN THE 3RD PLANET The 3rd Planet from the Sun the Earth undergo many changes. The fiery ball turned into a cool place. The land and the water separated from each other. Now the living things were started to appear on the Earth.

APPEARANCE OF LIFE The first living organisms on Earth were the Plants. After some years the whole earth was covered with plants on land and sea plants in water. Then the other species of organisms came into existence those were the Dinosaurs.

MORE ABOUT DINOSAURS There were two types of Dinosaurs at that time :- Herbivores  Carnivores

MORE ABOUT METEOROIDS If a Meteoroid crosses the Earth’s atmosphere it becomes ash till coming in contact with the crust because it catches fire due to Friction.

HOW DINOSAURS WERE DESTROYED ? The Dinosaurs were living as usual but one day a tragedy took place with them. One day a huge 6 mile long comet entered in the Earth’s atmosphere and got a huge struck with the Earth’s Crust because of which a huge blast took place. In that blast the whole life on Earth was destroyed.

RE-CREATION OF THE EARTH After the whole life was destroyed the conditions were improving and the plants were growing again but this time the life on Earth was different. This time different organisms of different species came on Earth :--






DEVELOPMENT OF CHIMPANZEES The chimpanzees were the most intelligent and smart among all the other animals on the Earth. The chimpanzees were the only animal which ate the fruits with a covering to protect them after removing the covering. Such as Chimpanzees eat the Banana after removing it’s peel.

CHIMPANZEES TO HUMANS As the Chimpanzees slowly learned to walk on two legs they got more developed. The chimpanzees started to hunt for food, slowly the hairs and the tail in them reduced but not vanished. They started to make their own weapons to kill animals.

DISCOVERY OF FIRE Now the chimpanzees were known as Early Human Beings. The Early Humans discovered fire by rubbing two rocks near a heap of dry leaves. After the discovery of Fire they started to cook their food before eating it.

INVENTION OF WHEEL The early humans were facing problems in moving from one place to another. One day one of them was cutting a tree up a hill, as he cut the tree the tree fall of the hill with great speed. Thus, he came to know that the round objects can be used to increase the speed and the Wheel was invented. After its creation the Early Human Beings made a Bullock Cart to carry goods as well as themselves.

AFTER THE INVENTION OF WHEEL After the invention of wheel the Early humans started to develop with great speed. They came to know about farming, gathering and hunting. They developed in Science.

DEVELOPED CHIMPANZEES Now we were the developed Chimpanzees or now we were the fully grown up and developed Humans. From a Chimpanzee now we are the future the Humans.

DEVELOPMENT IN SCIENCE They developed in science and their brains got developed. Till today we are so much developed. We have everything that you can see in this picture.

DESTROYING EARTH Today we are so busy in developing our Earth that we have forgotten that we are developing ourselves but we destroying our mother Earth. We are inventing new technologies but we are at the same time Polluting our planet Earth. Our Mother earth is covered with Pollution all around.

POLLUTION Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change.

TYPES OF POLLUTION There are four types of Pollution :- Air Pollution  Water Pollution  Soil Pollution  Noise Pollution

AIR POLLUTION The introduction of unwanted particles into the Air such as dust, chemicals, smoke, etc is called Air Pollution. Air Pollution is very common nowadays everywhere. Air pollution is mostly done by the Industries and the Garbage Burners.

WATER POLLUTION The introduction of contaminated particles into the water such as polythene, human excreta, house hold wastes, chemicals, contaminated water of drains, etc is called Water Pollution. Water is polluted everywhere.

SOIL POLLUTION Dumping of Non-Biodegradable garbage into the soil causes Soil Pollution. The Non-Biodegradable substances either don’t decompose or takes a long period of time to decompose. Soil Pollution is caused by throwing garbage here and there.

NOISE POLLUTION The unwanted noise or very loud noises in the locality cause Noise Pollution. It is caused by listening to rock music at a very loud sound, by watching Television at a loud voice, etc.

WAYS TO REDUCE POLLUTION Pollution is destroying our Earth by causing harm to it’s Natural Resources. Pollution can be reduced by some of the following ways :--

SOME WAYS POLLUTION TO PREVENT AIR Using smokeless sources of energy like smokeless stoves, which use biogas, solar energy, etc.  Using devices for filtering smoke in chimneys of factories and powerhouses.  Planting more trees.  Locating industries away from residential areas.  Strictly checking pollution levels in automobiles’ exhaust emission. 

SOME WAYS TO PREVENT WATER POLLUTION Adequate sewage and industrial waste treatment in sewage treatment plants before dumping them into the river bodies.  Recycling-various products should be recycled instead of dumping them into rivers, e.g., biogas can be made from city waste. 

SOME WAYS POLLUTION TO PREVENT SOIL Proper solid waste disposal like sanitary landfill.  Using limited amounts of fertilizers and pesticides.  Avoiding polythene bags. 

SOME WAYS TO PREVENTNOISE POLLUTION Do not use car horns unnecessarily.  Do not burst Fire crackers as they are extremely loud. 

CONCLUSION The Earth is destroying and we are destroying it. If we are destroying it we must also save it. As I told some of the ways to save the Earth from Pollution. Those ways must be followed to save our Mother Earth. Save Earth from Pollution or you will be destroyed with it.

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