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Published on September 27, 2015

Author: safetylearn99


1. the dodge viper What was should have been a chance to educate students at South Puget Sound Community College has changed into a disappointing result of today's "nothing is my fault" society. 8 years after Chrysler donated a special 1992 Dodge dodge viper sports car worth an estimated $250,000 to the school for the students to take apart and rebuild. But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. ContributingSports cars. The Dodge vipersthat Chrysler contributed for educational reasons are unique versions of the car boasting around 600 hp that can effortlessly manage over 200 mph. The Vipers donated were pre-production models of the first hardtop Dodge vipers ever made. As you might have guessed, this type of the classy Dodge viper is all but street legal. Many celebs have tried over the years to purchase one of these unchained beasts, but have been turned away by Chrysler. One could imagine that the risk of being held responsible for selling a non street legal car greatly outweighed the good thing about having an extra $250,000 in the bank for Chrysler. Having already seen the destruction of VINs 1 and 2 by excavator on the internet, the university students and teachers of South Puget Sound feared that their time might be coming soon. Sure enough, they got their letter in the mail ordering the complete and utter destruction of their pride and joy and provide proof that the deed was in fact done. The eight year donated car has not only been used by the college to teach automotive classes, but it is also a key part of their recruitment program for the campus. Only 93 schools can say that they have, in their possession, a pre- production race car caliber Dodge viper for the college students to get their hands on and learn from. Included in the original contract with the schools involved is the stipulation that "Whenever vehicles are donated to institutions for educational purposes that they are to be destroyed when they are no longer needed for their intended educational purposes." Although the students are attempting to get a petition to save the Dodge dodge viper sports car sports car from an early death, Chrysler seems to be resolute in their stance to remove the programs Vipers from existence. Reports say that 2 of the generously donated cars were involved in crashes that lead to Chrysler shelling out millions in damages. If that is true, then Chrysler is simply suggesting to reduce the possibility of repeat scenarios through removing the one constant, the car. Regardless of the reasons behind Chryslers decision to bring an end to the educational program that spanned the better half of a decade, many college students used the cars as a means of studying a rare piece of Viper history. The down side is that the situation brings light to the reality of today where no good deed goes unpunished and no one is safe from a lawsuit when someone else can be blamed. Despite my cynical approach to the situation and how its unfolding I do hope to see the donation of vehicles to learning institutions continue as it adds invaluable hands on opportunities for university students. .

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