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Published on March 21, 2011

Author: Consultingguy


Slide 1: Apr. 2011 Featuring J Q K A Also Inside This Issue... Tech. Guru & Musician Ben Averch Business Technology Review Model & Actress Bahia Brazil Design Industry Transparency Radio Personality Mrs. Sonya Live J Q K A Slide 2: April 2011 Contents & Features © 2011 The Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc. Editors Notes JQKA – Pronounce His Name Correctly… Mississippi To Manhattan – Advertisement Bahia Brazil – Model, Actress, Singer (Article) Mrs. Sonya Live – HIV/AIDS 101 The Technocratic Musician Ben Averch Web Hosting Review Industry Transparency M.Y H.O.O.D Inc. (Mentoring Youth Hold Onto Obtaining Dreams Inc.) Slide 3: of Garland L. McLaughlin (Consultingguy) Publisher & Editor Editors Notes April 2011 is here and this issue of The Digital Conglomerate Magazine has connected with interesting individuals as well as a unique non-profit organization. Features of this issue include rap artist JQKA, technology guru and musician Ben Averch, actress and model Bahia Brazil, and radio personality/ AIDS awareness speaker Mrs. Sonya Live. Exquisite Express Inc. (Simone Hart) brings industry transparency regarding designers and the design industry with her article. M.Y H.O.O.D (Mentoring Youth Hold Onto Obtaining Dreams Inc.) is a non-profit organization established in the Boston, MA area was as also interviewed. They had much to say about their work and involvement with the youth in the community. Creative forces were surely at work during the development stages of creating this issue of The Digital Conglomerate Magazine. Progress has been made in furthering the awareness of The Keys for Technology Fundraiser & Donation Drive. The website now operates as a showcase site that displays “Advertising Gear” that is associated with The Keys for Technology campaign. Participants are able to brand keys for technology accessories and gear with their own icons and logos to display support for the cause. The site also provides an online platform that is designed to accept unwanted or used technology that is going to be recycled. All revenue obtained from participants via contributions or technology donations go toward vitalizing and initiating youth technology education programs. Our publications staff is confident in the progress that the magazine and marketing agency is making. New and exciting features are constantly being added to the agency’s portfolio and technology has played a big part in the success of these developments. Offline activities and marketing of the publication also make The Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc. a brand to watch and get to know now and as the future comes closer within our reach. Slide 4: JQKA Pronounce His Name Correctly Before You Play Your Cards… Working with JQKA on this article for the April 2011 issue of The Digital Conglomerate Magazine has been a very pleasant experience. JQKA has a unique marketing approach for his music an a unique style for rapping about different life situations. His name “JQKA”, pronounced Joker says it all. He is a seasoned rapper that is gaining exposure in the Boston, MA area and his hunger to stay above the competition runs circles around other artists. Most emcees in the rap game just talk a good game but JQKA is putting his best foot forward to make certain that things get done. With a degree in communications from Boston College I was very impressed with the way JQKA came off as a knowledgeable person who already understood the whole marketing and advertising game. I asked him did he feel that he has an advantage over most entertainers seeing that he has obtained a degree in communications? JQKA answered, “My educational background was my hustle. It exposed me to many experiences that were not available to those in my hood. I took classes about performing, poetry, and language arts. I definitely benefit from my education, because my vocabulary is monstrous. I can rhyme plenty of words in complex double rhymes and so on. My delivery is also clear because I annunciate all my words. My education gave me tools I use to promote myself effectively. I graduated from Boston College with a degree in Communications with a focus in advertising and marketing, and I feel I’m putting what I learned to great use. All in all my education does give me the tools that allow me to have the upper hand. When it comes to my performing ability, delivery, wordplay, vocabulary, annunciation and self promotion skills, I go hard because I have a good knowledge of what I am doing and what to expect. I feel that I am close to the mastery of my art.” From the time JQKA was 8 years old he has been rapping and developing his craft for the art of rhythmic artistic poetry. In one of our first conversations the question came up about his seriousness to pursue rap. I asked him whether or not he took rapping seriously from the time he was 8 did he know if this was something that he wanted to do or was it just a hobby? “I started out trying to impress my older brother haha. I would listen to all his rap tapes (yes tapes at the time were poppin’ haa!) and try to put together my own rhymes to rap in front of him and his group of friends. At this time no one I knew at my age was rapping, and it wasn’t as popular as today. My parents were strict coming up, and I couldn’t play much outside with the neighborhood children so I looked at my writing as an escape. It was not a hobby to me but something more serious, personal and special. I saw rapping as MY GIFT that I owned and used as a tool to express myself through creativity. At the time I felt writing was one of few things I was really good at and genuinely enjoyed. I loved the responses and reactions I was receiving from my peers. A light bulb lit up in my mind that I had to someday pursue music as a career,” JQKA answered with enthusiasm. After hearing a few tracks of his work on his page I was convinced that JQKA was bringing a new style to Boston listeners and I was very excited to be working with him. I knew it was a pretty tough task to put it all together, but he did. I finally came around to ask how hard was it to blend different styles together to come up with your own style? “I knew my unique style and delivery would fall into place naturally once I got comfortable in the studio and got used to the projection and sound of my voice. The hardest Slide 5: part was trying to NOT sound like one of my musical inspirations!! I used to have people say I sound like Tupac because of my passionate delivery, and I always hated it, because I was reciting my words, not Tupacs’ !! I approach each track with a different style depending on the feel I get from it. So far my approaches have been successful in providing the sound I want to go for,” JQKA stated. What are you mainly focusing on right now as far as your music career is concerned? “I am focused on releasing my first project “Best Kept Secret” second quarter of 2011. I am also writing plenty of music, and networking. I also have my focus on creating my brand/label. I am no longer going to keep my talent and passion for hip hop quiet! I have something to say, and a mission to complete, not only for my City (Boston), but for myself. I have plenty of ambitions as a “writer” haha.” Staying on top of the game and ahead of the curve is very important to ensuring success within the music industry, its very important that artists concentrate and don’t distracted by negative forces. Who would you say are some of the main people that inspire you to continue creating music? How do they keep you going and keep you focused? JQKA answered, “I seek inspiration from deep down within my heart and everywhere around me. There is literally not a day that goes by where I am not inspired by something someone said or an advertisement I saw etc. I keep writing music and poetry because of the true passion I have for the art. I could not let it go, even if I tried! My siblings and parents encourage me to take my writing seriously and share it with the world because they have witnessed my evolution from when I was a youngn’ to now. My girlfriend is one of my biggest fans and inspirations. She sees me go through the process of coming up with my lyrics and I also share the hidden meanings within my lyrics with her. They label me as a “Creative Genius” and it gives me the confidence to move forward and dominate. A positive response from fans that like and respect my music is the greatest gift ever! Hearing someone recite my lyrics is the greatest gift yet. The people who open their ears to listen to what I have to say hold all the inspiration I need to be great.” Do other emcess try to test your skills and battle your for the top spot? “I actually used to battle a lot during my high school and college years. I took a brief time off from writing early in my college career to enhance my freestyle ability. Many people would say a great rapper has to know how to freestyle, so I took it very seriously. I won many battles, but the few battles that I lost hurt like hell. Talk about a blow to my ego!! The losses only made me hungrier. Battle rapping is a part of the hip hop culture and it is inevitable to have your skills challenged in such a competitive game. I have plenty ammunition for anyone who wants war, I’m like the lyrical Rambo haa!” Knowing that JQKA is sort of a marketing expert surely captivated my attention and I had to know how he planned on using popular forms of media to expand the awareness of his hip hop art form. I asked JQKA what ways do you plan on using social media to let more people know about your talents? Or do you think word of mouth is the most powerful tool, or a combination of both? Slide 6: J Q K A Confidently JQKA answered, “Whether it is through word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter or Reverb Nation, I have been heavily using all the above to promote myself. In this day and age an artist does not need to have a major label backing, because a lot of the work and promotion can be done on social media and reach many listeners and viewers. It is really convenient because I am allowed to work from the comfort of my home, and anywhere else where I have access to the internet. In this game I intend to use every lifeline I can get a hold of to allow the world to see me shine.” JQKA surrounds himself around trustworthy people that have experience and knowledge of the business aspect of the game. “A great team working together will ALWAYS bring positive results. I can’t stretch myself too thin trying to do everything, therefore I find the right pieces I need to move forward while I stay focused on my music,” JQKA stated. As of now JQKA is doing a lot of local open Mic nights. He aspires to tour as many places as possible. “My dream is to go international, but in the next couple months I do plan to do a small national tour around the United States. I love being on stage and know that once I get on I will be able to make people love me haha, real talk. is very helpful because it offers me different opportunities to do shows outside of Massachusetts. I am stacking up my dollars in order to make my dream of touring a possibility, because at the end of the day, the only problems I ever encounter lead back to a lack of funds. I am on a mission to obliterate that problem ya dig?!” In some cases creativity could get in the way with everyday life activities, but JQKA is well balanced and is able to fuse everything together. “My music is a summary of my life and experiences, therefore everything in intertwined. I have to work, pay bills, and try to invest as much as I possibly can into my music, but I always find time to come up with rhymes and concepts for music. I find inspiration in everything I do and hear. My life is music and it’s all I ever think and dream about,” JQKA stated. I especially wanted to know what are JQKA’s plans after his first album drops? So I asked him after you drop your first album what would be some of your plans for the future? What would be your next big move? “I plan to tour and do shows while building my brand and record label. I plan to own all my material and be able to have complete creative control over all of my projects. “This is chess, not checkers” haa! Every time I get on stage I thrive off the energy that I get from the audience, and convert that energy into an energetic performance,” JQKA answered. JQKA gets a special satisfaction from Knowing people appreciate his work is. “It is the greatest gift to me as an artist. It gives me the motivation to create more music and go harder. It also assures me that I am on the right path.” What do you say to other artists that may need some encouragement to move forward and go hard for what they love doing? “If you have the passion and willingness to master your art, nothing can stop you. Once you master your art, confidence comes naturally and will make you an unstoppable force in music. Don’t be afraid to be different and take risks. Trendsetters do what they please, and don’t follow. Blaze your own path and walk it confidently, and everyone will follow suit,” JQKA stated. Slide 7: With all of JQKA energy, enthusiasm, and creativity it was hard to end this interview with just one question. I see JQKA climbing and elevating to great heights and I wanted to know what he would say that he wanted his greatest accomplishment to be? “There is no telling what would be the greatest accomplishment, but I definitely want to be remembered and reprised. I want to be the rapper from Boston that breaks through the industry walls and prove that Boston is an extravagant city for talent that has been overlooked and underestimated for so long. I want to inspire as many people as I can with my words. I want to start and run my own label and build my brand, and become the successful entrepreneur I was born to be.” Slide 8: Street Release Date: April 19th, 2011 Digital Price: 8.99 Physical Price: 10.00 Overview: Genesis Be aka Lo-Key has been proving that kinky lyrics and skimpy outfits are not the only way to gain recognition as a “fem-cee.” Her 4th album Mississippi To Manhattan reflects her personal growth experienced since migrating to The Big Apple after her hometown Biloxi, MS was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Slide 9: Bahia Brazil Model . Singer . Actress I recently came in contact with a multi talented young lady that has great dreams and aspirations of setting the U.S. stage on fire through her acting, modeling, and singing. I was impressed by the fact that she has the self determination and ambition to go all out as a self employed business woman in this tough economy. Her efforts to go further in the business have landed her such roles as being an extra in the film American Gangster staring Denzel Washington. In fact I was very surprised that Bahia Brazil had time to interview for this magazine at all. She is a woman that is always on the go and takes advantage of positive opportunities As I got to know the woman with a daring style I asked her what satisfaction did she get from being self=employed? And did she feel that being a women makes it harder or easier to compete with others in the industry? Ms. Brazil pondered for a minute and came up with a great answer, “In this business as a business woman, there are tough times and easy ones. You must be persistent in some cases and in others you must know how to play the background. You have to be a good judge of character because one choice you make could ruin it all. In the long run, I think we are the better species!” Of course Ms. Brazil would give a sharp and to the point answer like that one, these days you have to be sharp, look sharp, and quick on your feet. It was clear that Ms. Brazil has a passion for entertaining and being the center of attention, but what made it all happen and how did it all start? “I have been influenced by my parents in many different ways, a lot had to do with history and origins of music and acting. When I was young I would sing to The Beatles, Luther Vandross , Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin. Just to name a few. I have always been very observant while watching movies and people in general. Loved to copy as a baby. My parents could tell you many stories. What made me want to pursue entertaining was how I look at things and give people my intake on life. I feel at home when I'm on set, I just love it! Also I am not greedy so I love to share happiness,” Ms. Brazil stated. For years the U.S. has been a dominating force creating one successful actor or actress after another. Many foreign markets have begun to take shape developing their own acting niches. I was wondering Did Ms. Brazil feel there is more of an opportunity here in the USA for making a career from her talents or was she looking at other options globally? I could see that Ms. Brazil definitely liked this question and she answered, “I think that the USA is a great place to start. I was born in Brazil , adopted when I was 6 months old into the USA, so I feel God put me here for that exact reason, I have been taking advantage of my blessings ever since! I do have other global options lined up so it all a work in progress. These are great questions!” I laughed little and continued on to the next question that was of particular interest to me. Do you plan on using social media to let more people know about your talents? If so explain. Ms. Brazil, “Social Media is the best way of getting a message out these days, By: Garland L. McLaughlin Slide 10: it is excellent promotion that you don't have to pay for. I promote and market myself everyday. It’s working!” That was a relief to here seeing that I consider myself a pioneer of social media architecture and many others feel the same way… but on with the interview, this was Ms. Brazil’s time to shine. Although Ms. Brazil feels that “A wise woman keeps her secrets, until they are revealed,” when it comes to releasing information about any of her upcoming projects or surprises she was willing to answer the question of what her main focus is dealing with her career these days. “Right now I am focusing more on Commercial gigs in Print/Film, Film/Theatre gigs. I have music in Slide 11: store also. Another passion of mine is Inventing. I am pushing towards that as well! So Look Out!” Stated with true confidence Ms. Brazil will surely have my full attention, and I will be looking out to see her doing great things in her future endeavors. I was also wondering seeing the entertainment industry naturally has been a very competitive battle ground has it been hard for Ms. Brazil to find work right now? “It is not hard, you have to know where to look and what qualities to have to make yourself stand out for which ever job it is. I recently have been offered many, but again I worked hard for my placements.” Do people try and compare your style to other models and actresses? Ms. Brazil answered, “Oh yes, and I am definitely not bothered by it at all because the comparisons have all been great wonderful people. If I remind someone of someone great, that only means that I too am great.” Once again another very sharp answer and by this time I was convinced Ms. Brazil was well on her way down the road to being a great success story. Ms. Brazil appreciates her fans… “I have many fans, that ranges from celebrities to teenagers to mid aged adults to young kids and I love them all <3 I have spectacular supporters,” Ms. Brazil stated. Ms. Bahia Brazil is also thankful and appreciative of the people in her life that are supportive. She is blessed by her, “Spiritual Being, God, and my enlightening parents. I have met many inspiring people along my journey of improvement. They also made their mark.” Slide 12: Photography By Slide 13: HIV/AIDS 101 By: Mrs. Sonya Live! There are those who know the four fluids by which HIV is transmitted ( i.e. blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and breast milk ) and then there are those who do not. There are many who understand the vast amount of work that has been done to protect the nation's blood supply and almost eliminate HIV in blood transfusions. However, there are many who still believe hugging an individual will infect them, or sharing an eating utensil, drinking from the same cup or water fountain puts them at risk for HIV. This is where some of our greatest work resides. There are still individuals in the Black Community who need to hear the basic HIV/AIDS 101 messages and know the behaviors that put them at risk for contracting HIV. HIV/AIDS is almost 30 years old in the United States. Youth and young adults have always lived in a time where HIV existed. But, HIV information fatigue has set in, whereby many don't know the risks or are exhausted with using protection during sexual intercourse. There are many seniors and older individuals who grew up without using condoms and have become sexually active again, not knowing the many risks that have evolved. Then, there are those who struggle with making the transition from not using condoms to using them each and every time they have sex until they definitely know their sexual partner's behaviors. Education is an exchange of information, we have to take what we know and disseminate it to those who do not know in creative ways. With this, I hope to spark Black people to think differently about their sexual behaviors and how many partners they engage with. We have a responsibility to educate those who do not know or understand the many risks associated with HIV infection or re-infection. We can't forget those who use drugs intravenously. We have a responsibility to share with them the importance of reducing or eliminating sharing of needles and how to clean their works. In an ideal world, people would stop using injectable drugs and get help for their substance abuse. But this is not a perfect world. So in order to decrease the risk of HIV, we must reduce the risk involved with injecting drugs. Disinfecting syringes reduces the risk of HIV by killing any HIV that may have contaminated the syringe. The elimination or reduction of stigma will also assist in stemming the tide of HIV. We have to do sex education 101 in our homes, communities, faith based institutions, and wherever we know that people are putting themselves at risk sexually. Black America cannot put its head in the sand and pretend as if people are waiting to have sex or only have one sexual partner - the numbers tell us a different story. Slide 14: To begin, get the facts and know the data and statistics in your community. Before we can stop any epidemic, we first have to recognize the magnitude of the disease. And even though there are treatments to help people with HIV live longer than ever before, AIDS is still a significant health issue. Surprised? Get the facts: Every 9½ minutes someone in the United States is infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. That person could be you—or someone you know—your brother, sister, father, mother, friend, co-worker, or neighbor. It is important for everyone to get the facts, talk about HIV/AIDS with partners and loved ones, reduce risk behaviors, and get tested to learn your HIV status. More than 1 million people in the United States are living with HIV. Of those 1 million people living with HIV, 1 out of 5 do not know they are infected. Despite new therapies, people with HIV still develop AIDS. We can all be leaders. We can take more responsibility to do more as individuals, as communities, and as a nation to fight HIV and AIDS. As individuals: We should know whether or not we are infected with HIV; If we are infected, we should seek medical care and protect others from becoming infected; We should protect ourselves and others from HIV; We should educate ourselves and others about HIV. As communities: We should mobilize to overcome the challenges and barriers to HIV prevention; We should fight ignorance and complacency related to HIV; We should increase the awareness about the severity of epidemic and the continued impact that HIV is having on our communities; We should make sure that HIV prevention services, HIV testing, medical care and treatment are available to all who need them; We should work to prevent stigma and discrimination—and to increase support for people living with HIV. Together, we have the power to change the course of the HIV epidemic in the United States. We can't save the Beloved Community until we serve them. We can't lead the Beloved Community until we love them. We have to restore hope in our community, our neighborhoods, families and schools and let Black History Month 2011 be the portal for restoration to begin. Stay Safe…Stay Knowledgeable…Get Tested! Slide 15: Don't get caught watching one of these types of screens... Tune into Slide 16: I really couldn’t believe it … yea right I knew Ben was really working back there in the office at GTE in those days around 1999. I first met up with Ben when I worked for him as an intern at GTE in Cambridge, MA, around that time I was know where near finding the answer to the what is my niche question. It was all fascinating to me how this guy really kept it all together. Every morning I fed some dinosaur looking database potential client info and yea… by noon I’m like done. Time to talk real geo economics funky politics through hip hop and other goodies... Like lunch… and how disappointed I would be if they dude at the deli across the street said, “No Meat Guy” meaning I wasn’t going to get a cheese burger sub today. It really helped put things in there perspective and set me on a course to find the true meaning to loving what one is doing as a professional. And also making sure the hard work pays off. Catching up with Ben we had a few moments to reflect…”I got started in information technology about 14 years ago, working on reporting and customer relationship management software for GTE Internetworking in Cambridge, MA. I found that I had a natural ability to understand the way that business information is structured inside of databases. I was surprised and delighted to find out how much value it provided business people to be able to extract meaningful information from these kinds systems that cataloged all of the leads and potential customers. Once I had found that niche, I never looked back, and my business career so far has explored different roles from developer to program manager to product manager, and different businesses including biotech, online travel, communications and information displays,” Ben stated. In many of our conversations Ben really did have a way to make it all make sense in music or technology. Cool guy and it’s purely an advantage over most individuals, seeing that he’s been both successful as marketing strategist and as an entertainer. “I think one element in particular that's common to both being a performing musician and a business person, and is very helpful in both, is the willingness and desire to put yourself out there. When you consider a business presentation, it has certain similarities as a rock performance -- you need to capture and captivate your audience, and sell them on the message that you're trying to convey. The energy is a lot more subtle, but it is still a performance and it's still "show time". So having that background and being able to draw on those experiences as a performing musician is definitely helpful,” very important quick to the point explanation… I can see that Ben hasn’t lost a step. When it comes to the business savvy true indeed… the complex terminology instantly broken down to pin pointing what the problem is. “Every time you go out for a job, people want to know that you understand their business and technology environment, or even more importantly, have done the same thing before. It is tricky because there are so many different flavors of technologies out there, and every year there are new iterations. The Technocratic Musician Ben Averch By: Garland L. McLaughlin Slide 17: So it's a challenge to stay on top of all these kinds of changing technologies. The important thing to my thinking are the common threads: understanding the business problem that the technology needs to solve, being able to define and document the needed solution, working in partnership with engineering development teams to create it, and communicating progress along the way. Those types of skills will always be needed in product development, Ben stated.” And that truly is what it will take if someone wants to stay on top within business consulting. The information tech and tech sector is no different than any other industry. “I learned SQL which is the primary language used for querying all kinds of databases. I also learned PL/SQL which allows you to create programs that can run inside of databases. Also, I learned JavaScript for creating user interfaces onto reporting systems and HTML for making websites,” Mr. Averch pretty much gave away the blueprints to it all… but really if you can’t do it don’t do it leave it to the professionals. All day and all night the babble of social media continues is it non sense or just junk? Who is really cashing i? “I don't think the concept is junk at all, I think it's here to stay. It will be really amazing to see how these kinds of systems evolve over time. I have a Facebook account for my music ( ), and use LinkedIn and tools like that for business. People like to be connected to one another, and these tools are great for that. I did recently see an 'art project' called Face to Facebook that basically stole people's profiles to show the fragility of the whole concept of privacy and personal data being stored by a corporation: ( )  I thought the theory and background for the project they presented was very insightful, Mr. Averch answered. As far as his career is concerned Mr. Averch has “experience in a lot of aspects in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing -- these are terms that describe building systems for reporting on business data. I also have worked in Product Management, helping to define new products, perform market and competitive analysis, build business cases for new products, build marketing campaigns and manage product development teams. So both of these skill sets are areas that I'm looking to build on in the future. Technology accelerates and things converge to enable new experiences. My favorite example of this is augmented reality, where relevant information can be superimposed on the real world. Right now this is done with camera phones, GPS and remote computers that store and transmit information about where you are and what's around you. Eventually the handheld phone will go away and people will use see-through eyewear with displays inside to bring that personal information right to them. Stuff like that gets me excited. Just the explosion of information, everywhere, and trying to make sense of it and create value from it.” Dude I though we were like supposed to keep that a secret so we can know when to pour more funds into the tech. side of our porfolios? In any case Ben still kept my interest with music as well as with the foresight of strategic and logistic execution of computing. Although you love it… does the music side ever interfere with the everyday life side of what you do? “No, I work on music in the time between working and family time. Since I play all the instruments and do all my own recording, I'm able to work very quickly and efficiently. So even though Slide 18: there isn't a lot of time, I'm still able to get quite a bit done. On my new record, I'm working with a producer Ed "Eltmon" Becker ( who is really helping to take the new songs to another level sonically. So that has been really terrific and I'm excited to keep working on this with Ed's help. In the balance between business and music, business always wins, just for practical reasons. But I try to be as productive as I can with my music anyway :-)” Who would you say are some of the main people that inspire you to continue consulting and creating music? Ben answered, “Well, I'm married and have kids so my main inspiration for succeeding in business is my family :-). But as far as an inspirational visionary goes, it would have to be Ray Kurzweil. His book " The Age of Spiritual Machines" explains where all the trends in technology are heading and what the impact might be on society in ten, twenty or a hundred years. Really fascinating stuff. Creating music is something I've done since I was a kid and something I love to do, so I hope to continue recording and writing new material for as long as I can. I've made three solo albums so far ("Washington State", "Start at the Beginning" and "Fortune Cookie"), and  I'm working on the fourth, which is coming along very nicely. In terms of musical inspiration, Rush has always been huge for me, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Yes, Miles Davis, and some other lesser known bands like Jawbox and Swervedriver are my favorites.” I was great to hear an energetic flavor the quickly focused on keeping things open to focusing multi-dimensional. As for the future projects in his consulting work, “When it comes to work projects, "I just want to help the team win games." I start with a clean slate, learn the business, get to know the people, learn the technology environment and go from there,” Ben stated. He talks tech often as a speaker and I’m sure he enjoys the travel time... “I have been invited to speak at SXSW Interactive, at Microsoft as part of their Tech Talks series, at WIMAX World in Chicago, and the International Symposium for Augmented Reality (ISMAR), and Projection Summit in Orlando FL.,” Ben stated excitingly. As for the music tour with all the bell and whistles, “Probably not -- this is where that potential conflict that you mentioned could actually materialize. It's unfortunately not really practical at this time in my life, as much as I would love to do it. Turns out I am a really practical person :-) But I have done a number of acoustic shows which are up on my YouTube channel: Each opportunity is different and requires a new approach. It was great to see that Mr. Ben Averch has achieved as much as he has and since leaving Boston  Ben has proven his work is something that you can be proud of, and still pushing to reality things that were only imagination before. ”For a number of years I was Global Product Manager at Microvision, working on the eyewear displays for augmented reality applications as I described earlier. We had a lot of success evangelizing that vision for information everywhere and how Microvision could deliver that information to people in a hands-free, fashionable type of eyewear display. Translating that vision and working with customers to develop the product and build out that business was very exciting. It still needs some more development, but I believe that transformation is still coming. Recently, I designed a mini-tablet computer with an embedded laser projector and worked with an offshore development team to do the product development. This product recently won one of the "Ten Best at CES" awards from Mobile Magazine. That was a very exciting project to work on and we went from the initial inception to having working samples of the product in a very tight time frame,” Ben stated as being one of his greatest accomplishments. Slide 19: Business Technology Review... Slide 20: Web Hosting Review Garland L. McLaughlin Web hosting solutions come in a variety of packages. These packages are bundled together forming a multitude of features and services providing consumers a variety of options. Sometimes it may be hard for consumers to actually knowing what features and services that they may need, so it is important that they educate themselves on how to use the technology. The cost of maintaining a web hosting platform is a key and important factor that will determine what features and services the consumer can afford. Web Hosting Packages and Services Clients that need and choose web hosting services have the ability to pick and choose the services that they want. Sophisticated packages can be created in little to know time with services that the customer essentially needs. For example a client that may need a hosting solution possibly may only need to have an email solution attached to a domain, because they already have an FTP upload feature along with a content management database. Some hosting packages may also be very complex and would need the assistance of a web master. Web masters can also be called host managers and they will know how to access the services that the client is using. Clients must know how to operate hosting solutions effectively, have a host manager on staff, or utilize webmaster services via a hosting package in order to operate their services properly. Slide 21: Providers Web hosting solutions providers are numerous almost too many to list, in fact listing them all would probably fill up the whole publication for this month’s issue. Hosting service providers include ipage, hostpopa, fatcow, ixwebhosting,,, bluehost, and to name a few. Pricing for these service providers range from $4.25 – almost $7.00 which is very reasonable pricing for the services that they offer. Of course there are more host providers, but it will be important for consumers to thoroughly investigate the services that they offer, as well as the pricing that is offered. Features Some of the common features of web hosting allow host managers to have access to a domains content management platform. Emails, hard drive disk space, hosting security, and ecommerce platform are important features that host managers will be able to access on a hosting platform. Slide 22: Features ranges from allowing the customer to put together multiple hosting applications from the simplest to the rare and complex. For example a client may want to maintain a maximum level of hard drive space, but only allows for a little bit of email storage space. This will mean that the client will have the ability to keep multiple files on his or her hard drive, but they will not be able to keep as much information in the email folders. If client can attach extra features such as being able to create blogs or social media discussion features will cost the customer more money. It will be important for the client to realize what they will need before they customize or select their package. Cost In the world of web hosting solutions the cost of maintaining all the features must fall in line with the customer’s budget. Depending on what features the customer has will determine how much the customer pays. The customer that purchases services from a hosting company will usually pay their invoice for services on a monthly basis. Special offers are sometimes made by hosting companies to attract new clients by offering discounted price packages. Clients also have the ability to negotiate their hosting bills on a quarterly or annual basis. In some cases companies may also offer the client a discount for paying a whole year’s worth of hosting fees up front on an annual basis. It is important that the customer do a little bit of research on the ranges of pricing for hosting solutions. The client will want to understand what they are paying for, and not wind up with a solution that makes them pay for more than what they need. Pricing all boils down to the type of services the client will be acquiring. If the client does not require access to a customer service department at three in the morning on a Tuesday, then they will not need to pay extra for a service that comes with a 24 hour a day webmaster. They would have an on staff host manager that would be able to handle accessing all hosting capabilities onsite and they would not need to pay extra. Slide 23: The Keys For Greener Tech. Success We know You Want To Help Educate The Youth To Use Technology Productively. We Understand That You Care About Greener Solutions. Now Is The Time To Get Recognition For Doing Your Part! Make sure your company or organization will be looking good while making classic business decisions sporting their customized campaign supporting golf shirts. Make a difference in the lives of everyone today and tomorrow. Youth Technology Education & Green Recycling Programs Need Your Support. Call From Anywhere In The U.S.A. 206-279-1712 © 2011 The Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc. & Exquisite Express Inc The Keys For Technology Fundraiser & Donation Drive. Your Company Or Organization Logo Here Slide 24: People more than ever are expressing themselves through creative, entrepreneurial ventures, that's what Exquisite Express Inc. is all about. I welcome all forms of creativity to partake in this wonderful journey. Slide 25: Industry Transparency By Simone Hart All designers in general influence our everyday lives in some way, be it visually (art), comfort ability (furniture) or even what we wear to certain events and occasions (fashion). On a very large scale these people affect how we use color, patterns, paint, even textures of fabrics from one season to the next in most parts of the world. To some putting together a set of furniture, art, paint or even carpet may be an easy enough task to take on, while others suffer with from not being able to select pieces that will bring out the full potential of a specific space. Designers also have the challenge of often times not focusing on no one but multiple rooms at a time, blending them with perfection and creating a harmonious flow that will compliment the space as well as the owners own personal sense of style, history, family, heritage, culture, personality and even religion. Interior Designers are creative, practical, savvy and in high demand as the market for a more tailored home environment becomes more and more prominent amongst U.S. home owners and businesses alike. Today people work from home often times to save on gas, avoid long lines traffic and spend more time with their families. While others follow the daily grind of tackling travel, they may be more productive in a work environment that is safe, clean and yes upbeat décor goes a long way as well. So with this being said the look, feel and functionality of each living/working space can be critical, not only to the value of the home, condo or office but to the general mood the atmosphere itself offers to those using it. Slide 26: As design enthusiast and CEO of Exquisite Express Inc., (a website that features creative people with a main focus on designers), I am always trying to network with designers to see what latest trends they use or don’t use and why. So I started to take advantage of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook with hopes of getting a more up close and personal view of who’s out there and what kinds of inside industry information they were willing to share with me. Well it has been quite an eye opening experience for me in such a way I didn’t expect. I found that most of these people didn’t respond to my inquiries about there latest projects or interest at all. So who do I turn to if the people I am trying to embrace are running in the opposite direction? This still puzzles me even now. Is there a secret society that they don’t want others to know about? Or is it not worth it to them to answer basic questions about what they do? These are random questions that pop into my head when I don’t get a response. Am I asking the right questions to them to get what I need? Maybe I’m not alone in this dilemma, could there be others out there who feel the way I do right now? Got Design? Slide 27: To all my designers and creative people you are the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing with Exquisite Express Inc. You are the drive and motivation behind all that I do, so the world has a chance to share in your Exquisite Journey therefore getting you recognition for all the hard work you have put into each and every project you do. I am a firm believer in what the human spirit and hands has the ability to create with hopes of the betterment of mankind. If you or someone you know creates art, furniture, photography, fashion or residential/commercial interior design spaces Exquisite Express Inc. would love the opportunity to speak and or work with them. We even offer hands on learning approach if you are local to my area or would like to network I could help you on you next project. Drop me a line anytime and leave your contact information and reason for stopping in and I will be sure to respond to you. So come on in and tell a friend about this great site and what it could mean in their lives. Slide 28: Your Company Or Organization Logo Here Call From Anywhere In The U.S.A 206-279-1712 We know You Want To Help Educate The Youth To Use Technology Productively. We Understand That You Care About Greener Solutions. Now Is The Time To Get Recognition For Doing Your Part! Make sure your company or organization is making the right contribution to causes that will make a difference in the lives of everyone today and tomorrow. Youth Technology Education & Green Recycling Programs Need Your Support. © 2011 The Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc. & Exquisite Express Inc The Keys For Technology Fundraiser & Donation Drive. The Keys For Greener Tech. Success Slide 29: Promoter Actress Model & Entertainer Ms. Dyemond Slide 30: The Keys For Greener Tech. Success © 2011 The Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc. & Exquisite Express Inc The Keys For Technology Fundraiser & Donation Drive. Call From Anywhere In The U.S.A. 206-279-1712 We know You Want To Help Educate The Youth To Use Technology Productively. We Understand That You Care About Greener Solutions. Now Is The Time To Get Recognition For Doing Your Part! Carrying around a little extra pride on your side will go a long way to ensure that the youth of today will be carrying their laptops tomorrow. Make a difference in the lives of everyone. Youth Technology Education & Green Recycling Programs Need Your Support. Your Company Or Organization Logo Here Slide 31: M.Y H.O.O.D (Mentoring Youth Hold Onto Obtaining Dreams) …Delivering The Keys For Greener Success Via Samuel S. Rodrigues / MBA & The Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc. M.Y H.O.O.D is a very unique organization in the Boston, MA area that encourages youth to think and embrace positive connections. Their work has been of such significance that Samuel S. Rodrigues, President/CEO was the recipient of The Daily Point of Light Award which is a nationally recognized award. The Daily Point of Light Award was created by the administration of President George H. W. Bush to honor individuals and community groups for making meaningful change in their communities through voluntary action.  Since the award was founded over 20 years ago, approximately 4,500 honorees have been recognized. The group is headed by 6 co-founders : Samuel Soares Rodrigues, MBA is President/CEO, Alzira Rodrigues, MBA serves as Sr. Director of Human Resources, Nelson Soares Rodrigues is the Vice President of Marketing/Public Relations, Sam Suneus is the Executive Director, also included are Celso Ribiero and Nilton Depina . The group came together in September, 2008, after having identified a need for more community based educational and recreational structured activities led by individuals who seek to cultivate strong positive values, moral responsibility and determination to succeed among the youth. M.Y H.O.O.D (Mentoring Youth Hold Onto Obtaining Dreams, Inc) incorporated as a not for profit organization on April 30, 2009. M.Y H.O.O.D (Mentoring Youth Hold Onto Obtaining Dreams, Inc) reaching out to all communities in the hopes of not only supporting the youth but also strengthening the bonds of cooperation among the many different racial groups and ethnicities within Massachusetts. The group is headed by 6 co-founders : Samuel Soares Rodrigues, MBA is President/CEO, Alzira Rodrigues, MBA serves as Sr. Director of Human Resources, Nelson Soares Rodrigues is the Vice President of Marketing/Public Relations, Sam Suneus is the Executive Director, also included are Celso Ribiero and Nilton Depina . The group came together in September, 2008, after having identified a need for more community based educational and recreational structured activities led by individuals who seek to cultivate strong positive values, moral responsibility and determination to succeed among the youth. M.Y H.O.O.D (Mentoring Youth Hold Onto Obtaining Dreams, Inc) incorporated as a not for profit organization on April 30, 2009. M.Y H.O.O.D (Mentoring Youth Hold Onto Obtaining Dreams, Inc) reaching out to all communities in the hopes of not only supporting the youth but also strengthening the bonds of cooperation among the many different racial groups and ethnicities within Massachusetts. The organization’s vision statement is as follows: “Through collaborative programming with schools and other community-based organizations, we provide educational, social, and health services, as well as mentoring opportunities that will enhance the academic performance, social lives, community connections and career options of the youth. While important work is taking place in this sector, M.Y H.O.O.D wants to provide a "hands on" approach to reach out to youth and provide 24 hour support by usage of the internet and mentors. This approach differentiates our program from any other program available.” The mission of M.Y H.O.O.D is to provide a creative and educational outlet for youth striving to accomplish goals and dreams in life. M.Y H.O.O.D targets youth in Massachusetts between 10 and 19 years of age that need support groups and direction. M.Y H.O.O.D presents the tools and knowledge necessary to explore how to achieve and make dreams become reality. M.Y H.O.O.D has a deep history and connection to the community the organization pay attention to what goes on. “ VISION STATEMENT It is no secret that there is a dire need for clearly identifiable community leaders within communities in Massachusetts’ metropolitan cities. More and more news reports give us news of the incredible odds that minority/immigrant youth face to succeed in an ever more difficult time and under increasingly challenging circumstances. But there are some who refuse to accept the status quo and are steadfast in their continued efforts to make a difference in the lives of our young ones. They are not intimidated by the overwhelming statistics and odds that they face pursuing such a noble cause. They are a group of friends and relatives who have joined their efforts and have launched a program called M.YH.O.O.D. (Mentoring Youth Hold Onto Obtaining Dreams, Inc).” Slide 32: M.Y H.O.O.D Executive Bios Mr. Samuel Soares Rodrigues is the co-founder and board member of M.Y H.O.O.D - located in the state of Massachusetts. Samuel is currently employed by Boston University Medical Center. He has contributed to several nonprofit organizations such as Peace walk, Acorn and sponsored Hoop-It-up basketball team. In addition, he started his own E-Bay business- as well as a tutor for hire program. He holds an oil/burner certificate from Northeast School of technology, BS in Business Management, and MS in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and soon to graduate with a MS in Human Services from Northeastern University. Most important of all, he has three wonderful children. You may reach him with an email to Mr. Nelson Soares Rodrigues is a board member and co-founder of M.Y H.O.O.D often referred to as “The Rose that grew from concrete”. Nelson Rodrigues lives and breathes Boston. He has seen the bright side of the city as well as the tragic, and has learned what to stray from and what to gravitate towards to achieve success. His sense of humor and ability to get along with a wide variety of people allows him to conquer hearts and serve as a positive role model and leader. Nelson has been passionate about giving back to his community because so many people put a lot of effort into assuring his own growth and development. He feels that investing in the youth is the best and only way to ensure a brighter future for our world. Nelson graduated from Boston College in 2007 with a Bachelor’s in Communications and a concentration in public relations and advertising. Since then he has taken a service trip to Brazil to work with orphans and upon his return he landed an administrative position at Boston Medical. Nelson continues to explore his dreams of being a young entrepreneur. His undeniable passion and talents in the arts such as acting, writing poetry, and recording music will serve as the vehicle for him becoming a successful entrepreneur. Nelson believes the world is filled with endless possibilities and any dream can be achieved as long as the determination and passion is present and burning in the heart. You may reach him with an email to AS a founder, Alzira brings her expertise in Human Resources and entrepreneur experience to the table. Alzira began her entrepreneur experience in 2000, where she and her partner started a non for profit organization for missing children called Purple Heart. While managing Purple Heart, Alzira also pursued a career path towards Human Resources. Alzira graduated from Suffolk University in 1999 where she earned her bachelor in Business Management and University of Phoenix in 2005, where she earned her Masters in Business Management. During Alzira’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and browsing the malls of America! You may reach her with an email to Alzira Rodrigues is a board member and the co-founder of M.Y H.O.O.D since 2008. Slide 33: Mr. Sam Suneus is a board member and co-founder of M.Y H.O.O.D since 2008. As a board member, Sam brings his 4-plus years of public relations, Sales and entrepreneur experience to the table - along with his love for music and the fine arts. Sam began his entrepreneur experience in 1996, when he and his friend, Samuel Delice, started a music production business called Buck 87 . Sam then explored the real estate business in 2003, – where he has successfully directed many credit approval seminars and counseled groups of 1st time homebuyers. Then in 2005 expanded his expertise and obtain his license in Real Estate appraisal. Sam attended Art Institute of New England in 1999 where he studied visual communications, Full Sail Academy in 2006 with concentration in Music and is currently pursuing his Bachelors degree in Finance. During Sam’s spare time, he enjoys producing music and watching movies. You may reach him with an email to Mr. Celso Barros Ribeiro is one of the co-founders and board member of M.Y H.O.O.OD located in Massachusetts. Celso is employed by the city of Boston as a street worker. He was born in Roxbury Massachusetts; life has never come easy to Celso. He has had to struggle and work hard for everything he has, and with two strong hard working parents that have instilled the very important morals of life. He has taken this challenge head on. Although he was born and raised in Boston, through hard work and effort he has had the privilege of attending private schools outside of Boston since 2000. This experience has opened my eyes and mind to the world and made one of my main focus to helping youth in my neighborhood realize their full potential in life and that no goal or dream is not obtainable. I have worked for the city for the past two years in my own neighborhood trying to change the lives of troubled youth who have been given little to no options in life, and if I can just change the life of one teen then I feel that my job has been done to the best of my ability. You may reach him with an email to . Maria Rodrigues is a board member of M.Y H.O.O.D since 2009. As a board member, Maria brings her years of financial background experience to the table - along with her love for latest technology inventions. Maria currently works at Boston Medical as a Financial Counselor assisting low income residents from the Boston area. During Maria’s spare time, she enjoys shopping for Coach Bags and researching the latest inventions. You may reach her with an email to . Ms. Maria Livramento Fernandes began her journey with M.Y H.O.O.D as a mentor January 2010. Through her hard work and dedication with working with the youth Ms. Fernandes was later elected board member of M.Y H.O.O.D in September 2010. Born and raised in Boston by her Cape Verdean immigrant parents Ms. Fernandes is well aware of the struggles and achievements of living in an urban community. Ms. Fernandes is presently in her first year of teaching kindergarten 2 at St. Patrick’s School in Roxbury; where she graduated in 1998. She attended Monsignor Ryan Memorial High School in Dorchester graduating class of 2002. During her high school years she worked at St. Patrick’s after-school program where she tutored for four years and returned the summer of 2007. Ms. Fernandes graduated Pine Manor College in 2006 with a bachelor degree in Social & Political Systems; she is currently attending Lesley University where she is working on her masters in Education. During her spare time she enjoys educating the youth, house chores, and completing fun filled activities with her godchildren. Ms. Fernandes can be reached via email at Slide 34: M.Y H.O.O.D Organizational Chart The unique ability of the M.Y H.O.O.D organization to demonstrate each individual’s expertise within specific areas forms a model that many others can take note of. The flawless resumes of the executive staff are clearly defining factors that send communities messages without boundaries. Mr. Samuel Soares Rodrigues once stated to me that… ‘their organization stands for expanding in a different way.” Meaning as a whole the organization clearly wanted to show the youth of the community and inner city that there is surely more to see beyond the city limits. M.Y H.O.O.D has a can do attitude and their success surely is not by chance. Their organization has Slide 35: 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place a real familiar family touch with the brains and know how to get it done in little to know time. Recently the organization put together an event that was really fun to attend, the annual basketball tournament. Seeing those guys run up and down the court made me realize that we all need to stay in shape to look good out there, it’s the youthful thing to do. It isn’t very often that physical challenges among brethren are rewarded in many positive ways. Even if it is for brief moments the M.Y H.O.O.D organization puts together and initiates positives programs to reinforce the natural instincts of competition. Everyone has a dream and why should that dream be destroyed if it can be saved, that’s the real spirit of what their all about. It was a pleasure getting to know these individuals that certainly kept me motivated by the way the operated. Many organizations can attempt to emulate what has been created, but nothing can carbon copy the genuine attitude among the M.Y H.O.O.D team and their supporters. Looking forward to their next event, without question will turn out to be another success. The Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc. & Exquisite Express Inc. organizations would like to thank you for welcoming us and having the opportunity to share some ideas with you all. Slide 36: Simone Hart Slide 38: Sponsored In Part By The Keys For Greener Tech. Success The Keys For Technology

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