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Published on March 15, 2014

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Understanding the different types of bullying helps parents and kids make better choices. Together we can stop this epidemic from plaguing our children. To learn more about preventing bullying, visit:


Six Main Types of Bullying Physical Taunting Rumor Spreading Social Isolation Cyberbullying Threats

Characteristics of Physical Bullying  Physical acts of aggression include biting, punching and kicking.  Also includes destruction of property. For example, destroying another child’s work of art.  Stealing items from the victim, including lunch money and possessions.

Teasing and Taunting  Verbal bullying makes up nearly half of all the bullying that goes on in schools.  Includes name calling, nasty comments about a child’s race, religion, or socioeconomic standing, and any other cruel words designed to belittle a child.  Often focuses on a real or imagined difference. Examples: taunting a child with a lisp, telling another child that she smells bad.

I Heard a Rumor…  Spreading rumors about a child is designed to damage the victim’s reputation.  Common in high school, especially among other girls.  May include breaking a confidence. Example: Sally tells Julie a secret. Sally and Julie stop being friends. Julie tells the whole school Sally’s secret.  Rumors are often untrue. Sadly, teens typically do not consider the source or verify information before latching on to a rumor.

Social Isolation  Perhaps one of the most brutal forms of bullying, social isolation entails ostracizing the victim from the rest of the social circle.  Victim typically sits alone and lunch and doesn’t get invited to parties.  Other children may be bullied into avoiding the victim, told that if they communicate with him, they will be socially isolated as well.

Cyberbullying  Relatively new form of bullying, therefore one of the least understood.  Involves spreading rumors or stalking through social media.  May even involve spreading embarrassing photos of the victim.  Affecting children at younger ages each year.

Threats of Harm or Isolation  The mere threat of harm or social isolation is an act of bullying.  Designed to force victim to comply with bully’s agenda.  In many cases, worrying about danger to come is just as emotionally traumatizing of dealing with the other types of bulling.

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Be Part of the Solution For more information on how you can prevent bullying, visit: and-cyberbullying/

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