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Published on October 18, 2017

Author: misterhadi


THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ‘SOME’ AND ‘ANY’: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ‘SOME’ AND ‘ANY’ By : misterhadi ‘SOME’ AND ‘ANY’ FOLLOWED BY PLURAL NOUNS OR UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS: ‘SOME’ AND ‘ANY’ FOLLOWED BY PLURAL NOUNS OR UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS There are some books on the table. There is some money in his pocket. There aren’t any books on the table. He doesn’t have any money . ‘SOME’ FOR POSITIVE SENTENCES: ‘SOME’ FOR POSITIVE SENTENCES We bought some flowers. There is some body at the door. I have some good news for you. ‘ANY’ FOR NEGATIVE SENTENCES: ‘ ANY’ FOR NEGATIVE SENTENCES We didn’t buy any flowers. There isn’t any body at the door. I don’t have any good news for you. ‘ANY’ FOR MOST QUESTIONS: ‘ ANY’ FOR MOST QUESTIONS Do you have any dictionaries? Is there any body at home? ‘SOME’, IF WE EXPECT THE ANSWER ‘YES’ Is there some body at home? ‘SOME’ FOR REQUEST AND OFFER: ‘SOME’ FOR REQUEST AND OFFER May I have some coffee, please? Would you like some coffee? ‘ANY’ FOR ASKING ABOUT EXISTENCE Do you have any coffee? ‘ANY’ = IT DOESN’T MATTER WHICH: ‘ANY’ = IT DOESN’T MATTER WHICH You can sing any songs you like. I’m sure any body can do it. We can come any time to his house. ‘ANY’ AFTER ‘IF , WITHOUT, ETC..’: ‘ANY’ AFTER ‘IF , WITHOUT, ETC..’ If you find any mistakes, please tell me. They came here without any money. ‘ANY’ AFTER ‘REFUSE, DENY, ETC...’ She refused to eat any thing. Slide9: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING

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