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Published on February 22, 2018

Author: laurelwaiton


Slide1: The Difference Between Proofreading And Editing Slide2: When hiring an editor or proofreader, it is necessary for you to be sure of the services you require to be able to choose the appropriate professional for the job. Both proofreading and editing by Polished Paper have been used interchangeably, and a lot of people do not know the difference between them. Knowing the difference between proofreading and editing is paramount to getting your article polished perfectly before submission. Slide3: Proofreading simply refers to the process of checking and correcting errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation. Proofreading does not require much change to the text and mostly comes at the final stage before submitting a document. Proofreading is most effective after the process of editing has already been completed. Proofreading is of great importance because a grammar or punctuation error can give the end user a bad impression of the article, which may lower its value. Slide4: Editing covers revisions and suggestions that can enhance the content, flow, and quality of the final document. Well-educated expert editors read your document carefully, pose questions, and offer comments and suggestions to help you bring your document to a higher level. Editing covers some of the following areas: Providing comments and suggestions Posing questions Line editing Slide5: Having your work both edited and proofread enables it to be reviewed for both the quality of the content and grammar errors, which gives it the upper hand in terms of being selected for publishing. You have to incorporate editing with proofreading to get the best results. Proofreading should come after editing to avoid mistakes because you may need to revise your work after editing. Whether or not that’s the case, there might be some additional errors after editing. Slide6: Contact us Polished Paper LLC, 1923 Bragg St. #140-2376 USA (United State of America) Sanford North Carolina 27330 1-855-974-4102

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