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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: LaylaStarchild



Understanding the Cycle of The Degenerating Body. If your a Pro-Ager this information is vital to understanding how your health and wellness continues on this vicious cycle. Take a positive step today to empower your Body, Mind, and Spirit to Optimal Health and Wellness! Become the Anti-Ager! Get up. Move. Unleash Your Inner Athlete.

The Degenerating Body Cycle happens in three stages.
First Stage – One leads a sedentary lifestyle with poor nutrition and weight-gain.
Characteristics of a sedentary individual include –
• The lack of motivation to exercise and participate in physical activity
• The sedentary individual usually suffers from low self esteem and poor body image
• The sedentary individual has more than likely been emotionally, mentally and physically abused
• The sedentary individual suffers from depression and most often times feels there is no hope
• The sedentary individual will make excuses as to why they shouldn’t work-out – the common excuse is “I don’t have time” although, they know they NEED to exercise.
Characteristics of Poor Nutrition
• The sedentary individual enjoys fast food meals
• Food is most often a comfort to emotional needs rather than nutritional needs
• The toxic mix of high sugar, salt and fat leads to disease. The first sign is weight-gain
• The sedentary individual knows they should begin eating healthier, but will usually make excuses and reasons to put it off.
The two factors above will lead to WEIGHT-GAIN which leads to disease and the journey to The Degenerating Body begins.

The De-Generating Body 1. Inactive 8. Weight-Gain (cycle starts over) 2. Poor Nutrition 7. Decision to become Inactive 3.Over Weight 4. Physician Recommends Exercise and Weight-loss 6. Experience minimal Weight-loss 5. Decision to become Active and Diet

1. Inactivity 9. Weight Gain (cycle starts over) 2.Poor Nutrition 8. Stop exercising 7.Satisfied with minimal weight-loss 3.Weig 4. Physician recommends exer 6.Experience Weight-Loss 5.Decision to Be-come Active & Diet

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