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Published on June 27, 2016

Author: dexlabanalytics


1. DO YOU KNOW THE DATA ABOUT THESE UNSOLVED INTERNET MYSTERIES? The biggest human creation is filled with unsolved mysteries… can you crack the code?

2. The internet is probably the biggest specimen of human creations. But there are certain things in it that are so bizarre that it will make the hairs of your back stand up!

3. 1. A858 THE MYSTERIOUS SUB-REDDIT OF CODED TEXT MESSAGES • Since, 2011, this anonymous and highly mysterious sub-reddit has been posting thousands of textual messages which are strangely coded. • These posts are uploaded almost every single day since 2011. • The Reddit Community itself has been intrigued to solve this mystery so much that they have setup another sub-reddit called Solve_A858 ! • Numeorus redditors have attempted to decode these cryptic messages which are entirely scripted in Hexadecimal, a complex numerical notation. • But the mystery and the meaning of the codes behind them still remain a mystery

4. CICADA 3301: THE MOST INTERESTING OF INTERNET MYSTERIES • This interesting tale started on 5th January, 2012. • An anonymous 4chan user posted a mysterious black and white textual message: After the post of this puzzle the internet community went crazy and endeavored to find the answer to the puzzle.

5. • Joel Eriksson was the man who was able to crack the code and found the message hidden in the picture. • He at the time was 34 years old and a Computer Analyst from Sweden. • The picture was a specimen of digital steganography which is a system of hiding encoded messages within the pixels of the picture.

6. • After decoding the message it was found to be associated with Tibarius Claudius Caesar and a string of strange, seemingly meaningless letters. The trail of messages continued to a rabbit hole of other clues and different web addresses. However, nobody is known to have solved the puzzle. • Soon after 4 months of posting the puzzle this mysterious user did say that they have found the individuals they were looking for and hence, the journey has ended. But no one came out as the solver of these cryptic messages.

7. Since then every 5th of January, there is a new puzzle posted. But nobody knows who is behind Cicada 3301

8. 3. THE MYSTERIOUS DEPTHS OF THE DEEP WEB • Websites like FaceBook and Google are just a tip of the iceberg that we visit every day. But they are just scratching the surface of a vast existence. • So, vast that if we were to count all the webpages on the internet we will run out of numbers. • But did you know that 80% of the internet is not indexed by any search engine and can only be viewed by special applications like Tor.

9. • This unexplored section of the internet is the deep web which contains all kinds of bizarre stuff like illegal items dealing website including drugs and human trafficking. Even stolen credit card numbers, hit men for hire and other unimaginable stuff. • Nobody actually what is in the deep web as it is not indexed by any search engine and hence remains unexplored by average humans.

10. 4. THE UNCANNY YOUTUBE CHANNEL – WEBDRIVER TORSO • The channel started in September, 2013 and since then almost every single minute of every single day a new 11 second video has been uploaded to this channel. • But unlike other YouTube Channels there is no video of Pandas or cats or the whisper challenge. • But instead the videos consist of random blue and red shapes accompanied by beeping sounds.

11. Are they messages from the aliens? Or a secret new world order recruitment system?

12. THE MYSTERY HAS BEEN SOLVED Can you answer the secret behind these strange 11 second videos?

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