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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: foxyrezty



horror short story

The Creature routine meeting with her husband. The meeting was held in the city away from home. So, I had to take care of their only kid since I got It was extremely dark evening when the light was out. It was always home at two. gonna be like that if the rain hard splashed the earth. And so in my auntie’s house. I remember, that was on Thursday at five in the afternoon when the horrible scene begun. Hard rain made the situation felt to be dark and gloomy night. My auntie’s house seemed like an old cemetery area located miles away from the others. It was separated by a long grave river. The back yard was decorated by great dense and branch trees which seemed like skeleton’s hands creeping the roof of my auntie’s house. It was doom and cold. I was The thunder and lightning started blaming the earth, so often, and so noisy. When the light was flashing the dark, the room suddenly so bright for a moment. After that, the thunder could be heard so loud. Blam…! Blam…! The thunder showed its super noise, it irritated my ear. It was very loud until Merlyn woke up by its noise. She was sleeping before the hard rain because she was so tired after playing jokes with me all the time. She woke up. sitting in the living room, dealing with my mobile phone in my hand. I was playing games and I did not care about the dark. “Kina…! Come here please, I’m so scared!” Merlyn screamed while she was calling out my name. so loud. She heard so scared. “Okay That day, I came to my auntie’s house where about a kilometer away from my house. I went to take care of my nephew named Merlyn. She was about five years old. She was a very cute and fat girl with long wavy hair. My auntie who is Merlyn’s mother, was attending a dear, I’m coming.” I answered loudly, competed to the rumbling thunder. I crept in the darkness, accompanied with the dim of a candle light in my hand. “Sister…hurry up, please. I’m so scared. It’s so dark. Please help me.” I heard her shivering voice again. I forced my step. The distance from the living room to the Merlyn’s bed room @restianantika

was quite far. My auntie’s house was an old big house given by my neck. I still sat on her soft bed when I was starting to sing. granny. The living room in the front was full of wooden furniture. They were The only thing can make her sleep is by rubbing her head and four wooden chairs around a table. The next room I passed was the singing. Commonly, the song is lullaby song, but Merlyn does not like dining room. My auntie and her family usually spent their time here. it. She likes “Burung kakatoa” ( The Krakatoa Birds ) as her lullaby. The room was separated by wooden wall. And one thing, as my So i started to sing. I knew it was a little bit odd singing in the opinion, the door set up was so odd. It was so uncreative room set thunder. I had to force my voice louder because I knew Merlyn was when the door was lined straight away like a corridor of a train. still awake. I had repeated the song three times but I still found her Finally, I got the kitchen and passed it to Merlyn’s bedroom at the awake. I kept singing. I felt like an idiot singing a wrong song in a very corner of the house. wrong time. I tried to make her feel comfort and hear my voice. I made my head a little closer to Merlyn’s ear so that my voice could I was stood in the front of her bedroom. It was unlocked. The door be heard though it was vague. was half opened. She was sitting on her soft bed and she was covered by her blanket. She seemed very scared. She was I continued singing maybe I had been singing for five times. I thought shivering. Directly, I sat on her bed beside her. I rub her head and I about the lyrics deeply : The Kakatoa birds...........perch in a hugged her. “Hush…chill out my dear. It’s okay. Don’t worry, I’m here old old granny.......has only two teeth. I sang with you. You had better to sleep again. I will sleep with you until the consciously. Then I realize that the blaming thunder had gone. I kept light is on”. She was so tired so she started to sleep again. I singing in a lower and lower voice. Merlyn didn’t fall asleep, she continued rubbing her hair. I covered her body with the blanket to her turns her body sideways, her face was facing the wall. I kept singing @restianantika

while I looked around the whole Merlyn’s room. I looked the room to because there was nobody see me. with the corner of my eyes. Everything was wooden furniture. A cupboard, a desk, a chair, and a bed I sat on. The last, my view was It had been a minute I covered my face with my hands. I wiped my trapped on a window the next cupboard. The curtain was blowing by face hoping that my fear would be gone away. I started to look at the the wind although the window was closed. The wind blew the curtain window once again. There was nothing. Yes, there was nothing. I through the ventilation of the window. Once again, I felt something convinced my self. I knew I only imagined something too much. Then wrong. I felt better than before. I looked at Merlyn next of me. She was fine and fell asleep. Still in my position on Merlyn’s bed, I took my mobile Suddenly, I felt scared while I was singing that song. The lyrics phone on my Jeans pocket. I saw the time was at 6 pm. It was late forced my mind to create such scary imagination of a creature of but the light had not on yet. I was felt a little bit scared but not as ghost or something. I imagined about the lyrics I sang. I imagined much as before. I decided to lay my body on the bed and took a nap. about the old creature on the window. I was so scared so I stopped singing. I saw an old woman, like a grandmother. She had long white I felt like standing alone at somewhere. It was a dark forest or hair, her back was crooked, her face was wrinkled, her face was so something. Suddenly, it was changed. I felt like standing in a long scary, her voice was very husky, and she grinned at me like a ghost! path of a dark and quite village. When I started to walk, the My fear was getting higher as I imagined the old creature who has background had been changed into a long big crossroad but odd. two teeth and grins at me like a ghost. Oh my god, I wanted to There were coarse grass in the right and left side of the road. scream, but I could only cover my face with my palms. I realized that Suddenly, I was shocked by sound from my back. Blam! It was so I was fainthearted and I felt so shy. I didn’t know to whom I ashamed loud. The sound was like a falling table or a blaming cupboard. But i @restianantika

could not see anything at all. I could only hear the sound. And again, I felt a little bit disappointed and dejected because I found my auntie Blam! Blam! was there cooking but she didn’t answer me before. She was cooking in the dim. So busy with her food. She was accompanied by So I opened my eyes and realized that I was sleeping and dreaming. a candle light which I put before. She was a fat woman and she had I looked at Merlyn, and she was alright. The situation was not long hair. She was wearing faded green trousers. I could only see changed. It was dark and cold by the hard rain. I looked at my her back because she didn’t look at me at all. I felt relief, then I phone, and I knew i had been slept for about ten minutes, but it felt thought that maybe she came home when I was sleeping. And then like just a minute. she prepared meals for her family and me. Blam! Blam! Blam! The sound could be heard again. The sound was So I left while taking my bag on. I yelled at her from the living room, same as in my recent dream. But I was awake. I was awake. The “Auntie, it has been so late, and I must go home now! Okay?”. But sound came from the kitchen. Then the sound was clearly changed she didn’t answered. When I was out from the house to take my bike, to be kitchen utensils sound that used for cooking. I wanted to know suddenly the light is on. I felt so upset but relief. I thought the light what was happen. I took my feet down from the bed. Then I walked played me. “Oh, okay then!”. I grumbled. Once more, I wanted to say to the kitchen and yelled, “Hey auntie, is that you cooking?”. There goodbye to my auntie. Yelling I said, “Good bye auntie! I’m leaving was no answer, so I went closer to the kitchen. I heard the sound of now! Merlyn is such a kind girl today! Bye!” frying pan. “Hello auntie? Can you hear me?”. There was still no answer. Finally, I got the kitchen. Then I saw a creature. I drove my bike in a hurry to home when suddenly I met a familiar face ridding his motorcycle. I knew it, he was my uncle, Radit. He @restianantika

saw me too so he stopped his motorbike. He said, “Hey Kina, will you go home now?” Then I said, “Yes. I have to go home now. I got so many things to prepare.” He answered, “Oh, alright then. And how about Merlyn? Is she okay?”. I said proudly, “Of course, she is so fine. She is so happy with me all the time”. Then suddenly I heard one more familiar voice. “Oh great, Kina. I think you are a good babysitter honey.” And the voice laughed so hard. She thought it was a joke. Yes it was, but not for this time. I looked at the women behind my uncle’s back, I felt my heart was gonna blown up. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Auntie! You are here! Aarrgghh....!” I tried so hard to sit on my saddle and went away. I tried so hard balancing myself on my bike. I felt like I wanna run away but my body shivered so much. Finally I got on my bike an ran my bike away. Along the way home, i thought about the creature, the women on the kitchen. I thought it was my auntie. But I knew then, my auntie had not go home yet! @restianantika THE END

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