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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: morrisonlee77



The idea of Doomsday with its first century End Time ideas has never been adequately explained. Yet 'The End is Nigh' philosophy still hangs around in the twenty-first century with robust tenacity. After 2000 years of looking away from the first century Futurism is the preferred explanation. What did we miss? Whatever it is it must be subtle and very different from present explanations that turn their backs to the first century and toward our own.

But hey, wait a minute! What did Jesus say again? "Truly I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all these things come to pass." Mtt 24:34. What if....???

What if He really meant what He said? What if He was talking to His contemporary generation and not us? What if WE are looking the wrong way when we skip the first century and face our third millennium future? What if He was right and WE are wrong? What if it is a matter of a modern mind misunderstanding an ancient book? What if we are just repeating an unfruitful formula of Futurism by ignoring Jesus? And what are the fruits of Futurism? What does a thousand-year historical review of Futurism demonstrate?

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