The complexity of cyber threats in Asia and what you can do to better protect your organization

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Information about The complexity of cyber threats in Asia and what you can do to better...

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: MicrosoftAsia



Pierre Noel, Microsoft Asia’s Chief Security Officer & Advisor, shares his thoughts on the complexity of cyber threats in Asia and what you can do to better protect your organization. Find out who the cybercriminals target and make sure you’re not in cyber danger.

It is dangerous out there

20% 18% 6.0 16% 5.0 14% 12% 4.0 10% 3.0 8% 6% 2.0 4% 1.0 2% 0.0 0% 3Q12 4Q12 1Q13 Singapore 2Q13 3Q12 4Q12 Worldwide 1Q13 2Q13 Percent of reporting computers (encounter rate) Cpomputers cleaned per 1,000 scanned (CCM) 7.0

Percent of reporting computers 12% 10% 8% 6% Singapore Worldwide 4% 2% 0% Misc. Trojans Exploits Worms Viruses Trojan Downloaders & Droppers Backdoors Password Stealers & Monitoring Tools

Someone must be ultimately responsible Start with simple data classification Know your risks. What are they, where are they? “If you protect your paper clips and diamond with equal vigor, you will soon have more paper clips and fewer diamonds” Dean Rusk (USA Secretary of States 1961 – 1969) Behind every security problem is a human being Do have anti virus on every machine If you need help, consider Cloud Providers

Australia’s Top 35 Patch & update to current applications Patch & update to current operating systems Use application whitelisting Non-persistent virtualised operating system Centralise host logging Monitor System Infrastructure Network Segmentation & Segregation Centralise network logging Protect the Endpoint Host based intrusion detection & prevention Host inspection of Microsoft Office Files Patch & update to current operating systems Inbound Host-based Firewall Randomise Local Administrator Passphrases Use gateway and desktop antivirus Lock down operating environments Restrict NetBIOS Monitor Traffic with Network IDPS Capture All Network Traffic Monitor the Network Educate Users Social engineering education Enforce strong passphrases Filter email content by whitelist Strong Authentications Protect Email Force domain IP lookup Restrict administrative privileges Implement TLS between email servers Filterweb content Whitelist web domains Whitelist HTTP/SSL connections Enforced border gateway Firewall Force domain IP lookup Blacklist domains at the border gateway Defend the Web Harden Web & Server Apps Use multi-factor authentication Implement data execution prevention Harden server applications Disable LanMan

Australia’s Top 4 Patching applications and using the latest version of an application Keeping admin right under strict control Patching operating systems (and forbidding the use of administrative accounts for email and browsing) Whitelisting applications

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