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Published on January 27, 2016



1. The Colony  Is called the period where the Spanish decided stablish in America. Send for their families and governor the indians.

2. the natives had to work and pay taxes to the spanish land, mines and natural wealth passed to the Indians at the hands of the Spaniards Inposition of the lspanish language and the catholicism The governors were choose for the spanish kings Trade was controlled by the Spanish

3. To dominate and administrate the new world, the spanish created politic institutions, some function in spain and other in America.

4. PLACE NAME FUNCTION Spain Consejo de Indias Make the laws where people must fulfill in the different colonies. Spain Casa de contratación de Sevilla It was encharge of the contracts and made the accounts of the merchancy that travel between America and Spain. America Reales Audiencias. Was the court for that epoch, the judges had to hear complaints from people claiming to other that not fulfill the laws

5. PLACE NAME FUNCTION America Capitanias generales Battalion of soldiers who were faced with the rebellious Indians America Cabildo Composed by the most important people and regulate the social behaviour America Virrey It was a familiar Spanish king, who had the duty to represent the monarch in America. Directed the general

6. ECONOMICAL ACTIVITIES IN THE COLONY Trade It was developed between Spain, Africa and America. Agriculture Mining It was a clue economical activity for Spain. The extracted precious metals were sent to Europe. It generate a lot of products for example: potatoe, rice, corn etc.

7. ECONOMICAL ISNTITUTIONS  In order to control the labor of black and indigenous and to be rich with the resources of the colonies, the Spanish established the following institutions in America

8. ECONOMICAL INSTITUTIONS MITA ENCOMIENDARESGUARDO The indigenous were sent to work heavily in the mining or in the public works during some months, were separated from their families, many of them died by the illness. Territory where lived indigenous families, directed to encomendero, who collected a tribute. It had a churchman that imposed the religion. Were allocated land to the indigenous to grow and pay tribute. They can choose their bosses.

9. 1. Write with your own words what is the difference between conquest and colony? 2. Who were the result from miscegenation?  3. compare the economy activities in the colony epoch and actually. 4. Identify in the picture three situations that were presented in the colony and explain.

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