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Published on May 13, 2016

Author: yvettecarol


1. By Yvette Carol ~ An ordinary boy A vicious warlord Both seek a stone with special powers But only one can possess the Or’in of Tane Mahuta ~ This is the inside scoop on the upcoming series, The Chronicles of Aden Weaver: the history, mythology, setting and more. It’s especially for avid readers like me. When I was a young girl at school, I devoured stacks of books in a weekend. I loved my first book club, and so I’ll include prompts, ideas and suggestions for book clubs and discussion groups, in italics. History ~

2. The planet Chiron was devoid of life until the evolution of the first insect species. This we know. But what no one knows is that a spaceship crash landed here and the aliens aboard survived. These alien shape-shifters were called the Chisai—changelings who could slide between human and insect form. Why do some people say that aliens walk among us? Lizard-men? Have you ever seen a person with acute facial features, or a particularly animalistic walk and wonder if it was an alien creature? This trilogy, The Chronicles of Aden Weaver, is set in the early days of the eighteenth century, when mythological creatures still roamed Chiron. This was the time when monstrous sea creatures were still being reported seen in the seas, and people didn’t dare walk out alone at night—for fear of being taken by the faerie folk, or worse, some kind of demon. People feared the unknown for good reason, because these supernatural forces existed. Have you ever seen something at night, not-human, that you couldn’t explain? Ever wondered about that movement you were sure you saw out of the corner of your eye? The Myth ~ A few miles out from the west coast of The Land of the Clouds lies a little island. Two thousand years ago, so the legend goes, a spacecraft called Atticus crash-landed on the island. The commander of the Atticus, was a brave and feared Chisai warrior called Chief Kal. He entered the forest on the island, looking for minerals they could grind into powder and use to make metal to repair the craft. He tried to destroy a boulder of greenstone with his weapons but was unsuccessful. The insects of the forest told him he had to learn how to give Tane Mahuta the proper respect, so he took a chip of the stone and offered it up. Tane, the god himself, appeared. The boulder was granted. The chip of stone was offered to the birds and insects, in a contest for sovereignty over the forests. Chief Kal changed into a dragonfly and won the chip. He was granted royal privileges. Tane gave Kal the little island, upon which he bestowed invisibility. This base became known as The Lost Island. The stone chip was known forever after as the Or'in of Tane Mahuta. This myth is basically a lesson for humankind about the wisdom of humility, and knowing your place in the scheme of things. It’s about the value of showing respect for the

3. natural order of life. Do you think there’s something we could still learn from mythology today? What are your favourite myths? Are there personal legends your family has shared as you grew up that made an impact on you? The Order of Twenty-four ~ A golden age ensues. The dragonfly race maintains harmony and there is balance in the forests across Chiron. However, the Or'in of Tane Mahuta is stolen. The Order of Twenty-four is formed and given the noble mission, of searching the world for the Or'in. For without the Or'in, the invisibility of The Lost Island will fade. The sovereignty of the dragonflies will be no more, and the harmony of the forests will never return. This forms the theme and kernel idea for this series, the idea is of a kind of eden, that can only be attained if a certain object is found. This is a common theme, which can be found in many books across the generations. Can you think of another book that has this same theme? The Arthurian myths and the search for the Holy Grail come to mind. Can you think of any others? The Sasori Empire ~ However the dragonfly are not the only ones seeking the Or'in of Tane Mahuta. The evil warlord, Chief Wako, desires the Or'in, to secure his seat as head of the Sasori Empire, in the land of Fire and Ice. I’ve been told that the names, the Order of Twenty-four, and the land of Fire and Ice, have been used in other books. I was unaware of this at the time I wrote the series. Have you ever come up with an original idea that you discovered later already existed? Which do you prefer, a familiar storyline or to be surprised every time?

4. The Only One/the Son of Kal ~ Aden Weaver is an ordinary boy of the dragonfly Chisai, he’s a shape-shifter who moves between dragonfly and human form. When we first meet Aden, he’s eleven-years-old. He lives in the Shining River Forest on the west coast of The Land of the Clouds. He's being raised by his grandparents. What Aden doesn't know, is that he is the Son of Kal, the only living descendent of the great first chief. As such, he is also the Only One—the only person who can put the Or'in of Tane Mahuta back into the temple from which it was taken. The only one who can restore the right order. If you were in Aden’s position at this point, how would you react? Have you ever felt the weight of your family’s expectations on you? ~ Only the Son of Kal can bring the Or’in home ~ The Mission ~ Aden Weaver and Te Maia 'the Record Keeper' must train to become expert fighters. Their teachers are the teenage Goldstone twins 'the Guardians'. At the end of the first book,

5. they’ll all four be inducted into the Order of Twenty-four. In the second book, they’ll be sent out into the world, along with the mysterious new recruit, Number Three, charged with the mission to retrieve the Or'in of Tane Mahuta. But if they do ever find the relic, how will they get it out of enemy territory against the Sasori army and mythological beasts and manage to stay alive? Could you do it, in their place? Do you have the courage to face danger, even when the odds are against you? Or'in of Tane Mahuta ~ The Or’in is a stone of power, a piece of greenstone won by Chief Kal in a contest set by Tane Mahuta. It confers invisibility over the Island, and endless energy and power to the holder. The prized relic was stolen from the Temple of Tane on The Lost Island. Lost to the dragonfly Chisai, it passed hands through the underworld for two thousand generations. The Or’in is a metaphor for the prize of self-knowledge. Only when Aden Weaver attains the Or’in (self-knowledge), will he reach nirvana, the promised return to a state of grace, or self- realization. I find I’m drawn to read books that have a deeper meaning. Have you ever felt a similar feeling of searching? What do you search for in your life? The mythological creatures ~ Every country hosts creatures of mythological origin. The second and third book in The Chronicles of Aden Weaver are set in the land of Fire and Ice, which has the Oni, the Kappa, and the Tengu. I borrowed these creatures from Japanese mythology. The Taniwha are linked to New Zealand. Which mythological creatures are linked to your country? I love dragons. Which do you like best? Oni ~ The Oni are devils of giant size. Generally they have horns, three eyes, three toes and three fingers. The can be pink, blue, red, or grey in colour. They often carry a mallet and are

6. depicted wearing a loin cloth of tiger skin. They’re not very intelligent and can be easily tricked. They live in the countryside of the Land of Fire and Ice. Kappa ~ The Kappa are descended from the monkey messenger of the river god. Child-size vampires, the kappa have fish scales or tortoise shell instead of skin. On top of the head is a shallow indentation filled with water. If the water in the hollow is spilled, the Kappa is powerless. If a human wins a contest with a Kappa, a promise can be extracted from the Kappa which it is bound to fulfil. They’re found living on the river banks in the lowlands of Fire and Ice. Tengu ~ The Tengu are said to be descended from Susano, the brother of Amaterasu. Part-bird, part-man, they live in the trees. They're mischievous, minor deities, respected and feared. Tengu often wear small hats, and cloaks of feathers or leaves. They live in the trees of the mountainous regions of Fire and Ice. Which of the mythological creatures that feature in the

7. story; the Oni, the Kappa and the Tengu, scares you the most? For me, it has to be the Kappa because they’re so unpredictable. The Second Book in the Chronicles of Aden Weaver, ‘The Sasori Empire,’ coming to an armchair near you, soon... Mythology is like the god Proteus, “the ancient one of the sea, whose speech is sooth”. The god “will make assay, and take all manner of shapes of things that creep upon the earth, of water likewise, and of fierce fire burning. -Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces + If you’re an aspiring writer, like me, you can jump on the mailing list for my fortnightly newsletter. The sign-up widget is at the top right-hand corner on the welcome page of my website.  Attention Book clubs ~ the best answers received to the questions I’ve given you here, will receive a copy of ‘The Or’in of Tane Mahuta’, the first book in the series, The Chronicles of Aden Weaver, signed by yours truly. ~

8. Yvette Carol + *The first book in the Chronicles of Aden Weaver series, ‘The Or’in of Tane Mahuta’ is now available on Amazon:

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