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Published on March 7, 2014

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Since my recent Ayahuasca experience, I have had many revelations and things have become much clearer. I realized that everything has a purpose and everything works together. I’ve also been prompted by synchronicity to address some of the most painful parts of my life. One of the deepest pains Sheree and I have experienced is, of course, our bout with our cyber-stalkers.

The Chris Geo Deception & Cyberstalking Truth Frequency Radio By Chris Geo Dec 27, 2013 Since my recent Ayahuasca experience, I have had many revelations and things have become much clearer. I realized that everything has a purpose and everything works together. I’ve also been prompted by synchronicity to address some of the most painful parts of my life. One of the deepest pains Sheree and I have experienced is, of course, our bout with our cyber-stalkers. Because these people are insignificant and unknown, I’ve made it a point to never mention them by name or give them any publicity in any way shape or form. The only way they have been able to cause problems is by capitalizing on our well-known names and attaching themselves like leeches. I will go into some details a little bit later in the article but since this is intended for the Spirituality and Wellness section of our website, I want to go into the emotional parts of this first. Empowerment from being Cyber-Stalked The last four years have been a rough but elevating journey, despite the efforts of these cyberstalkers. It really all works together and I have to admit that being cyber-stalked has not only been eye-opening but also played a key element in the development of who Chris Geo and Sheree Geo are and what Truth Frequency Radio has become. I strongly believe that Truth Frequency Radio would have never become a network if it wasn’t for the trials and tribulations we faced on our journey. Likewise, we may not be syndicated by the Genesis Communications Network and hence our show would not be available on satellite radio.

If all things were right, we would not strive for more. So in a way, I have to thank our cyberstalkers for the motivation to rise way above their level and into higher realms of professionalism. In 2014, my sights are set way higher than I ever expected in 2010 when all of this began and the sky is really the limit now. From a professional level, the higher the caliber of people we deal with, the less the defamation and rumors matter. The people at GCN have been an absolute pleasure to work with and Ted Anderson has treated us better than any other station manager. The level of professionalism amongst the hosts is one that I try to match with the Truth Frequency Radio line-up. Likewise, the caliber of hosts we deal with here at Truth Frequency Radio, like Susan Lindauer, Christopher Everard and many more, have all dealt with cyber-stalkers, trolls, rumors and slander themselves. We are not looked down upon for the insane things people say about us because all of the people on these higher levels have their own experiences. While I have been concerned that this defamation might have some sort of impact, I find that we are judged by our broadcasting abilities and journalistic integrity by people who really matter to us. I thank our cyber-stalkers for motivating us to “get out of the shit” and take what we’re doing to higher levels. The moral of the story is that we have to take the most horrible things in our lives and use it for positive means. This is very difficult to do at times but we must take hold of every situation and use it for our own spiritual growth. I am also thankful to our cyber-stalkers because they have helped me achieve a much-needed balance between light and darkness. In 2010, when I first became the target of a cyber-stalking, I was filled with too much light. I used to do everything for everyone and I got stepped on quite a bit in the process. I wasn’t hardened to the world around me yet and naively believed that everyone in the “truth movement” had a pure heart, just as I did. Quite the contrary. The truth movement and alternative media has been one of the most infiltrated and hate-filled arenas I have ever dealt with. I am grateful that I was able to recognize this so early in my journey and distance myself quickly before an even bigger danger came into our lives while still too naive to see what was in front of me. I’ve always known deep down in my heart and soul that this situation was all part of the journey but I’ve never felt the need to articulate it the way I am doing now. This is why in our four-year long struggle with cyber-stalking, rumors and slander, we have never acted like victims and we’ve never retaliated against these people. In a way, I also feel a sense of elevation, empowerment and security by having such horrible things said about me. It has created a level of separation between people I do and do not, want to associate with. I’ve realized that if people are too naive to see past through the lies propagated about us, then these people are either stuck in a lower frequency or they are “drama-queens”, two types of people we prefer to not be involved with. Likewise, if listeners fall for the rubbish, then they’re probably not going to understand the message we present on our show. They might come back to us later or they may never listen again. It’s not our job to make people listen, it’s only our role to present the information. The journey will always be that of the individual. The Emotional Roller-Coaster

In 2014 it’s easy to see clearly but as we transitioned from 2010 to the present, emotions were very much a roller coaster. The cyber-stalkers began their strike when they believed me to be at my weakest. This was, of course, in December of 2010 when my mother passed away. It took an extraordinary amount of strength to deal with the grief while at the same time being accused of some of the most deplorable things imaginable. In the next section I will discuss the reasons why I believe these people are motivated to continue a defamation and harassment campaign for almost half a decade, but right now I’d like to discuss the unseen emotional aspects of this. At first, I believed if I just disconnected myself from their energies then it would all go away, but boy was I naive! Stuck in the love and light mentality, I believed that positive thoughts and ignoring the darkness was what we all needed to do collectively in order to change the world. I now realize how stuck I was in the New Age trap and this has helped form the Chris Geo you see today. It was this instance in my life that created a whole new outlook on things and woke me up to be the warrior I am becoming. And as a leader, I can now motivate people to also find the same balance, instead of mistakenly leading them down the false New Age paradigm. Sheree has struggled with chronic illness and pain since birth but in the last four years her condition has caused her many problems. For me personally, her health problems combined with the cyber-stalking and slander was a test to see how much I could hold inside while maintaining the positive side of myself. She has undergone four surgeries in two years, one of those years was spent going to the emergency room on a monthly basis until they finally properly diagnosed and treated the problem. She is doing so much better now, it’s truly unbelievable! This test, however was a spiritual one that I endured for years because quite frankly, it’s no one’s business what she is dealing with. It wasn’t until she was comfortable talking about her medical battles that the truth was finally able to come out. In the meantime, I just sat back and smiled at the allegations. When Sheree couldn’t make a show or mentioned in passing that she was in the ER, our cyber-stalkers scurried to spread rumors that I beat her and put her in the hospital. Her stomach problems included life or death bowel removal surgery and a gallbladder that was functioning at only 2%. This caused her an inability to eat or keep down anything. For over a year the doctors could not properly diagnose her, so I watched as she lost more and more weight. The entire time, I just smiled when our cyber-stalkers spread rumors that she is a drug addict and that I am responsible for getting her “hooked on drugs”. The truth is the exact opposite. Due to her chronic pain, the doctors in Texas had her on regular doses of pain medications. In 2011, I left my business and little bit of family I had left and we moved to Colorado so she can replace the pain medication with Cannabis. Along with the surgeries, I’m really amazed at how great she is doing! So while people accused us of heavy drug use, we were actually rearranging our lives to replace pharmaceuticals with special strains of cannabis which are high in CBD’s for pain. In 2012, I was struck from behind on the freeway in a car accident that left me in a lot of pain too. Despite the rumors that I’m a part of a cartel in New York (and I have access to herion, cocaine and everything else) I refused to take any pain medication or treat myself with anything more than chiropractic and Cannabis. Sheree was by my side the entire time, even for the weeks

where I was experiencing confusion and short-term memory loss due to post-concussive syndrome. She drove me to every single doctor’s appointment, maintained the website and kept all of the doctor’s records in order while I recovered. All the while our cyber-stalkers were circulating rumors that we we’re hacking their websites and that we’ve created all of these (imaginary) blogs defaming them. As if we didn’t have enough to deal with in our lives, we somehow found the time to attack people we do not even care to acknowledge? Because of life’s events, our plans to get married kept getting postponed, but in December of 2012 we decided nothing was going to stop us and we decided the 21st would be the day. Our cyber-stalkers went absolutely crazy and while we were out of town we saw that our website traffic had incredibly decreased almost to nothing. When we came back, we found codes of malware injected into our site in an effort to try to have us blacklisted from Google. And indeed we were blacklisted temporarily because of the malicious code. Not only did we have problems with our website but we also returned to find a bunch of defamatory comments on our Facebook pages, chatrooms, website comments and even my Google local business listings for my carpet cleaning business, which is totally unrelated to Truth Frequency. These people were absolutely insane with the attacks so it was right back to work when we returned, sending mailings out to assure everyone that the malware was removed and battling with Google to remove the bad reviews and also re-index our website. Our website ranking dropped to horrible numbers and it was quite a struggle getting it back up. Not only was this an attack on our work but it was also an attack on our livelihood and the way I support my family. I wasn’t sure what to feel at this time. Hate, anger, frustration, all of the above? I knew at that point that it was time to go full-force and take Truth Frequency Radio to the next level. High security dedicated servers, the broadcasting system stripped down and re-written and surround ourselves with good friends and hosts. When our stalkers saw how things were back online, stronger than ever, they tried to inject their friends into other programs on our network. Donny Gilson was dealing with his own stalking situations and we realized our stalkers had merged with his. I didn’t say a word when Donny wanted to have one of them on his show but he realized at the very last minute what a bad idea it was and refused to have her on. This drove them even crazier because they thought they had a way in but failed at the last minute. At this point they shifted the attacks from me to my wife which put me in a rather odd situation. On one hand, I had to maintain my professionalism but on the other hand, how does a man sit there while his wife is attacked in the most horrible ways imaginable? I knew their game though and I wasn’t falling for it but this test of strength really pushed the limits of my being. They wanted to provoke me to react so they can justify what they’re doing to us. For four years they’ve had to manufacture stories about being victimized by us and they really wanted a reaction to show people what we did to them. They were also going after some of the most personal things to me, trying to tarnish my 10+ year carpet cleaning reputation, taunting me about the death of my mother and now attacking my new wife. In hindsight, I can see the type of

strength which developed in me because of this and I have become a much more powerful warrior as a result. But the test was hellish, there is no doubt about that. They began writing stories about how horrible of a mother Sheree is, without knowing anything about her relationship with her son. When Sheree got divorced, it was agreed that her son would stay with his father because there were two sets of grandparents in the area he lived in. This was a struggle she still faces to this day because she is separated from her son. However, she frequently visits him and she talks to him on Skype every single day. This was a sacrifice we had to make in order to create Truth Frequency Radio because we knew that any children in the house would easily become a target. Nothing broke my heart more than when Sheree looked at me one day while she was on Facebook and said “I am really upset right now because my friends and family all post pictures of their children. I have all of these wonderful pictures of my recent visit with my son but I’m afraid to post them because he’ll become a target”. That’s when I realized the true pain behind what is going on and just how horrible and disgusting these people really are. I have had to live a similar life too, blocking the little bit of family I have on Facebook because these people have harassed my family members too, left bad reviews on their businesses and caused my family to have to change their phone numbers. I have to admit, it is a very painful journey we’ve chosen to walk and there has been a lot of detachment from everything and everyone we love to protect them. We, however believed that when we agreed to make these disconnections, it was because we are protecting our family from government, not from people in the “truth movement” or “alternative media”. The people who have harmed us the most are the people who are supposed to be on our side. The Federal Government pretty much leaves us alone and our interaction with law enforcement is a bare minimum. In terms of detachment, we made the right choices but we had no idea that the attackers would come from within. Still, we knew when we got into this that we would become targets. I understand why the Anti-Terrorist wears a mask now. The positive side of the coin is that we’ve been very discerning with who we get involved with. Still, it is a little troublesome when people look at us like we’re horrible people because of what our stalkers have propagated. We have to take the good with the bad and Truth Frequency Radio is the best thing we’ve ever done with our lives and will be our legacy. Is it worth the struggle and emotional anguish? Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who are these people and what did we do to deserve this? The evidence has mounted up that two of the cyber-stalkers have been informants for lawenforcement but the key pawn in the cyber-stalking campaign is just a useful idiot whose role is to absorb the liability. Evidence has been presented with documents showing these people’s involvement with putting people in jail and stalking those who they cannot. It is our analysis that

we have been the victims of a failed operation, but let’s put all of that to the side for a moment and let’s look at what happened on the surface first. In August of 2010, we were on the now-defunct American Freedom Radio, run by Joseph (Danny) Romero who has been incarcerated at Williamson County jail on manufacturing and delivery (methamphetamine) charges since June of 2013. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 source: Case No. 13-1062-K368 I was warned about the people at American Freedom Radio but being naive and new to the alternative radio scene, I was excited about getting a step up and joining a network other than blogtalk. After a few months on the network, the female cyber-stalker asked to come visit us at our home. I was skeptical but we wound up taking her out for her birthday, buying her a new car battery and gave her some gas money. We didn’t think anything was amiss until our computers went out, but that is a whole different story all together. A couple of months later Sheree decided it would be best to go back to her hometown because she was having a difficult time dealing with being separated from her son. She was also experiencing a lot of medical issues that required the expertise of her long-term doctor. I was heart-broken and distraught at the time and Danny Romero thought this would be the best time to inject this woman into our show. He vouched for her, so I took things for face value despite the fact that her children were taken away for child abuse and she was facing five felony charges. Her performance on the show was lacking and she was not receptive to the advice I was giving her. After hundreds of negative comments about her and her unwillingness to improve herself, I finally let her go from the show thinking that was that. I tried to remain calm and collected during this time and still treat people with the love, light and respect (because I was way to polarized in that direction). In hindsight a middle finger would have been more appropriate than a smile, but I lacked the balance I have found and now struggle to maintain. I decided to move to another network where the presenters were more professional but little did I know the “whisper campaigns” had already begun. I had been through a lot and Sheree and I were missing each other very much so I disconnected myself from the drama to refocus and didn’t pay attention to what others were doing. Sheree and I reunited and did a few shows on the other network. It wasn’t until the next year that I found out that Danny Romero actually contacted the new network and tried to convince the owner not to have us on. The allegations included that I am in a drug cartel, that Sheree is a drug addict, that I am into kiddie porn, that I beat her and that I tried to “rape” the other co-host. I guess they didn’t think it all the way through because the only time I was ever in the same room as this woman was in August of 2010 and these whisper campaigns began five months later in November of 2010, after this woman was kicked off of our show. I thought if I just ignored it, it would all go away. In December of 2010 my mother passed away so I took a couple of months to grieve and realign myself. When I returned, the rumors were

rampant. I was scratching my head, trying to figure out what exactly happened so Sheree and I began suspecting an agenda behind their motives. This prompted us to do some research into who exactly these people are. I found out that Danny Romero was responsible for bringing FBI agent Torin Wolf into the Ed and Elaine Brown complex and thus ending the 9-month standoff. I also found out that the child abuse charges against this woman were not manufactured but that she had agreed to testify against her accomplice in exchange for amnesty. Sheree and I found previous charges against her for Elderly Abuse against her former father-in-law and we also found instances where she incited, recorded and took part in criminal activities with activist groups, then turned the video tapes over to the authorities. We did an entire write-up about it and presented all of our findings with documents to back everything up. Shortly after, Truth Frequency News was hacked beyond repair. Luckily, someone else posted the write up here. When we brought this to the attention of others involved with these people (who I believed to be friends at the time), the only reply was “You just called out my friends out as informants. No one knew Torin Wolf was a fed, he was that good that he fooled everyone”. Needless to say, our “friends” showed their true colors and those relationships ended on the spot. While Sheree and I were apart, the main cyber-stalker began making advances towards her. This person is a useful idiot for these people and long time “friends” with this woman. The rejection to his advances in my opinion is a window into the genuine hate this person has developed for us. We have never done anything to this individual, but considering this fact, it makes perfect sense why our wedding infuriated him so much, that the harassment really ramped up during our wedding and honey-moon. If you ask this woman today, “What did Chris Geo do to you”? The answer will be “he didn’t get what he wanted” and she still tries to propagate the “attempted rape” story. And if you ask this guy what we did to him, he might stutter a bit and then say “he tried to rape my friend and she told him no!” But nothing they say adds up, and what doesn’t make any sense is why anyone would stay so obsessed with us for FOUR YEARS. There is also a sick obsession with child pornography, child prostitution and very weird sex when it comes to these people. Everyone they encounter is a pedophile or into child pornography or kinky sex. They’ve manufactured chat logs and claimed it to be from us and other people they’ve targeted. They all have this sick and twisted under-tone and writing style, but child abuse is a recurring theme with these people. Conclusion As you can see, Sheree and I have been through the gutter, a hundred times over. This is why I’ve been very careful with who I work with and who we allow into the Truth Frequency family. In 2012, I had enough and filed a Federal Court Case. Come to find out, I didn’t sign a document out of the two dozen submitted. It was really a blessing in disguise because had I spent my time and energy on them, we wouldn’t be where we are.These struggles are why you’ve seen Chris Geo change over the course of time but also the motivation that has brought us this far.

I hope you all can learn from our experience and take control of the worst things in your lives and use them to motivate yourselves to make something better. Maybe one day, people will see us for who we are instead of who our cyber-stalkers want us to be seen as. Until that day, we’ll continue struggling, building, growing and loving each other. Maybe there will be an end to this, maybe not. Regardless, as the French say, the best revenge is living well!!! (And we’ve done a damn good job if you don’t mind me saying so). Chris Geo founded Truth Frequency Radio with his wife Sheree Geo in 2009. His field of research includes economics, false flag terror, geo-politics and occult agendas. His radio show, Truth Frequency is syndicated by the Genesis Communications Network Saturdays and Sundays from 4pm-6pm central. You will hear ground breaking information, unique analysis and interviews with the worlds leading experts, scientists, philosophers, authors, film makers, celebrities and more. Read more articles by Chris Geo Listen to Truth Frequency Archives Download Chris Geo's music (free) Add Chris Geo on Facebook

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