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Published on February 17, 2008

Author: mariekeschoenmaker



The changing Face is about value creation through innovative project management. It addresses a new approach to succesfully execute radical and incremental innovations from idea to commercialization.

The changing Face Value creation through innovative project management By Marieke Schoenmaker

The need to do it different How the customer How the project How the analyst How the programmer How the business explained it manager understood it designed it wrote it consultant described it How the project was How the customer was What the customer really What operations installed How it was supported documented billed needed

The changing Face is not about Traditional project management

The changing Face is about Innovative project management

Innovative projects are the engines that drive innovations from idea to commercialization

Innovative projects are drivers that make organizations better, stronger and more efficient

Innovative projects manage the different types of incremental innovation Market Technological Modular Innovation Innovation Innovation

Innovative projects manage the different types of radical innovation Market Technological Architectural Innovation Innovation Innovation

Innovative project managers understand the dynamics of the changing Product life Cycle

Therefore the perspective of project management is changing from time, budget and performance focus

Towards an efficient way of working, an improved customer and employee experience and competitive value creation Project Success 5 Pilars Customer Employee Value Competing Way of Working Experience Experience Co-creation Edge • Meeting • Meet • Team • Sales • New schedule require- satisfaction • Profits technology • Meeting ment and • Team • Market • New market budget specs morale share • New • Yield • Benefit to • Skill develop • ROI, ROE product line • Other customer ment • New core • Cash flow efficiencies • Extent of • Team compe- use • Service member quality tency • Customer growth • New orga- satisfaction • Cycle time • Team nisational and loyalty member • Organizatio- capability • Brand retention nal name measures • No burnout recognition • Regulatory approval Beyond Time, Budget and Performance

Innovative project management is everyone’s business

It is a set of managerial activities needed to lead an innovative project from idea to commercialization

This requires an appropriate approach The Diamond Approach Technology Super-high-tech Strategic projects High-tech Medium-tech Array System Assembly Low-tech Complexity Novelty Derivative Platform Breakthrough Regular Fast/competitive Time-critical Operational projects Blitz Pace

Novelty How new is your product in the market? Derivative Platform Breakthrough

Technology What is the level of technological uncertainty? Low-tech Medium-tech High-tech Super-high-tech

Complexity How complex is your project? Assembly System Array

Pace How critical is your time frame? Regular Fast/competive Time-critical Blitz

Imagine ….. How can you use the Diamond Approach to manage Project benefits and risks?

The Diamond Approach to address potential risk and opportunities Potential risk Technology Expected Benefit Experiencing technology failure; Improving performance and lacking needed skills functionality Super-high-tech Potential risk Having difficulty High-tech predicting exact Potential risk market needs; missing Having difficulty in Medium-tech sales targets; coordinating and attracting competitors integrating Array System Assembly Low-tech to copy your ideas Complexity Novelty Derivative Platform Breakthrough Regular Expected benefit Expected benefit Bigger programs, Exploiting new market Fast/competitive bigger payoffs opportunities, leapfrogging Time-critical competition; gaining first mover advantage Blitz Potential risk Expected benefit Missing deadlines; making haphazard Gaining early market introduction, mistakes Pace mounting quick response

Imagine ….. How can you adapt the Diamond Model into innovative projects?

The Diamond Approach to select the right project for the right type of innovation Technology Radical Technology Super-high-tech innovation Incremental High-tech Technology Incremental innovation Market Medium-tech innovation Array System Assembly Low-tech Complexity Novelty Derivative Platform Breakthrough Regular Architectural innovation Fast/competitive Radical Market Time-critical innovation Modular innovation Blitz Pace

Imagine ….. How can you use the Diamond Model to cross the chasm of the adoption cycle?

The Diamond Approach to cross the Chasm Novelty Breakthrough Platform Derivative, Derivative Platform Technology Medium to Medium Medium Medium to Super-high-tech Low tech Goal Strategic Strategic Operational Operational

Innovative project management is a temporary organization and process to achieve specified goals under the constraints of time, budget and other resources

Management not only must understand the impact on customers and markets but also must know how to adapt the most suitable project approach

Imagine …. What is the required Leadership style and skills to manage innovative projects?

I will discuss leadership and team performance after my winter experience in Finland

Please share with the Experience Innovation community your experience with organizations where the Innovative project management already has done its work Contact us by giving your comments and learn from each other

In collaboration with Enjoy! “Life is one big opportunity for growth” Marieke Schoenmaker +31-622497148 Inspired by the Harvard Business School and the clients I work for

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