The castle in Malbork

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Information about The castle in Malbork

Published on March 3, 2014

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The castle in Malbork

The castle in Malbork

Where is the castle?

About the Castle • The Castle in Malbork is the largest gothic castle in Europe. It was built in 1278 by Teutonic Knights. The castle is an example of a medieval fortress. It was built in Prussia. The Grand Master named it Marienburg (Mary's Castle). The town, which grew around it, was also named Marienburg. In 1309 capital of the Teutonic state was moved to Malbork.

Map of the castle • There are three parts of the castle: lower castle, middle castle and high castle. • • • • • • • • 1 – Great master’s palace 2 – Middle castle 3 – High castle 4 – towers 5 – toilet 6 – St. Anna’ s chapel 7 – Chapter house 8 – Great refectory

The high castle

The middle castle

Inside the middle castle

Bridge connecting the middle and the high castle

Toilet tower Main tower/Signal tower

The lower castle

Park of siege machines • The park is near the castle • In this park you can see: - Battering ram - Siege tower - Large crossbow - Catapult - And many, many more

What was Teutonic Order? • Teutonic Knights or Teutonic order are short names for the Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem. It was an order of knights. It was founded in XII century, during the crusades. • Teutonic knights were owners of the castle in Malbork • Their symbol is a black cross against white background. • The most important person in Teutonic order was the Grand Master.

History of Teutonic Knights • In 1226 Polish prince Konrad Mazowiecki invited Teutonic Knights to Poland. He did that, because pagan tribes from Prussia attacked his land many times and Polish knights needed help. • After a few years Teutonic Knights conquered Prussia and founded own country on its territory.

History – part 2 • There were many conflicts between Poland and Teutonic Order. • In 1385 Poland and Lithuania formed an alliance. Then Lithuanian great prince Jagiello was crowned the Polish king. Szczerbiec – Polish king’s coronation sword

Battle of Grunwald • On 15th July 1410 there was one of biggest medieval battles. It took place on fields near village Grunwald. Polish commander was the king Wladyslaw Jagiello and his adversary was the Grand Master of Teutonic Order Urlich von Jungingen. This music you can hear in the background is a song, which Polish knights sang before the battle. Polish knights Teutonic knights Lithuanian knights West–European knights

Battle of Grunwald • In this battle Polish, Lithuanian and Rutenian army won! Urlich von Jungingen and a lot of Teutonic knights were killed. • In 1878 Polish painter Jan Matejko painted the battle of Grunwald.

Reconstruction of the battle of Grunwald • Every year there’s a big reconstruction of the battle of Grunwald. About 1200 people „fight” in the reconstruction. Of course nobody is hurt. • The first reconstruction was in 1992.

Legend • There were a few treasuries inside the Malbork Castle. The biggest one was heavy guarded. Nobody could open its door, because only Great Treasurer had the keys. In spite of the protection, the treasury was robbed. The three bakers who worked in a bakery under the treasury made a hole in the ceiling. The coins started falling down on their heads. They left the castle, but Teutonic knights found them and killed.

More about Teutonic Order • If you want to know more about Teutonic order, you can read a book or watch the film „Teutonic Knights” (Polish title - „Krzyżacy”). They were tranlated into English and 25 different languages. The book was written by Henryk Sienkiewicz – Nobel Prize winner.

Fragments of the film „Krzyzacy”

Thanks for watching! PAWEL, RAFAL, MAGDA, DOMINIK

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