The case for postdoc affairs

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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: JamesGouldPhD



With the changing job landscape scientific training must evolve as well. But what about the current and recent trainees that may not benefit from this enlightened attitude? I argue that we have and are already training a potentially diverse workforce. This coupled with an active postdoc/grad office, provides added value to the institution, lab, and trainee.

Hones  cri2cal   thinking  and   problem  solving   skills     Refines   research  and   professional   skills   Develops  an   independent   inves2gator     The  Training   Creates   opportunity   and  poten2al   The  Postdoc     The  PhD     We’re  Already  Training  a  Poten2ally   Diverse  Workforce   Select  correct   problem   Cri2cal   examina2on   Thorough   analysis   Eloquent   communica2on   These  are  desirable  aFributes  for  ANY  candidate  in  ANY  field.      

The  Postdoc  &  Graduate     Affairs  Process     The  Effort   Include  &   serve  the   community   The  Results   Iden2fy   strengths,   needs,    gaps,   &  trends   BeFer  research   Enhanced  recruitment   Increased  reten2on   Develop   reasonable   policies  &   guidelines     Provide   relevant   training   programs     Decreased  2me  to   comple2on   BeFer  prepared   workforce  

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