The Case For Increments

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Published on March 16, 2016

Author: LinFisher1


1. The Case For Increments Breaking Stakeholder Requirements Into Releasable Pieces of Value Lin Fisher, CSM

2. What Exactly Is An Increment? It is a piece of functionality that is potentially shippable because we are confident that it delivers some measure of business value.

3. Let’s Look At An Example Fully feed 20 kids during my son’s birthday party with a 10kg chocolate cake topped with strawberries Solution Feed my son and 1 friend with a finger licking 100 grams of chocolate cupcake with strawberry topping and leave them both wanting more Increment

4. Why Not Just Break It Up By Task?  Create Batter  Pour Batter  Bake Batter  Apply Icing  Apply Fruit

5. What Does This Look Like? Mix Batter Pour Batter Apply Icing Apply Fruit Bake Progress

6. Did You Say Waterfall? Ding-Ding! Mix Batter Pour Batter Apply Icing Apply Fruit Bake

7. What’sNot Awesome About That Approach?

8. It Takes Longer To Get Each Output Sprint Goal: Mix Sprint Goal: Pour Sprint Goal: Bake Sprint Goal: Toppings

9. These Stakeholders Want Cupcakes. Now…now…now…

10. This Could Take A While…

11. Which Is The Increment, Again?

12. Which Is The Increment, Again?

13. Wait! We Have Velocity Which Proves We’ve Made Progress!

14. These Stakeholders Want Cupcakes. Not Velocity

15. So How Do We Show Our Tech Effort?

16. Tasks Increment Story As a tweenager, I want a chocolate cupcake so I can have a good time at the birthday party. Strawberry flavor | White frosting | Sprinkles | Wrapper | 100 gramsAcceptance Criteria Technical Business Stakeholder Ideal Agile Story Structure

17. This deployment went very well.

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