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Published on December 18, 2016

Author: Ianort


1. Campus Eye Media Our Philosophy

2. Our Values • We are different. We act different, we dare to think different. We challenge conventions. We do things different. • We are constantly saying NO to a million things so we can say YES to things that really matter. This empowers us to create and deliver lasting value. • We are honest before anything. We admit when we are wrong, and we stick by the truth at all costs. • We set up ourselves for success. We stretch our limits, and are bold and daring in execution. We celebrate each stage of the journey. • We prime ourselves for change and innovation. We are dynamic. We are all for backgrounds over highlights, longterm over short-term. • We are family. We believe we are the best and we place our employees above anything else. We stand in for each other. We win and lose together. We don’t hire people to tell them what to do, we hire them and give them the conditions to succeed.

3. Our Target Audience • We are not trying to target every campus or University student. We target campus students that are special, that see themselves as different, identify as great and are daring and willing to stand out of the crowd. For those campus students who challenge conventions, who are revolutionary in a sense, who dare to imagine a new future, a new world, who do not give up on their utopias.

4. What we do • Despite being known largely as a campus media organization. We are more than just that, we are in the businesses of designing campus lifestyles, forming and creating trends that matter and last, and constantly mothering information, experiences, lifestyles, news, products, services and knowledge for the campus audience.

5. Our Purpose • “Dare to Think Different” • Making campus lives better everyday without fail. Daring to think different, living our values everyday through everything we do. Creating long-lasting memorable experiences for our campus audiences and leaving soulful imprints.

6. Our Team • Managing Editor • Two Editors • Three Writers • Two Sales Executives • One Accountant and Administrator

7. KPIs • Advertisement Revenues • Web Hosting Expenses • Traffic Statistics • Salary Costs • Web Improvement Costs • Social Media Statistics • Sales and Marketing Costs • Return on Investment (How much do we gain from every shilling invested whether in a new app or in a new marketing effort?)

8. Key Revenue Sources • Direct Advertisement Revenues • Google Adverts • Youtube Channel • Corporate Communications and Digital PR services

9. 2017 Focus • 200K Facebook Fans • 20K Twitter Followers • 10,000 Daily Visitors; 300,000 Monthly visitors • CampusEye App • 10 million in monthly revenue • CampusEye offices • New Recruitments for vacant positions • 15 stories everyday • Skilling our staff and growing them • Go LEAN and eliminate waste in everything we do.

10. Major Universities • Makerere University • MUBS • Kyambogo • UCU • Ndejje • KIU • MUST • SLAU • Gulu

11. Countries • Uganda • Kenya • Rwanda

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