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Published on March 24, 2008

Author: rivod


Slide1:  ™ Time & Money, Have you everdreamt about it?:  Time & Money, Have you ever dreamt about it? Most people work for money. They live in the Rat’ Time & Money, Have you everdreamt about it?:  Time & Money, Have you ever dreamt about it? Great News… It is possible to have time & money, 4life has the 4 keys you need to get it! Have you ever wondered what you would do? Dream once again! 1st Key: International Networkers Team:  1st Key: International Networkers Team In our Team, we’ll be glad to help you develop your business. Trainings Team Work Literature aids Over a hundreds of years of gathered experience Presentations and meetings Slide5:  International Networkers Team You’ll never be alone. When enrolling 4LIFE you’ll be part of INTERNATIONAL NETWORKERS TEAM, A group of professionals willing to lead you to SUCCESS Tools – You’ll have marketing materials Current Challenges, Have you stopped to think about this?:  Current Challenges, Have you stopped to think about this? Unknown and emerging diseases. Antibiotic resistant organisms. Autoimmune Diseases. Global Travelling. Great deal of the population being on the third age. Stressful Lifestyle Old Fashioned Treatments Worlds Pollution More than half of BioTech companies are developing products regardingImmune System support!!!! IT’S A HUGE MARKET!:  More than half of BioTech companies are developing products regarding Immune System support!!!! IT’S A HUGE MARKET! 2nd KEY: 4Life Products Slide8:  Transfer Factor is patented, private property and belongs only to 4Life Discovered 50 years ago and studied ever since Over 3000 scientific studies, and more than $60 millions invested on research We are the Transfer Factor (Trademark) Transfer Factor Slide9:  Transfer Factor is a common molecule among species Slide10:  Transfer Factor Collostrum Transfer Factor Molecule Eggyolk Transfer Factor Molecule TRANSFER FACTOR= Slide11:  How does TRANSFER FACTOR of 4Life Research work? Awake & strengthens our Immune System Diminishes its activity in case of hyperactive Immune System Provides essential information to identify harmful element Dr. RH Bennett, 4-Life Medical Advisory Board Slide12:  Independent Studies Results of TRANSFER FACTOR Slide13:  4Life Products, included in the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) for NonPrescription Drugs and Dietary Supplement PDR is still considered a standard guide for physicians in hospitals and drug stores Russian Health Ministry recommended the usage 4Life Transfer Factor products to physicians throughout Russia Transfer Factor: Tested Quality Slide14:  Some 4Life Products Slide15:  Duane Townsend, M.D. Robert Robertson, Jr., M.D. Emma Oganova, Ph.D. Cynthia Olson, N.D. Richard Bennett, Ph.D Suzette Lawrence, RN, CNM, MSN Edgar A. Guess, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.O.G. HEALTH SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD WORLD REKNOWNED PHYSICIANS- INMUNOLOGIST, ONCOLOGIST, CLINICAL NUTRITIONIST, CARDIOLOGIST & HEALTH AUTHORS Kelvin McCausland Ph.D. David Markowitz, M.D. Kenneth A. Bock, M.D., F.A.A.F.P. Malaton, Ph.D. Several Publications Support It:  Several Publications Support It cancer/immunesystem/slide No. 76 David Lisonbee CEO & FOUNDER :  David Lisonbee CEO & FOUNDER Bianca Lisonbee Co-Founder Steve Tew, President 3rd KEY: 4LIFE RESEARCH COMPANY Slide18:  USA 4Life Research 9850 South 300 West Sandy, UT 84070 Slide20:  Unión Europea Slide21:  4Life Research Ranks as the 15# America’s Fastest-Growing Private Company, During 2003 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Slide22:  4Life Research within TOP 10 MLM companies worldwide (Published by MLMinsider ) 4Life Research as #1 MLM company worldwide! (august-2006) ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Slide23:  4life Research offers people all over the world an extraordinary opportunity for those who wants to improve their lifestyles. An exclusive products that give us a huge advantage. Life Rewards Plan provides the highest payment of the Industry , as much as 64% whereas other companies pays up to 40%, or 30% or merely 25% 6 Different ways of making money since the very beginning and also in a long term. No limits for your profits 4 KEY : Life Reward Plan How to make money? Slide24:  Become a 4Life Distributor! DIAMOND 4LIFE First Order: 400 LP or Higher. Investment: Depends on the product combination What you get: International ID Code Wholesale price Get paid as Diamond level for 6 month Network residuals up to infinite generations Leader4Life First Order : 100 a 399 LP Investment : Depends on the product combination Obtienes: International ID Code Wholesale price Leader PIN Network Residuals up to 3 Generations Slide25:  The path to your SUCCESS 4Life’s Leadership Undertaking Plan QUALIFICATIONS IN THE LIFE REWARDS PLAN Slide26:  HOW TO MAKE MONEY… 1. Direct Selling: As 4Life Distributor you get wholesale price on the products You receive a 25% payout on personal volume over 100LP generated in a month. Only the Direct sale of 1 TF Plus MULTI PACK (12 bottles) You get over 44% of the investment as profits! Slide27:  2. Rapid Rewards: pays you a 25% of the first LP order placed by every new distributor you personally enroll!!! = HOW TO MAKE MONEY… Rapid Reward Example:  Rapid Reward Example You John Jane Joe Jamie 500 pts 500 pts 500 pts 500 pts $125 $125 $125 $125 $500 USD In the very beginning!!!! Slide29:  3. Power Pool Bonus: Enroll 3 or more distrubutors who generates at least 100LP or more. When they reorder 100LP or more the next month, You received a Power Pool Bonus Check Represents 3% of 4Life’s Monthly LP: 2% Power Pool bonus check ($100-$1000) 1% Great Escape Trip HOW TO MAKE MONEY… Slide30:  Marriott CasaMagna Cancún GREAT ESCAPE TRIP Slide31:  Marriott CasaMagna Cancún GREAT ESCAPE TRIP Slide32:  4. Residual Income from your Network HOW TO MAKE MONEY… Just imagine earning money from a network of thousands of people! Slide33:  EXAMPLE Network Royalties TOTAL AS LEADER = $2,860 TOTAL AS DIAMOND= $46,924 Slide34:  5. Premier Pool Bonus: Premier Pool Bonus is awarded to those who make it to International Diamond and Gold International Diamond IT’S REPRESENTS 2% OF 4LIFE’S MONTHLY LP 6. Platinum Pool Bonus: 1% of 4Life’s monthly LP Platinum Pool Bonus represents 1% of 4Life’s monthly LP equally distributed among qualified Platinum International Diamonds. HOW TO MAKE MONEY… 4Life: The Compound Opportunity:  As you can see, this a unique opportunity for success driven people since we have an awarded payout plan and a exclusive product 1. The BEST TEAM - INT 2. Product 3. Company 4. Life Reward Plan ONLY YOU’RE MISSING¡¡¡¡ 4Life: The Compound Opportunity Slide36:  THE MOMENT IS NOW!!! Whats you current situation? Neither money nor time? Working to fill others’ pocket Got the money but not the time to enjoy it? Stressful, overwhelming JOB Spend enough time with your family? What will happen when you get old or stop working? Will you still earning money? Do you wish this lifestyle? Having time and money to spend with your beloved ones Freedom to travel The car and house of your dreams Having a residual income and a business that produces money even thought you are not in charge If you don’t change what you do TODAY, tomorrow WILL be like yesterday" (Jim Rohn) Slide37:  Where do you want to be within the next 2-5 years ? 4LIFE and its Life Reward Plan can help making your dreams come TRUE The DECISIONS you make TODAY will determine the SUCCESS in your FUTURE Insanity: “Doing the same over and over again expecting different results” Albert Einstein Slide38:  Get in Contact With Us So That You Can Shit Your Future!!! Skype: ojrivera International Networkers Team

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