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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: gapoltipline

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Please fact-check this information, so that we can no for certain if these claims are legitimate or falsehoods.

Paul Broun, Jr. Excerpt from Paul Broun’s election website claiming “Proven Leadership” as a campaign theme A 25-year pattern of irresponsible and erratic behavior: personally, professionally, & politically

Over the past twenty years, Paul Broun’s campaign claims he has shown “Proven Leadership.” The truth is he has shown a pattern of irresponsible and erratic behavior in every facet of life – including his short stint in Congress… 1984 1988 1994 2006 2007 2008

Mishandling campaign finances Failure to File Letter to Paul Broun’s Committee  Broun has been cited by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for mishandling his campaign finances more than all other GOP congressman from Georgia – combined (source: www.fec.gov)  Broun – 11, all others – 10 (Westmoreland – 1; Price – 0; Deal – 1; Kingston – 4; Linder – 3; Gingrey – 1)  Offenses cited were serious:    Failure to disclose thousands in contributions and expenditures Failing to file any disclosure at all in one instance. Broun filed two responses with the FEC acknowledging his failure to adhere to campaign finance standards. The first letter promised a “revamp” of procedures, only to be followed by a second letter again promising “we will not repeat” the noncompliance when more problems appeared after the first letter. Links to FEC documents: FEC letter 1 FEC letter 8 FEC letter 2 FEC letter 9 FEC letter 3 FEC letter 10 FEC letter 4 FEC letter 11 FEC letter 5 Broun letter 1 FEC letter 6 Broun letter 2 FEC letter 7

Filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy due to an “extravagant life style”…  Broun declared bankruptcy because he owed hundreds of thousands for loans that financed what the bankruptcy court said was “the reputation of an extravagant lifestyle” including hunting junkets around the world (source: Middle District of Georgia Bankruptcy Court)  His creditors included the major banks in Americus, Georgia, where he lived at the time, who fought Broun’s bankruptcy because they believed he had defrauded them. Docket from the Broun bankruptcy case Link to the Broun bankruptcy docket: Official docket of the Broun bankruptcy case

…but was hit with a $213,000 judgment for “intent to deceive” his creditors with “fraudulent financial statements” Judgments against Broun for $213,000  The Americus banks claimed Broun had defrauded them by intentionally filing false financial statements and asked the bankruptcy judge to refuse to allow Broun to escape the debts he owed them.  Broun’s financial statements intentionally misstated both Broun’s assets and liabilities, showing “reckless indifference” and “a general reckless disregard” by faking the ownership of stock and failing to disclose tens of thousands in loans he owed other banks and individuals.  The judge ruled Broun had intentionally deceived his creditors by falsifying his financial statements and ruled that over $200,000 of Broun’s debts were “nondischargeable.”* “Nondischargeable” is a bankruptcy term meaning debts that must be paid in spite of the bankruptcy proceeding. A creditor must show good reason for a bankruptcy court to rule a debt nondischargeable. In Broun’s case, the court ruled the debt nondischargeable because Broun had intentionally deceived his creditors with fraudulent financial statements. Links to bankruptcy documents: Official docket of the Broun bankruptcy case Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law – nondischargeability of debt owed to Americus Bank of Commerce Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law – nondischargeability of debt owed to Sumter Bank and Trust Company

Found in Contempt of Court for violation of third divorce Contempt of Court order against Paul Broun  Broun was ordered to pay his third wife’s taxes and failed to do so. His wife filed a motion to find him in Contempt of Court.  Broun filed a Motion to Dismiss, following his typical pattern of making excuses for his failure and even blaming his ex-wife.  The judge dismissed Broun’s excuses and found him in Contempt. Links to divorce decree documents: Divorce decree Filing for Contempt by third wife Broun’s filing asking for dismissal of wife’s complaint Judge’s final Contempt of Court order

He failed to pay 5 years federal taxes of $62,000… Federal tax lien for unpaid taxes by Paul Broun  Broun was hit with federal tax liens for failing to pay federal taxes from 1977-1982.  He did not pay off these taxes until 1988. Links to federal tax documents: Federal tax lien for unpaid taxes by Paul Broun Release of federal tax lien for Paul Broun

…while leaving his third wife with $42,000 in unpaid federal taxes Release of tax lien against Anne Jean Broun  When Broun divorced his wife Anne Jean in 1982, she was a stay-at-home mom.  Anne Jean inherited over $40,000 in unpaid federal taxes from their family returns from the same five years he did not pay his own taxes – which she paid off in a negotiated settlement with the IRS. Links to federal tax documents: Release of lien 1 against Anne Jean Broun Release of lien 2 against Anne Jean Broun Release of lien 3 against Anne Jean Broun Release of lien 4 against Anne Jean Broun

He had his medical license suspended for failure to renew it – and predictably blamed others for the problem Consent order reinstating Broun’s license after his failure to renew it and media story on issue  Broun failed to renew his medical license as required by state law (source: State Composite Board of Medical Examiners)  This resulted in Broun having his license suspended by the State Composite Board of Medical Examiners.  When this occurred, Broun blamed the state for changing systems (source: Athens Banner-Herald)

He was stripped of attending privileges at the Sumter County Hospital – one of only two doctors to lose privileges in 20 years The steps involved before a doctor can lose attending privileges at Broun’s former hospital  In 1994, Broun lost his attending privileges at Sumter Regional Hospital in Americus.  A doctor must go through four levels of review to lose his attending privileges.  Doctors are not removed for “clerical matters” or other minor infractions.  Full hospital board votes to accept/reject recommendation of peer committees Two laws require the hospital not to disclose the reason Broun lost attending privileges. Complaint reviewed by larger physician peer committee Complaint reviewed by small physician peer committee  Broun has never explained why he lost his privileges – and only he and the other party can reveal this information. Complaint must be initiated by a fellow physician

He now falsely claims to have privileges at St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens – and is likely violating Georgia’s Patient Right-to-Know Act by not removing St. Mary’s from his state physician profile…  Broun claims on State Composite Board of Medical Examiners profile to have attending privileges at St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens (source: www.state.ga.us/meb/)  Broun does not have current privileges at St. Mary’s Hospital (source: www.stmarysathens.org “Find a Doctor” and Medical Staff at 706-389-3840)  The “Patient’s Right to Know Act of 2001” requires physicians to inform the state of any changes to their hospital privileges within 10 to 30 days [OCGA 43-34A-3(e)(2)]. Broun’s physician profile as filed with the state  Unless Broun lost or gave up those privileges in the last month (which is unlikely due congressional rules which require him not to work while serving in Congress), he is in violation of state law. Links to federal tax documents: Full physician profile of Broun showing date of 6/9/08 Excerpt from Patient’s Right to Know Act requiring physicians to update profiles within 30 days (relevant portion highlighted)

Broun is an erratic and perennial candidate who won a “fluke” election victory. That’s why he has never been vetted – until now…  Has run for Congress four times (1990, 1992, 1996, 2007) after being “called by God to run for Congress” while lobbying Congress on hunting issues in 1989 (source: AJC 5/26/96). In the interim, he started the “Georgia Republican Assembly,” which the Augusta Chronicle editorial page called “cranks and zealots” (source: Augusta Chronicle, 5/21/99)  Never taken seriously as a candidate until now, and on the few occasions his behavior has come to light, Broun almost always makes excuses for his irresponsibility, claims divine forgiveness, or blames someone else.  Most candidates have at least one spotty area in their record, and some of the individual items in Broun’s record might not be problematic in isolation. However, those incidents are not isolated, and few candidates display the long-term pattern of erratic and irresponsible behavior shown by Broun. Excerpt from Paul Broun’s re-election website

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