The British and US Film Industry Part 2

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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: missgillies


Homework!  Please and thank you!

The British and US Film Industry PART TWO

Vertical Integration  Where a company will own/control all the steps in the production process  Baker owning wheat farm and fertiliser company  For example AOL Time Warner owns not just the Production companies and their distribution arms, it also owns TV networks, magazines, record labels, radio stations. So it is in a position to not only make and distribute films, but has the ability to play and promote them through other media forms.

Horizontal Integration  Where one step in the production process is own by a very small number of companies.  Baker owns all other bakeries in the area  For example, AOL Time Warner owns Warner Brothers Studios, Castle Rock Entertainment , New line Cinemas and Fineline features, all of which are Production and distribution Companies. Many companies try to do this, but it is dominated by The Big Six.

What is a MONOPOLY?  Exclusive control of a commodity or service in a particular market, or a control that makes possible the manipulation of prices.  There is only one bakery. No or very little competition! This is the Hollywood system and it has serious draw backs for British companies What might they be? Can’t get funding Less known – less popularity Smaller audience in UK

CONSEQUENCES OF CONGLOMERATES  Media become loyal to sponsors, rather than to the     public interest. For the general public, there are fewer diverse opinions and voices available. Only a few companies represent the interests of a minority elite control. For minorities and others, fewer opportunities are available for voicing their concerns and reaching the public. Healthy, market-based competition is absent, leading to slower innovation and increased prices.

Hollywood and British Films  Hollywood realised that there is serious money to be made in international distribution so they invest heavily  They retain the rights to their films so secure profits for many years  British film industry is production led whereby distribution is usually through an American company  Any money made is not going back into the British film industry  ‘Cottage’ industry

A distinctive cinema?  180 million tickets sold yearly  Inward investment to improve the cinema going experience but:  80% of admissions are for mainstream American films

Challenges  British film industry unable to respond to increasing audience demand  Hollywood has diversified and strengthened to develop links with other media and delivery platforms and technology creating vast media empires  Global market at $63 billion in 2005  US takes 80% of this global market

Britain vs Hollywood How do American successes compare to Britain's?

Activity  Find out the Top 10 Film at the UK box office for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013  Find out the Top 10 Film at the US box office for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013  USA 09 (AA), 10 (AA), 11 (AA), 12 (AA), 13 (AA)  UK 09(1xEng), 10 (1xEng), 2013 (AA)

What did you notice? What does this tell us?  Lots of USA films dominate the TOP 10 in USA/UK  UK charts had an occasional UK film in Top 10 but only due to audience relating to it (not popular in USA)

Question                 What are the advantages of Hollywood’s domination? You know there will be a constant release of films High class actors and access to resources You know all the films will be to taste of majority Good quality (high class resources) Will appeal to mass audience (they know the formula) What are the disadvantages of Hollywood’s domination Other places find it hard to break through No opportunities for people/companies outside of Hollywood No variety, cheesy films, pick a script that makes money rather than has integrity. Hollywood retains profits What is good about having a British Film Industry? Gives us a name Gives us some good films (that WE like) Films with more integrity Seeing our communities on the screen.

Follow Up  If you have not already read and answered the questions on the following articles please do so in the next week   What Made Hollywood The British Film Industry  And here is a new one to work on now  How to save the British Film Industry – David Cameron style.

Questions – How to save the British Film Industry 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. From the writer’s point of view, what is the aim of this piece of writing in your opinion? Where does this writer explain his view on what the British Film Industry should do next? Find a quote and explain it’s meaning. Why do you think they are so critical of David Cameron in particular? Do you agree with this? Which ideas which we have learnt about on previous slides today are referenced or suggested to us? As part of the British film-going audience, what do you think the audience can do in order to help preserve the British Film Industry?

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