The Bowen Technique and Injury Management

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Information about The Bowen Technique and Injury Management

Published on March 26, 2008

Author: PaulaEsson



Leeds Rhinos Rugby LeagueWorld Champions 2008:  Leeds Rhinos Rugby League World Champions 2008 The Bowen Technique. Intelligent Injury Management. March 25th 2008 Why Do We Do Our Job?:  Why Do We Do Our Job? To give support to our players? To offer injury management? Great diagnosis ? Effective rehabilitation? Psychological support? Friendship? Financial? Keep the player on the pitch? Question :  Question How much of this work has focused on the most prolific physical structure in the body? What is the structure that contributes more towards injury and holding patterns than anything else ? Connective TissueFASCIA:  Connective Tissue FASCIA Superficial Deep Interconnecting Visceral Cranial Intercellular Ground substance Electrical What is it’s role?:  What is it’s role? Uninterrupted, three-dimensional web of tissue that extends from head to toe. From front to back. From interior to exterior. It is responsible for maintaining structural integrity. Provides support and protection, acts as a shock absorber. What are fascia’s other roles?:  What are fascia’s other roles? Fascia has an essential role in hemodynamic and biochemical processes Provides the matrix that allows for intercellular communication. Fascia functions as the body's first line of defence against pathogenic agents and infections. After injury, it is the fascia that creates an environment for repair. Historical:  Historical In 1888, fascia was taken out of the body and deemed to be too complicated to examine. It was dumped on the ‘cutting room floor’ 2007 Harvard University Fascia Conference:  2007 Harvard University Fascia Conference 750 delegates came together worldwide to understand the science. Physiotherapists and scientists in the same room. A landmark event. The Bowen Technique and Fascia:  The Bowen Technique and Fascia Bowen and other fascia approaches have been sited as the way forward. The application of the theory. Whole body connection, not regional. The Science Bit:  The Science Bit If biomechanics as we know it was true. Every time we bent down to pick up a heavy object and stand up………………. We would explode. Fascia evens out the load. Adjusts to withstand. If it can’t adjust ( plasticity ). It tears or ruptures. Fascia responds to forces:  Fascia responds to forces All cells exert traction forces on their adhesion sites They spread and distort Creating matrix behaviour The level of distortion decides what it’s role is. Same across all species. This leads to fundamental locomotion. Fascia under force:  Fascia under force The mechano-transduction within cells is being questioned. Are cells under isometric tension in a round shape ? Inefficient. Or tent (geodesic ) dome shaped? Efficient. Now being discovered under the electron microscope in the connective tissue matrix. What if during a hamstring strain………:  What if during a hamstring strain……… These forces were acting with too much push or too much pull? Bunched up or too elongated to create a holding pattern? Or incorrect motor-engram ? But anywhere from head to foot? The forward holding position in a scrum? The Meaning Of Tensegrity:  The Meaning Of Tensegrity Models of Tensegrity:  Models of Tensegrity So what happens when tensegrity and balance goes wrong?Most of your team injuries will have started a while ago……as young as aged 0.:  So what happens when tensegrity and balance goes wrong? Most of your team injuries will have started a while ago……as young as aged 0. The Production of “Fuzz”:  The Production of “Fuzz” Each time we fall Each time we hold a position ( leaning over desks as a child ). Each time we over extend. Each time we under flex. Fascia alters. As child we recover through elasticity As an adult…..we injure. Rugby Hamstrings ( for example):  Rugby Hamstrings ( for example) Occurs at top range of acceleration. Sliding eccentric stretch beyond range. Sudden change of speed or direction. Shortened plasticised fascia through long term incorrect training. Pelvic imbalances / SIJ / Even TMJ. Ballistic blow to the area. Proprioception And Elasticity:  Proprioception And Elasticity Balance of reflex responses to end of range movements Equal fascia plasticity through the relevant plane. Correct proprioceptive responses from the mechano-receptors / sensory and ruffini nerves. Normal cellular function with adequate blood supply. Normalised skeletal function. Fibroblast – Cytokine Expression:  Fibroblast – Cytokine Expression Externally secretes collagen elastin. Maintains local blood flow and secretes vasoactive compounds. Nitric Oxide acts as the vasodilator. Fibroblasts are the mechanotransducers of biomechanical strain. Fibroblast Function:  Fibroblast Function They detect Biophysical strain Torque Compression. Front row players? In the scrum. They secrete anti-inflammatory cytokines the moment they are beyond range. Inflammatory swelling. Fibroblast- Myofibroblast.:  Fibroblast- Myofibroblast. 10%-15% Increase of strain = Formation of myofibroblasts. The intracellular structure is lost along with the elasticity. Adhesions between muscles. Fibrous coating to muscle groups. Brittle and ready to strain Existence of a motor engram.. What Is Fuzz ? Why is it important to sport scientists?:  What Is Fuzz ? Why is it important to sport scientists? Back to the hamstring injury.:  Back to the hamstring injury. Myofibroblast formation leads to biceps femoris not gliding in it’s sheath. Previous injury / adhesions. Dehydration Forward tilted pelvis. Incorrect balance between quads and ham? Anterior head carriage?. We need to establish normal glide. Strengthening Is Not The Whole Answer:  Strengthening Is Not The Whole Answer Fascia is very much on a 3D plane. Providing more pressure for force production Neurology will inhibit force production to protect. If one part of your orchestra is playing a duff note ( myofibrostic). The guy line will snap if you tighten further. Laws of Maths:  Laws of Maths Compression Sheer Exponential Gives us the 3D model. We are elastic bands with pull. How much force before the elastic band snaps? It will convert from potential to kinetic energy. A visco- elastic model (Chaudrey 2007 ). Effected by piezo –electric charge. Piezo- Electrics:  Piezo- Electrics The human superficial fascia holds an electric potential. If we distort the tissue we issue a charge, when we let go, this charge is released into the surrounding tissue. In a restricted myofibroblast rich area this can alter the cellular role and convert it back to a functional fibroblast role of elasticity and alignment. The Bowen TechniqueThe Bridge Between Science And Application.:  The Bowen Technique The Bridge Between Science And Application. The fascia is a wet environment. (or not). It is rich in receptors that which can alter tensions. It is responsive to touch and interaction. It is a complex matrix of neurology reacting to signals from the external and internal environment. It holds the key to most injury states. Why Bowen ?:  Why Bowen ? Addresses all connective tissue junctions of the body. Releases and creates fascial balance across the planes. Distributing equal force. Takes direct pressure off elongated or shortened muscle groups allowing normal vascular supply. Why Bowen?:  Why Bowen? Intelligent use of the laws of physics, biology and chemistry. One touch, release and leave alone. Allows the innate intelligence of the person to address the issue. This way, non-abrasive and non- invasive. Ditch the no pain no gain. The System:  The System Has logical moves for all aspects of the human anatomy as described. Addressing not only the musculo-skeletal system but the visceral / organic as well. Works on a minimum volume of work. Easy on the therapist allowing time think about the presenting injury. Prevents injury by allowing fascial plasticity. Corrects muscular imbalance / limitation. Where Would You Use It?:  Where Would You Use It? Incorporated into your player re-hab / remedial program. Chosen as a tool when all else fails. I however use it as a 1st Port of call after assessment and medical. Use it out of season as a program of treatment to prepare the player. When a player requests it. 80% Rule:  80% Rule Bowen has an 80% success rate. The majority of sports people ask for it again as an all round treatment program. 4 sessions is usually all that is required Works brilliantly at reducing inflammation post surgery or as a pre-surgery preparation. What will we look at?:  What will we look at? Address the lower body. All major structures of. Hamstrings / Pelvic balancing. / Knee anatomy and ankles. Involvement of pelvic floor and core stabilisers. Touch on the observation of whole body alignment. In Conjunction With.:  In Conjunction With. Medical assessment and protocols. Existing rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Strapping techniques including kinesio taping. Exercise physiology techniques. The Challenge.:  The Challenge. As a Sport Scientist this is the most unique and straight forward therapy modality I have witnessed in 20 years. Research is ongoing. Question is……could it be your secret weapon? Global Approach To Player Management.:  Global Approach To Player Management. Contacts:  Contacts Paula Esson BA. Cert Ed. MBTER Madly commenced PhD. For accredited courses and appointments or research discussion. (0044) 191 413 8443. Research Links and Discussion:  Research Links and Discussion This could be endless. Three great places to start…

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