The Bottelsons in 2008

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Published on January 18, 2009

Author: jayandmari


The Bottelsonsin 2008 : The Bottelsonsin 2008 Slide 2: Hockey is still Jay’s passion but it is getting quite a bit of competition from his growing woodshop. He has been finding some great deals from Craigslist. Mari told him to go for it but be prepared to give up his parking space in the garage! This is Jay’s last year as an instructor at the Expeditionary Warfare School in Quantico. He continues to oversee the international officers who come for training. Slide 3: In February, Mari, Gerik & Amara accompanied Jay and his international students to New York. It was very cold – especially waiting for the ferry to Ellis Island. At the museum of American Finance, there was a couch made completely of nickels! Slide 4: The highlight of the trip was a visit to the American Museum of Natural History. They have an incredible fossil collection. Amara was studying ancient Egypt in school and she enjoyed the Egyptian display. Slide 5: These are the 6 foot arms of Deinocheirus – paleontologists haven’t found the rest of him yet. Slide 7: Mari continues serving on the board of the Women of the Chapel. Twice a year they hold Families Helping Families - a huge ‘free’ garage sale. She even facilitated a Bible study this fall. This is Mari’s last year on the board of the International Officers’ Wives’ Club. She is looking forward to someday visiting all of her international friends. Slide 8: Gerik is now officially a teenager! He is in 7th grade and is taking Chinese for high school credit. He still loves Legos – especially Star Wars and Bionicles. He and Jay have been designing ‘projects’ for the woodshop. Slide 9: Gerik competed in the VA state Special Olympics. He did very well, especially considering that he was competing against 20+ year olds. Jay was one of the chaperones/ coaches. Slide 10: Gerik earned his Purple belt and Amara earned her yellow in Karate Slide 11: Amara is in 4th grade and loving it. They read Treasure Island and had a Pirate Day. Last spring she designed and modified her own hovercraft without directions. She was the only one in her class to attempt a Rube Goldberg machine (think Mousetrap game but larger). She is taking Trampoline now in gymnastics – and loves to flip! Jay as Captain Hook Slide 12: Mari stepped in as troop leader for Amara’s Brownie troop last Dec. They had a great time although Mari missed the campout due to a case of shingles. This year, Mari is happy to just be a helper. Jay and Amara won best costume at the Enchanted Evening Father/ Daughter Dance. Slide 13: Hip Hop Recital Art & Drama Camp at church Talent Show Amara has really become quite a performing artist – above all of the acting she does at home. Slide 14: The Holiday Concert at school – Amara had a solo! Slide 15: A Day at the new Air & Space Udvar-Hazy Center – Amara liked the Space Shuttle and Gerik discussed dog-fighting and fighter planes with the docents. Slide 16: On the 4th of July, we drove through Shenandoah National Park and on to Luray Caverns. (look close – They are hiking part of the Appalachian Trail). Slide 17: Mari, Gerik and Amara went to MN for a visit. Aunt Janet went with us to Minnehaha Falls. Amara, Grandma Fran and Mari went to the Highland Art Fair. Amara’s favorite part was the climbing tower/ eurobounce (trampoline). Slide 18: A Day at the MN Science Museum with Aunt Kathy Slide 19: We had a great time at the Water Park of America – but the 10 story climb to the top of the raft ride was no picnic! Slide 20: Grandma Fran went with us to Aunt Carol & Uncle Glen’s for dinner. Here we are admiring Carol’s gardens and feeding the goldfish. Slide 21: Aunt Julie, Uncle Dennis, Sean and Seth went with us to the Minnesota Zoo for a day. The Amur Leopard (very endangered) was very active. The rest of the animals, not so much. Slide 22: Unfortunately, Stephen didn’t play. We really enjoyed showing off MN to our friends, Diane, Liz and Colleen Kleveno. We went to a St Paul Saints Game, the Mall of America (and the inside theme park), Como Zoo and Hidden Falls Park. Slide 23: Hidden Falls Park on the Mississippi River Slide 24: Amara found the “man” in the wall. It has been there ever since Mari can remember. Mari and Amara went to NYC for one day in Dec with the Girl Scouts. We spent the day with our friends Sierra and her mom Debbie. It was their first time. Lots of people! We went fro a carriage ride in Central Park. : Mari and Amara went to NYC for one day in Dec with the Girl Scouts. We spent the day with our friends Sierra and her mom Debbie. It was their first time. Lots of people! We went fro a carriage ride in Central Park. Slide 27: Jay was Santa for the EWS Christmas Party. He rode up in a fire engine with the sirens blazing! Slide 28: Christmas Morning Gerik got his Legos and Amara finally got her DS. Slide 29: We don’t know where 2009 will take us. Jay is waiting on the Navy for a new set of orders for the summer. So if you would like to visit us and see DC, you’d better come soon! We wish you a very Happy and Healthy 2009! Love, Jay, Mari, Gerik & Amara

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