The Boon OWBC: Chapter Three!

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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: SuperFrog4


The Boon OWBC Chapter 3: Business as Usual

“Easy, Sam. You can do this. Tons of OWBC sims can do this, so why not you?” Of course, the ball bounced straight over the xylophone and onto the floor.

“Who wants to do this stupid trick, anyway? Let’s just on with the update.” -------------You got these two shots because I was adding more simselves to my game, which involved using the simself lot. Anyway, let’s get back to the Boons, shall we?

Bianca Rob Oscar Lucinda Orca

We rejoin the family to find Lucinda chilling in the garden, and enjoying the beautiful scenery that comes from living in the middle of nowhere – flat grass for miles and miles. Actually, if you walk into the countryside around my hometown, you’ll see the same. Grass and flatness, for miles and miles and miles. I live in a really flat part of the UK.

Lucinda, however, took it as an opportunity to prove that cyclops eyes can be really, really creepy. It’s still pretty fun having a cyclops.

Then Bianca came home from school, and promptly dumped her homework on the floor by the toilet. “That’s what I think of you, homework!” Bianca’s arrival meant there was someone to stay home with Oscar, so Lucinda could head into the business area of Secret’s Corner…

And open Fort Chaos, the Boolprop Clubhouse! Unlike the main lot, I will not be playing the Middle-Of-Nowhere handicap here – because it’s next to other businesses (Fort Chaos is on the very edge of the community lots, they’re all to the right of this picture).

It’s not *too* big just yet, we’re only starting out! But it’s got all of the necessities for simselves and townies to throw their money away. This should be fun!

Lucinda also decided that the best way to run a business is in your pyjamas. “I want to be comfy when I take money from people.” Good idea, Lucinda.

“We have everything you could possibly want just behind those doors!” “I find it hard to take serious advice from a business-owner in pyjamas.” Sandy Bruty did eventually buy a ticket, regardless of Lucinda’s attire.

Lucinda then sang most of the afternoon away, because she wasn’t great at sales – a few people were actually put off by her sales tactics. It was just more useful to have Lucinda spend the afternoon singing.

“Sandy. My eye is up here.” Told you Sandy bought a ticket. She ended up good friends with Lucinda, but apparently there are some limitations to that friendship.

Once she’d finished soaking, Lucinda took a new approach to sales. “I’m a woman in a bikini, come on! You know you want a ticket!” Rodney did buy a ticket after this.

After that, Lucinda headed home in time for Oscar’s birthday. Pretty sure this won’t go well – Oscar didn’t learn any of his toddler skills. Lucinda’s a single mum pretty much, because Rob is barely controllable.

He takes mostly after his Mum, I believe. Cyclops genes are pretty dominant.

Bianca and Orca were born closer together, and are best friends, which meant Oscar was on the outside looking in, unfortunately.

Oh, okay. He’s definitely an interesting child! I’m letting him keep the dragon costume.

He then wanted to go fishing, and because his aspiration was in a terrible place, I allowed it. It seemed a bit odd to let him fish in the Ghost river, but whatever. He had fun, and the family made money off of the fish he caught.

“Let’s have a water balloon fight instead of eating!” “I bet you can’t get me!” Having Rob around is like having a second bad apple. He only gets 8 commands a day, and a lot of the time, I don’t use them. He pretty much runs around on freewill, and does as he pleases.

Lucinda discovered she’s pregnant again! This baby will have their name randomised using a generator online, because I used all of the letters for this generation, as per the Boolprop naming scheme.

And I figured it’s time I started trying for an abduction. I deliberately save one of Rob’s commands to send him to the telescope. Doesn’t he look excited?

The next day, and it’s time for the Summer Party. On the last day of summer – I very nearly forgot this season! Phew! I have no idea why the gypsy is whining, there’s no one in her way. And Esme showed up! Hi, Esme! ----------------------------Esme writes Already in Progress and multiple spin-offs, including Ruth’s (u)OWBC

Komei then made a beeline for Gnomeo. Dammit, Komei! I’ve married you into an OWBC before, you should know this is wrong!

Bianca rolled the want to become a werewolf, so I’m assuming this dog has glow-y eyes and stuff at night. So Bianca sets about trying to be-friend it. It looks pretty happy to see her!

“I can’t get over there to mop up the puddle!” The only problem with Ghost Island is this, sims complaining because they can’t get there.

After the party, Bianca went to get Gnomeo back. Did I mention she’s awesome?

And upon return, Bianca autonomously decided to read Orca a story. Much love for Bianca right now!

The next night – because apparently NOTHING interesting happened during the day – is the Autumn Party, thrown to coincide with Orca’s birthday. I hope Rob is swooning over his wife and no one else.

Orca grew up in the corner behind the fridge, because she likes making me work for my screenshots. You know, if you look past the smashed-in cyclops nose, Orca is actually really pretty! Orca grew up in platinum, which is pretty impressive. She also rolled knowledge. Best of luck with that, Orca!

And apparently, as well as it being Orca’s birthday, it was the new baby’s birthday, too! “AAH! What do I do?!”

“Aw, Rob, we have a baby girl!” “Nope, bored now.” Welcome baby Theda.

“Ew, you smell, Theda. Take a shower or something.” Orca did eventually work out that Theda needed changing. It took awhile, though.

The next day, the family got the pop-up for having too many papers, and I realised all of this was just too much for one controllable sim, and set about making a servo. “If she makes a servo, she won’t need me anymore! I’ll end up with Amin on Ghost Island!” I’m sure that won’t happen. I need the alien baby, afterall.

In case you were wondering, this is what Orca grew up in. Pretty sensible, if you ask me!

Also, further proof of Orca’s prettiness. Even with the busted cyclops nose. She’s awesome!

Orca seems to like logic. If she’s not at the chess table, she’s spying on the neighbours. And the stars, when it’s dark, if Rob’s not there first.

Rob also likes to spy on people. “So I see you can’t do the xylophone trick.” “I will smite you in the name of a bonus! Stop spying on me!”

After that, Lucinda and Bianca head to Fort Chaos to earn some more money. Rob and Orca get to stay home with the kids, because they’re uncontrollable and therefore more of a hindrance. Bianca, however, is fantastic at sales.

Unrelated note, have I mentioned I love Goopy? I want to marry him in at some point, if I can!

When she’s not making sales, Bianca is running the poker game and making new friends. Every little helps towards that goal of rank 10!

Apparently, no sim can resist the power of karaoke. “Buy more tickets! Throw more stars!” Bianca uses it to make sales.

Ooh, a witch. We do need one of those at some point. Bianca! Make friends!

And finally, the simselves start to visit Fort Chaos. Rflong decides to prove she’s a master of karaoke. --------------------------Rflong writes A Travelling OWBC

Meanwhile, Ani-Mei discovers Bianca’s new sales tactic of water balloons. ------------------------Ani-Mei writes Altered Fates: An Alternate Universe Legacy among other things.

Ani-Mei then hopped in the tub with two men, but she looked seriously uncomfortable with Amin’s nakedness. “Don’t look down. Don’t look down…” After that, the Boons headed back home, and Fort Chaos was rank 3.

“UGH! I can’t pull those weeds!” I had to distract Bianca. This is getting sort of annoying.

Inside, it’s time for Theda’s birthday. What interesting genetics shall we get this time?

She’s rather cute, even with the fact she has a nose in the middle of her cyclops eye. It sort of makes her look like she has two eyes!

It results in some rather interesting expressions…no doubt that’ll be funnier as Theda grows. I don’t have her personality handy, for some reason.

Orca’s delighted that Theda is no longer smelly and screaming, and decides to play with her. Which was seriously cute.

That said, Theda gets tons of attention. These sims just love having a little person to cuddle and spoil.

As you can see, the house is making no great progress. I’m getting really infuriated with the handicap, because winter is coming and I can’t have the family freezing. Well, I wanted a challenge. I just wish I’d known it was going to be so challenging before I took it!

After a childhood of being ignored because he’s not very interesting, Oscar grows up and rolls pleasure. And that’s a rather interesting chin he has.

That night, I sent Bianca to college. With her gone for a bit, maybe there will be more of an opportunity for Oscar to have some limelight, as the only controllable teenager. We’ll see.

I shoved Bianca in a dorm, but I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll play her until Orca shows up – which shouldn’t be that much longer, really. And that’s where I leave you for this time! See you soon!

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