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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: SuperFrog4


The Boon OWBC Chapter 4: Robots and Snow

First of all, I broke my own rule. Winter had arrived, I didn’t want everyone to freeze, so I closed up the house with walls, regardless of how many tiles it took. So I broke the middle-of-nowhere handicap, but only for this instance, and for a very good reason. The house is *finally* getting bigger, and I’m not planning to break the handicap again. Now let’s go on with the update.

Let’s start with this! Theda, the youngest of the Boon brood, is about to hit childhood! Which is definitely interesting, as she has different genetics to her siblings…

Theda has a nose in the middle of her face. And as she gets older, I’m pretty sure she’s going to be able to see less and less with each birthday. Or maybe, her brain will block the nose out of her vision, the same way our brains block our noses out of our vision. Oh, and I forgot to mention it in the last update – Theda’s personality: 2/10/8/3/3 A naked hottubber and finger gunner, when she gets older!

Once Theda had grown up, Lucinda went outside to her workbench. She got a gold talent badge that evening, and work began on a servo. I’m so excited!

Oscar, meanwhile, decided to play chess on his own, and made many expressions of pain while he did so. “This is such hard work!” He should probably find someone to play with. Trouble is, no one really pays him any attention.

Inside, Orca took it upon herself to become best friends with her younger sister. Further proof that she is awesome.

About time! Rob’s been stargazing every single night! I’m so excited and ready for this!

“I’m not!” Unfortunately, it’s too late for you to have a say in it. By the way, I found out, since declaring Rob is a knowledge sim, that he is actually a pleasure sim. So he’s going to hate this.

Oscar thinks it’s hilarious, though. “No way! Gross!”

It’s not long before the aliens dump Rob lovingly on the kerb of his house, while his entire family watches. And a stray digs up the yard, because it knows no one will stop it.

What? No lullaby?! “Take that for staring at us every night! A probing with no green baby! Mwhahaha!” I’m so frustrated right now.

That night was also the beginning of the big freeze. Meaning, everyone in the family after this point will have gotten so cold they change colour at some point. “Jeez, I’m a little chilly.”

“And that’s the story of how Daddy went to space. The end.” “That’s great, Dad, but I asked you to read Cinderella.”

PANIC. I was convinced Theda’s chilled state meant I was going to lose her to the social worker. In my last OWBC, the social worker took a heat-stroked kid as soon as his skin changed colour…

I made Theda drink hot chocolate – which used up one of the valuable limited purchases we get from Buy mode – and she was okay. Luckily.

A porch picture must indicate a party! It’s the Winter Party, and everyone’s invited! See, there’s Ani-Mei! ----------------Ani-Mei writes Altered Fates: An Alternate Universe Legacy, among other things.

Because we bought the hot chocolate maker, Lucinda cannot have a cake for her birthday. Which is a bit miserable, but that’s the way it goes. The winter party was thrown to coincide with her birthday, by the way.

Lucinda didn’t grow up very well – not enough cheese, I guess. But look, she makes quite a pretty elder, if you ask me!

Once the guests had gone, the kids decide to hang out in the house. The girls hung out with each other, Oscar hung out with the kitchen cabinets. He’s possibly the craziest of the people living here.

The next day, the servo is complete! I don’t remember the last time I played a servo!

Rob initiated the robot, as he had the most skills, oddly enough – possibly from his late nights with the telescope, or just from being a townie. Anyway, the servo was initialised as female, because I don’t think I’ve ever had a female servo, and named Eva.

Oscar’s missing out on someone to play chess with! Also, I would have thought sitting in the snow would have set Eva off, because snow is essentially water. But apparently not.

And despite the fact Eva is a robot clone of her husband, Lucinda did not hit off with her straight away. They did, however, become best friends. Eventually.

I also remembered that Lucinda needs to write a novel if I’m going to complete the Family Scrapbook bonus, and she set about it straightaway. I suppose it will be a nonsensical story involving a cyclops, the ghost of a thief, many children, a quest for aliens and a robot.

“Ugh! I can’t get over there to pull these weeds!” I’m really going to have to do something about it. This is really beginning to annoy me.

This is just to show you that I’ve sent Orca to college now, which is exciting. I’ll be able to control her for the first time, in a limited sort of way.

I have no idea why she grew up in that dress, but she’s not keeping it! And I can finally check her personality: 4/8/4/3/6

Back at the home lot, and Lucinda’s receiving some bad news about her novel. In short, in sucked and hardly anyone bought it. But it didn’t have to be a bestseller, so it’s fine.

Theda nearly froze to death – or to the social worker – for a second time. She likes to keep me on my toes, and absolutely terrified of losing her.

“AAArgh! I can’t take it anymore!” Those weeds are really getting on my nerves. But this is a convenient moment to reveal Oscar’s personality, which apparently I forgot about until now: 10/7/2/3/8 He’s a neat freak, hence why these weeds are seriously upsetting him.

A pop-up informed me Theda’s grades are slipping, and I set about getting her up to speed straightaway. It seems the game is desperate to drag Theda into the adoption pool, for some reason.

Rob is still trying to get me an alien baby, by the way. I’m pretty sure it should be easier, with the first abduction already done, but no luck yet. Oscar, meanwhile, came outside to kick the bin over. “No one remembers me! I get no attention!”

“I’ll give you attention!” Eva never sleeps, so she’s ready for socialising round the clock! By the end of the evening, Eva and Oscar were best friends. I’m now slightly worried that Oscar will fall in love with the servo when he is older.

“Theda! Wake up, I want to read to you!” Oscar is very desperate for some attention.

“Look, Mum! I got an A*!” Well, it didn’t take long to get Theda’s grades up.

Robots are supposed to make lives easier, and take care of the chores that no one wants to do. Instead, Eva spends a lot of time browsing the internet. I don’t even know what websites would interest a robot.

Wherefore art thou Gnomeo? There, the purpose of the gnome’s name has been fulfilled! In all serious, why won’t anyone bring him home? 

A new day, and time to see what Oscar is like at business!

Theda came too, just to stand around and look cute. And sing, apparently.

“Hmm. Do I want to give my hard earned cash to my own sims?”

“Yeah, okay!” Wow. I have no idea what Oscar’s sales tactics are, but they have me sold!

“Hey, are you going to use the facilities, or just loiter?” I think Theda would make a good bouncer at a nightclub door. She has enough mean points to kick sims out, afterall.

Back at the home lot, Oscar took a moment to congratulate his little sister. “What for?” “For not getting taken away by the social worker despite your efforts to!” “Thanks!”

How many people can you cram on a porch without it being awkward? It’s time for the Spring party!

And while Spring is all about romance and new life, I didn’t expect romance to bloom at the party. Bianca and Komei Tellerman probably met when she was at Fort Chaos learning sales during her teen years, and I’ve not played her at uni yet. So this is purely ACR.

Well, apparently they like each other quite a bit. We’ll see how that develops when I actually play Bianca at uni.

“Can I have one, Orca?” *crunch* “No.” Eva probably doesn’t need cookies anyway.

And here’s the reason for the spring party, Theda’s birthday! Not that the family need reasons to party, I just like having them coincide with family events.

Well, she’s certainly interesting genetics-wise. Probably can’t see much through her nose, though. She’s quite pretty, if you ask me. If she had two eyes, she’d be gorgeous. Anyway, she rolled Fortune.

The party continued late into the night, with fun for everyone! Oscar found someone to talk to!

Andrea Hogan found something to watch!

And Lucinda and Rob found somewhere to woohoo! Though Lucinda was left with the memory of being caught cheating…by Amin. His ghost apparently caught her cheating.

The party ended with Oscar getting into the cab for college. Which is an excellent time to hold the heir poll! I’ve listed all the options after this slide 

Bianca Boon Knowledge 10/9/2/3/3 Bianca’s the awesome eldest, with a talent for sales. She’s well-liked by most people, and apparently, very well-liked by Komei Tellerman. She takes mostly after her mother in looks.

Orca Boon Knowledge 4/8/4/3/6 Bad Apple Orca was named on a whim, and has lived up to her unique name. She hasn’t really caused any problems, and I think she’s gained several logic points from her night on the chess board, which is pretty neat. She’s a good blend of her mother and her father.

Oscar Boon Pleasure 10/7/2/3/8 Oscar’s the youngest of Amin’s children, and possibly the most ignored child of the generation. He spent lots of time playing chess, and not much else. He’s pretty good at sales, but not very interesting genetics-wise – he looks almost completely like his mother.

Theda Boon Fortune 2/10/8/3/3 Theda’s the got a different dad to her siblings, but that doesn’t mean they love her any less! She spent her childhood trying to get away from family via the social worker, without success. When she grows up, she’ll be a finger-gunning naked-hottubber, which will be interesting!

Thanks for reading, now go and vote! See you next time!

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