The Boon OWBC: Chapter 2

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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: SuperFrog4


The Boon OWBC Chapter 2: On the Lawn

Welcome back to the Boon OWBC, where I just finished importing simselves! Pictured are Esme, Thai, Jo, my partner Rob, Ani-Mei, Pony, and my simself. I also added one who isn’t pictured, Rflong. I’m planning to add Keika soon, too. Anyway, last time stuff happened – stuff like cheese and cyclops babies. Also, the father of the cyclops children died in a pool in the name of the challenge. If you don’t remember, I recommend looking back! Onwards!

We rejoin the family to find Lucinda hard at work on her garden. Being a single parent to two children, whilst pregnant, with the middle of nowhere handicap in place, means Lucinda’s life is really hard work.

Lucinda is carrying her third child, though the father of her children is already dead and buried in the back yard. I guess I feel a little guilty now. This baby won’t ever meet their dad.

Lucinda is a cheese/family sim, so she is super good with her kids. That said, I have no idea where Orca is at this point, Lucinda only seems to play with Bianca.

The Boons invite people in (if you can call it ‘in’ when most of the furniture is outside) and they help themselves to the gnome. It’s just plain rudeness!

Well, not everyone in this neighbourhood is a thief. Esme just wanted to dance the night away -------Esme writes Already in Progress and multiple spin-offs, including Ruth’s (u)OWBC

Orca hasn’t had any of her toddler skills taught to her, because Lucinda’s been so busy being pregnant and running the household while the father of her babies is dead and buried in the backyard. So I predict many tantrums in Orca’s future. Also, because this is her first appearance in the chapter, I’m putting the clipart whale on this slide!

Plus, Lucinda has other things on her plate. Like finding a new partner – she’s part family sim, afterall. “Lucinda, darling! How did your last partnership go!” “Not well, I’m afraid! He died, tragically, in a pool with no ladder!”

“Well, I could set you up with someone else, providing you don’t plan to kill them…” “I didn’t plan for Amin to die.” Nope, that was completely me.

“Okay, let’s see what I can do for you!” I’m pretty sure the family had some spare cash – building via the middle-of-nowhere handicap means money seems to build up – so I’m guessing this was a $5000 date drop.

“A simself! Plenty of almost-uncontrollable fun!” “Sounds good to me, gypsy!” ------------Rob is my partner’s simself, and is aware that he’s been on a date with a cyclops in my sims game. I put him in the townie pool because I didn’t have a lot of male simselves.

The date began like any other – hanging out in the grass, getting to know each other. Turns out, Rob’s a Knowledge sim. I don’t really know what kind of chemistry happens between a knowledge sim and a grilled cheese sim, but it must be good – these two threw me two bolts! That means Rob CAN move in, if Lucinda wants.

And it wasn’t going too badly for Rob and Lucinda. Gypsy, however, was playing third wheel. “I see how it is. I supply you with a date, and then I’m expected to get lost.”

They continued to ignore the matchmaker. “I’m pretty hot, aren’t I?” “I love your eye!” Fun fact, Real!Rob was disappointed that Lucinda’s single eye was actually two eyes squished together, and demanded to know why there weren’t cyclops in the sims when there were aliens, zombies and everything. I still have no answer for him.

I can’t be the only one who thinks the gypsy looks slightly menacing when she’s standing behind Rob. “I’m not plotting, I’m pretending to clean so I can check out his butt!” I do sometimes wonder if the matchmaker would get lonely after setting up hundreds of relationships. I’ll have to marry one in at some point somewhere.

Unfortunately for Rob, the date was over pretty quickly when Bianca returned from school and started commanding attention. Turns out Rob can’t dance.

The excitement of meeting someone new was all too much for Bianca, and she promptly took a nap on the couch in the garden. Rather than one of the tents.

The seasonal party was also thrown that night, which mean Rob and the Gypsy were invited back on the lot, because Lucinda has no friends. Pretty sure this is the spring party.

Orca then blocked the guests in the bathroom. It’s okay though, they still had a good time somehow.

Another day, and there’s more bathing outside and dancing in the street. The house is slowly coming together, but still not big enough to put furniture in, really. It’s going to take forever.

Because everything is outside, it’s really easy for Lucinda to greet everyone walking past, but it can lead to moments like this. Fire doesn’t bother Pao the Postman.

The fire immediately caused Lucinda to have a breakdown.

Followed by a birth! The final one of Amin’s brood. I’m not ruling out the possibility of future babies.

It’s a boy – the first one of the challenge! His name is Oscar.

Just in time for Orca’s birthday! And as promised, there’s a whale to commemorate it.

Well, she didn’t grow up badly! I have no idea how she managed that. She’s cute, even with the smashed-in cyclops nose. I wish her luck as a child, as she’s the uncontrollable bad apple.

Oh. Okay. Luck didn’t seem to go far with Orca. Oh well. The only way is up!

The standing-up snooze occurred early on in the evening, meaning the girls were up during the small hours playing games. That’s not going to be good for school!

A perfumed love letter reminded me of Lucinda’s two-bolt dating buddy, who hadn’t been over since the party.

So he came over the next day, for more flirting. The rain makes it MORE romantic, right?

Wrong! “Is she going to be okay?” “Yeah, probably.”

Orlando went inside to take care of the baby while Lucinda and Rob continued to flirt (once her breakdown was finished, of course). He’s so good with Oscar, it almost make me want to marry him in! Though I married him into my legacy two generations ago, and that nose and brow is still with the family! Marrying Orlando in is a serious commitment, guys.

Even with her peculiar features, Lucinda and Rob are cute, I can’t wait to see what their babies will look like – if they have babies.

Meanwhile, the girls come home. “Why do my grades suck?” I forgot homework was a thing, Orca.

I may be wrong about this, but when a child brings a friend home from school, surely they’re supposed to hang out with them, rather than their parents? Then again, these are the Boons. Nothing here is normal.

That night was Oscar’s birthday! This should be interesting – will he resemble the rest of this cyclops family, or look more like his father?

Oscar looks exactly like his mother and his sister, Bianca. I don’t have his personality handy, but I’ll put in the next chapter.

How the heck did that happen? No, seriously, how did Oscar get himself stuck on a bit of foundation that no one can get to?

That night, Amin came out for a haunt. And that’s when I remembered why every simmer hates drowned ghosts. WEEEEEDS.

Hi kids! You’re so grown up! Then came the haunting. So in addition to weeds everywhere, I also had spooked sims – one of which I couldn’t control!

Hi Honey! How’s life? Why did I choose to keep all graves on the lot?

So the two build mode uses went on beginning a river round the grave. I’ll have a little death island soon, and the ghosts won’t be able to get weeds everything.

The two fires in this update and the ghost have pushed Lucinda over the edge – she’s now eating cardboard instead of grilled cheese.

The foundation of the house is now big enough for the girls to play ball in the ‘house’, it’s still fairly open as well. I’ve never had this happen before.

“MuuuUUuum. You’re standing in my homework!” Nobody say Bianca doesn’t try to join in with the girl’s schoolwork.

“Mum and Rob, sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

Well, two bolts is enough to move him in, so I had Lucinda propose – it’ll be useful to have an extra set of hands round the house. Yes, I’d forgotten the simself rules when I moved him in.

There’s nothing more romantic than a lawn wedding with a bathtub behind you.

I’m pretty sure the purpose of this shot was to show off the fact the family have beds. I can’t find any other reasons for having this picture otherwise.

I’m glad Lucinda has two bolts with Rob, he’s great with the kids!

I’m pretty sure Rob and Lucinda ended up pregnant this time. I have no idea what letter the baby’s name is going to start with, what with the Boolprop naming scheme.

The day after Rob moved in was Bianca’s birthday – I can’t believe it’s come round already! I’ve decided I will be sending the teens to university.

I still think Bianca’s pretty. She looks a lot like her mother, though. She rolled knowledge. And that’s it for this time, see you next time!

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