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Published on July 23, 2014

Author: MindGym1



As the need to attract, retain and grow talent moves to the top of the strategic agenda, L&D has the chance to become as vital to business as finance or marketing.

In the new world, L&D needs to be about value not cost; outcomes not activity; proven contribution to the business not audience delight.

Traditional development solutions are either custom or off-the-shelf – the first is slow to create, expensive and lacks responsiveness; the latter tends not to be fit for purpose, a one-size approach that fits no-one.

Cile Johnson Senior Vice President, Clients The bite-size revolution in learning

© Mind Gym The bite-size revolution 2 What works? Blocks and releases to bite size The bites in bite-size Bite-size: In practice The bite-size revolution

© Mind Gym The future of learning 3 Little and often with distributed practice delivers greater personal and business value.

© Mind Gym With great results 4 12% 20% 13% 25% 23% “I have stopped smacking my son since I came on this program.” Prosocial behaviour Peer problems Hyperactivity Conduct problems Emotional symptons “My husband said to me, ‘you haven’t shouted all week,’ I realized it’s because of what I’ve learnt here.” “I have found this course fantastic – my child now sleeps in his own bed for the first time in 6 years.” Positive sustained changes 3-5 months after program

© Mind Gym Blocks to bite-size in your organization? 5

© Mind Gym 4 reasons why we don’t 6 Longer = Better The event is the hero Design for the outlier We say that people are different, but we treat them all the same

© Mind Gym Longer = better 7 London New York 7.5 Hours $1,000 4.5 Days $2,000

© Mind Gym A day’s worth of value in 90 minutes 8 0.00 0.20 0.40 0.60 0.80 1.00 1.20 Knowledge of the various influencing styles which can be used in different situations. Understanding of my own preferred style and it’s impact on others. Ability to adopt different influencing styles to suit others’ styles or differing situations. Mind Gym 90-minute workout Day long Two day Standardized shifts

© Mind Gym With added distribution 9 9 Low High Performance improvement Numberofpeople Source: Donovan & Radosevich, 1999 ½σ Massed practice Spaced practice

© Mind Gym Illustrative value proposal 10 Traditional approach Bite-size approach Program 1 day’s learning 2 x 90 min learning session 1x 30min transfer task 1x 30min booster session Costs Cost of time of 20 ppt @ $107,410* $8,913 $4,456 Facilitator/ trainer costs $4,000 $5,500 Travel & Expenses $2,000 $500 TOTAL COSTS $14,913 $10,456 Benefits Improvement in performance 5% 6%† Utility value (20 ppt.)** $107,410 $128,892 ROI 620% 1270% * Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wages, Management occupations, May 2011 at 241 working days per year. ** Utility is calculated by taking salary x performance improvement. † ½ of one standard deviation greater transfer and therefore performance improvement (Donovan & Radosevich, 1999)

© Mind Gym The bottom line… Miniaturization pays 11 17% Performance improvement 200% Greater return on investment33% Cheaper

© Mind Gym The event is the hero 12 Context setting Learning event On the job application >40% <20% >40% Engage Activate Participate Individual transfer is the hero

© Mind Gym Design for the outlier 13 “A meeting moves at the speed of the slowest mind in the room. All but one participant will be bored, all but one mind underused.” Slowpoke “All the facts in detail. You end up with bloated experiences and unnecessary content.” Skeptic “Wants a collaborative or facilitative approach to everything. Every avenue of conversation is explored, every concept generated by the group.” Dialogue junkie

© Mind Gym Designing for application 14 Context • Simulations • Role plays • Case studies • Problem-based learning • Action learning sets • Online forums • Ruthless pragmatism Hug the context

© Mind Gym Hug the context Designing for application 15 Context • Simulations • Role plays • Case studies • Problem-based learning • Action learning sets • Online forums • Ruthless pragmatism Context Context Context Context • Consider use of general principles • Multiple illustrations • Seeking multiple contexts for application • Identify similarities between contexts • Storytelling and metaphor

© Mind Gym Activate tactics 16 Activate Make the transfer problem explicit Use management observations and coaching Use after action reviews Incorporate transfer tasks into the workflow

© Mind Gym We treat people all the same 17

© Mind Gym Mass customization 18

© Mind Gym Mass customization of learning 19

© Mind Gym Before and after the bite-size revolution Traditional • Longer = Better • Design for the participant outliers • The event is the hero • We say that people are different, but we treat them all the same Bite size • Miniaturize & Distribute • Design for context of application • Transfer is the hero • Mass customization

© Mind Gym Join the revolution – Your mission 21 1. Seek ways to miniaturize your learning experiences. In terms of content, what is the vital few? 2. Create engagement. Tap into the self-interest of the participants. 3. Use distributed experiences. Spaced practice delivers much better value than massed practice. 4. Tune the environment to activate participants’ prior learning. 5. Develop value proposals to win over business stakeholders.

1 million Participants 1,200 Companies 250 Coaches 30 Languages 40 Countries 2013 Learning Company of the Year New York London Dubai Singapore

© Mind Gym Engaged participants 23 Welcome! Why are you here…? ‘Because it’s Wednesday and my manager said I needed to attend.’ A ‘I am here because my role requires influencing customers to buy. This will help me do this better. I’ll also get better at persuading my teenage daughter.’ C “Most companies have type ‘A’ learners. Type ‘C’ are the only ones who drive ROI.” Robert Brinkerhoff ‘Because I want to learn about influencing people so that I can persuade my husband and kids.’ B

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