The Birth of a New World

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Published on January 6, 2017

Author: EktorAthanasiou


1. The Birth of a New World Accordingto Darwin,whoeverdoesnotchange dies.The key for change is education. Learningisthe alphaandomegaforthe developmentof bothsociety andthe personalof each individual,since the educationof todayshapesthe worldof tomorrow.Will attempttoshow the value of schooling both personally and collectively. Education is the most powerful weapon that a man can have, to face the difficulties and pitfallsof life. One of the firstthingsyoulearnfromthe trainingis love.Love foryourself, foryourfamilyandforyourwiderenvironment. Butlovealoneisnotenough.Needandother virtues such as temperance, which will keep man away from addictions, patience and persistence that will help him to achieve his objectives, honesty and respect that will allow him to build healthy relationships with his fellow humans, tolerance that will help him to accept the diversityof othersandtolive inharmonywithhisfellowmenandbraverythatwill give him the impetus to oppose against what he considers unfair. Apart from the moral status of the human, education forms and the spiritual world of man. The essence of spiritual development of the individual is the critical thinking. The acquisitionof this,isthe last stage of mental growthof the individual andof eternal spiritual freedom.Suchpeopleare abletodefendandasserttheirelementaryrights,todemandbetter working conditions, to demand salary increase and thus ensure a better standard of living. The task which must take all, especially the education institutions is to transmit their knowledge to younger and vigorously protect the right of everyone to have access to education.Because,as pointedoutbyPlatointhe allegoryof the cave:the manwhohasseen the true light should show it to others even if they resist. An opinion that was developed during the French Revolution, argued that equality in educationcouldbringequalityinsociety.Unfortunately,eventoday,despite the greatstrides that have been made, social inequalities are still evident, as also clearly visible remainthe discriminations in education. The economic difference between developed and developing countries is chaotic, as chaotic is and the difference in levels of education. Moreover, many girlsin the Middle East and Africa, despite the progress made, are excluded from any educational teaching whilst those attendingschool feel intense insecurity.Forchildrenlivinginconflictzones,education isaluxurygoodespeciallywhenmanyofthemare forcedtoleaveschoolandtojointhe armed groups. But even in the western world there are problems. Some states do not ensure the educationof persons withdisabilitieswhileinmanysystemsthe spiritof humanismisabsent. Education can be the common ground on which the world will united. People with common perceptions, knowledge and principles constitute a strong chain, which cannot be disbanded byany kindof obscurantism. Edificationcandevelopacommonculture andsocially active people who will undertake initiatives to bridge the generation gap and to boost technological progress,improvinglivingstandardsandthusto create a new world. Education isthe basisforthe fightagainstpoverty,theempowermentof women,toachieve worldpeace and for weakening of fundamentalism and intolerance. The importance of educationisalsodemonstratedbythe interestshownbyinternational organizationssuchasthe UnitedNations(UN),where betweenthe MillenniumDevelopment Goals, is included that all children must receive primary education. Schooling should be

2. accessible to everyone, without discrimination based on gender, national origin, color, physical abilityorsocialclass.Theyshouldbe developedlifelonglearningprogramsforallages and specializedtrainingcentersforpeople whofail toharmonize withthe overall total. Must be public and be given scholarships. Even, in some countries should strengthen the humanitarian aspect of learning. The support of all must be visible and constructive. Education is the beacon that will leadus, not simply in a better world, but into the best worldthatwe canhave,inautopianaswell asSocratessays<<The education,justlike afertile land, brings all the good>>. 13-06-2016

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