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Published on January 30, 2008

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Slide1:  2006 TAASC Annual Conference The Wireless Future Agenda:  The Wireless Future Agenda What were communications the last 20 years? What are they like today? What’s the roadmap for the next 10 years? What are the problems and obstacles we’ll face? What are the opportunities we’ll have? What are UT Austin’s communications plans? 2006 TAASC Annual Conference Capability – a subjective history:  Capability – a subjective history 1987: 19.2Kbps was good, Bitnet, Gopher 1994: 10MB shared, WWW 1996: AIM 1998: AT&T Digital One Rate Plan – cellular use takes off 2006: 100MB switched, 55MB wireless, 350K EV_DO, wireless email (TGF for spam filters) and text messaging – what’s the lowest common denominator? 2017: Faster, cheaper, smaller, mobiler 2006 TAASC Annual Conference UT Austin Today: 802.11:  UT Austin Today: 802.11 *Includes a small percentage of wired PNA UTexas Public Network Access (PNA) 2006 TAASC Annual Conference Slide5:  2006 TAASC Annual Conference UT Austin Cell Phone Ownership:  UT Austin Cell Phone Ownership Percentage Breakdown by Carrier 2006 TAASC Annual Conference 2005 ITS Survey Cell Phone Use Other Than Voice:  Cell Phone Use Other Than Voice Percentage “Mobile and wireless technologies will proliferate and mature in the next few years… These technologies must be at the strategic heart of every organization’s IT plans.” -Gartner Predicts: 2005 2005 ITS Survey 2006 TAASC Annual Conference Can You Hear Me Now?:  Can You Hear Me Now? Cell coverage is poor in many indoor and outdoor spaces Will be increased usage and new applications All Cell companies are approaching to improving services Percentage UT Cell Phone Coverage Satisfaction 2006 TAASC Annual Conference 2005 ITS Survey Liability:  Liability Are Chinese students cheating by phone?, June 2, 2006 An employee of an Ohio university lost a PDA containing students' private information. Chronicle of Higher Education, June 1, 2006 Personal information belonging to 26.5 million U.S. veterans was seized following the theft of the data from the home of a government employee, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. ZDNet News, May 22, 2006 Wireless e911 – more mobility but less reliability because coverage isn’t always good 2006 TAASC Annual Conference Securability:  Securability Microsoft Says Recovery from Malware Becoming Impossible, April 4, 2006 The RFID Hacking Underground They can steal your smartcard, lift your passport, jack your car, even clone the chip in your arm. And you won't feel a thing. 5 tales from the RFID-hacking underground. Wired Magazine, May 2006 They've Got Your Number …  … your text messages and address book, and a way to bug your calls. Why spam, scams, and viruses are coming soon to a phone near you. Wired Magazine, December 2004 Better IM Security Needed - Gartner, Jun 1, 2006 Wireless World: A looming 'cell hell' …it is likely that you lost your mobile phone last year. Research shows that 65 percent of Americans lost their cell phones last year -- and it cost $600 million to replace them. PHYSORG.COM, 2006 2006 TAASC Annual Conference The Future: Mobility is the killer app:  The Future: Mobility is the killer app Wireless speeds and mobile applications increasing Wireless coverage increasingly ubiquitous Increasing workplace pressure to be available anytime, anywhere Increasing desire (social networking) to be available anytime, anywhere Media Advisory: Wi-Fi Tops iPod and Home Phone As Most Desirable …vs IPod (80* percent vs. 21 percent) …vs home phone (79* percent vs. 21 percent) Wi-Fi Alliance, 2006 2006 TAASC Annual Conference UT Austin’s Mobility Roadmap:  UT Austin’s Mobility Roadmap Ubiquitous wireless coverage for both voice and data for students, faculty, visitors and staff. Develop and/or buy new applications and services, e.g., Mobile Campus BlackBerry Enterprise Server Evolve to embrace the mobile future New policies, e.g., cell phone allowance Rightsize POTS VoIP deployments that support mobility or make business sense PBX/cellular integration Wi-Fi cellular integration (voice & data) 2006 TAASC Annual Conference Potential Wireless Applications:  Potential Wireless Applications Communication tools for teaching and learning (e.g. class performance systems) Student services, such as a bus tracker – schedule & GPS location information Locational social networking Administrative support systems, e.g., maintenance systems, inventory, email, calendars. Academic applications for such as class schedules and availability Backup/Increased reliability for voice and data communications Campus health and safety assistance 2006 TAASC Annual Conference Wireless Broadband Roadmap:  Wireless Broadband Roadmap 802.11 evolution Currently 1,600 WAPs Implementing 802.1x for security and accountability Projecting 3,000 WAPs 2-year refresh cycle Carrier broadband Little acceptance today Currently doing testing and pilots with EV-DO and UMTS. Try to find a “sweet spot.” 2006 TAASC Annual Conference Distributed Antenna System:  Visually unobtrusive hardware, no major construction Supports all wireless services/operators Option to and/or complements traditional cell sites Optimal wireless coverage - including in-building Base station equipment can be kept out of sight Lower radiation levels than macrocell towers Improves infrastructure for new applications Distributed Antenna System 2006 TAASC Annual Conference University of Texas at Austin Possible BTS Locations, Node Locations and Proposed Coverage:  University of Texas at Austin Possible BTS Locations, Node Locations and Proposed Coverage 2006 TAASC Annual Conference Slide17:  2006 TAASC Annual Conference Affordability: Business Case:  Affordability: Business Case Business case for VoIP is complex with lots of opportunities to fool yourself (phones, wiring closets, security, learning curve, QOS, etc) Duplicate costs: phones, cell phones, PDAs 2006 TAASC Annual Conference Return on Investment:  Return on Investment Wired broadband – $45 Wired voice – $45 Cell phone – $45 Wireless broadband – $65 TV/Entertainment – $60 Premium entertainment – $20-50 ROI through integration – Priceless! 2006 TAASC Annual Conference Questions?:  Questions? Thanks ! Keith R. Nelson, Ph.D. Director, ITS Telecommunications & Networking The University of Texas at Austin Email:

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