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Published on January 9, 2009

Author: cardioplus



“The” Big Day : “The” Big Day ThREE, FOUR, FIVE TIMES? : ThREE, FOUR, FIVE TIMES? Question: How many times do you plan to get married? Slide 3: No, This is IT Slide 4: How do you want to feel on your wedding day? How do you want to be seen? : How do you want to be seen? How do you want to act? “Wow, she’s put on a little weight.” “Yeah, it’s pretty obvious.” Like this : Like this How do you want to look? Or Like this Like this : Like this How do you want your husband to look? Or Like this Feel the way you want to : Feel the way you want to YOU HAVE A CHOICE Act the way you want to : Act the way you want to YOU HAVE A CHOICE Be seen as the beautiful, sexy woman you are : Be seen as the beautiful, sexy woman you are YOU HAVE A CHOICE Slide 11: By looking better Than you ever have… Will : Will A Cardio|Plus Wedding Party Boot Camp Get you the confidence and the look That you want and deserve Slide 13: Is your wedding day the most important day of your life? Slide 14: Is your wedding day the single most important day of your life… To look the very best you ever have?> To look the very best you can? Slide 15: Yes, It is. Slide 16: Your Dress Slide 17: Your Ring Slide 18: Your Flowers Slide 19: Your Cake Will be beautiful : Will be beautiful And You… Slide 21: But ask yourself… Slide 22: Are you 100% thrilled about how tight, toned, and how sexy your body is? Do you look : Do you look If today was “The Day” Exactly how you imagined you would on your wedding day I know I didn’t : I know I didn’t I certainly hope you do. Slide 25: Do you have a little work to do? Isn’t it time to get started? Let us help : Let us help Cardio|Plus is here for you. Slide 27: You have , or will, spend months planning… Slide 28: The Dress Slide 29: The Church Slide 30: The Flowers Slide 31: The Catering Yourself : Yourself Have you spent the same amount of time preparing… Your body? Slide 33: It’s about having No Regrets Slide 34: Cardio|Plus is offering you the chance to have a private, special 6-week fitness boot camp exclusively for yourself , your wedding party, and your family and friends. Slide 35: Give us 6-weeks and… You and your husband, Your wedding party, And Your family and friends Will be in shape and ready to walk down the isle Slide 36: You will do exercises that target exactly what you want to go away! Slide 37: You will get access to our proprietary software. It helps you plan meals and counts calories for you. It even prints out a grocery list for you! Slide 38: for you. Our software also tracks your progress. It shows how many lbs you lose, your measurements before and after, your body fat %, and more. It even shows the info to you in easy to read charts! Slide 39: Give us 6-weeks and… Meet three times per week for 1 hour, Meet where you want, Whenever and wherever its convenient for you You will be in shape and ready to walk down the isle Slide 40: HAVE FUN! Working out in private with your best friends and family. With the people you love the most Slide 41: HAVE FUN! Bonding, Working out, feeling better, looking better, and getting healthier With the people you love the most Slide 42: Of Course Cardio|Plus offers it’s standard membership: 24/7 access to Cardio|Plus Your favorite weight machines And popular fitness classes included in your membership Slide 43: No More Uncomfortable 2 year contracts At the local “Meat market” That caters to body builders, not brides. Slide 44: How much time do you have? Is time Flying by? Slide 45: This is The Bottom Line Slide 46: All of the dresses, rings, and flowers in the world can only do so much. Everyone will be looking at YOU! Slide 47: How do you want to Feel? How do you want to Act? How do you want to be Seen? Everyone will be looking at YOU! Slide 48: How Do You Want To LOOK? Slide 49: You will never take more pictures than on your wedding day. PICTURES EVERYONE WILL SEE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! You only get one chance. Everyone will be looking at YOU! Slide 50: Are you ready? Slide 51: Cardio|Plus 687-7587

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