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Published on March 31, 2014

Author: BitcoinBarcamp



"The Better Collective: Bitcoin as a symbol of a deregulated future". Grace Lai discusses the bigger picture of bitcoin using entrepreneurial models. You can find a reading list that take a deep dive into these concepts on her website

This was presented at the Bitcoin Barcamp in Sydney on 15th March 2014. To view the full talk or find more presentations from Australia's first pop-up unConference on cryptocurrency innovation, go to

S The Better Collective How the Adoption of Bitcoin fits into the Bigger Evolutionary Picture

Objectives S  Philosophical discussion S  Greater Human Movement: See the changes in Society S  Marketing 101: understand your market S  Practical purpose S  Business Opportunities: See wider applications of Bitcoin S  Business 101: innovate in a small step (side-ways)

Better (evolution) S  adjective S  1. more desirable, satisfactory, or effective. S  synonyms: superior, finer, of higher quality, greater, in a different class, one step ahead;

Clare Graves Source: Source: http:// identityandtype.wordpre spiral-dynamics- identity-through-values/ Last Accessed 17/3/14

Bitcoin is the Cash Evolution S  Sutherland Shire S  Pre-GST world S  Undeclared income S  Anonymity S  Exploration and Curiosity

Cash as a subset of Money S  Cash: from late 16th cent. (denoting a box for money): from Old French casse or Italian cassa ‘box’, from Latin capsa (see case2). S  Non-zero value S  “The integral picture of money can be drawn on the basis of analysis of money not just as a means, but also as an end of exchange”1 S  Money as a subset of Wealth… 1. Alla Sheptun,

Wealth S  “Your wealth is in your words” S  “Wealth is what you have when you take away all your money” S  “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” S  "Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game." - Donald Trump

Wealth S  Wealth = Communication = Contribution = Connection

Bitcoin in the larger picture S  Currency no longer Government-controlled S  Deregulation? S  No cash : what is the currency?

Back to Trust S  Bartering S  How can I be S  Of service? S  Of value? S  In a position of trust

Trust S  verb S  1. believe in the reliability, truth, or ability of. S  synonyms: have faith in, put/place one's trust in, have (every) confidence in, believe in, pin one's hopes/faith on;

Bitcoin is like Trust S  Tentative S  Five Ways to Build Trust S  Be Reliable S  Be Honest S  Be Open S  Keep Confidences S  Show your Integrity

Source: wikihow. Last Accessed 17/3/14

How do you make Buying choices? S  Network S  Service S  Value S  = TRUST

Consequently… S  Roger James Hamilton, FFYB 2014 S  Wave 7: Augmented Humanity S  Shift from Industry to Individual… We are seeing this across many industries already…

Which Industries are affected? Media and News S  Feeds S  Blogging S  Twitter S  Facebook Distribution and Retail S  eBAY S  Gumtree S  Uber

Which Industries affected? Education S  MOOCs S  uDemy S  MIT S  Coursera

Food and Medicine Food S  Home cooking shows S  Farmers Collectives S  Community Gardens S  3D Printing

Food and Medicine Medicine S  3D Printing S  Different parts - Limbs S  Different locations – Africa S  Stem Cells S  Drugs… Silk Road?

Next Stop… Banks S  Bitcoin exchanges S  Bitcoin ATMs Government

Bitcoin is like Electricity Benefits S  … Technology S  Augments : Exploration, Curiosity S  … Enabler S  Communities S  Identity S  Other technologies Risks S  Certainty of Knowledge S  What you don’t know is shocking (paraphrase Taleb) S  On the grid S  Binds your fortunes (Mt Gox) S  Fate of the community

Back to the Community S  Group identity S  Commune: An intentional community of people living together, sharing common interests, property, possessions, resources, and, in some communes, work and income. S  The SAME community that gets excited about these changes are the SAME community who will adopt Bitcoin

Geoffrey Moore – Crossing the Chasm Source: http://www.w- 081214- recrossing_the_ch a.html. Last Accessed 17/3/14

Commune vs Collective S  Collective: group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective

Clare Graves Source: diagrams/. Last Accessed 17/3/14

Conclusion S  Shift from Industry to Individual S  Social animal – form Communities S  Better Collective S  Building on what exists S  Not repeating patterns exactly S  Creating a better version of the future…

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