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Published on November 18, 2017

Author: Chokhihandicraft8192


slide 1: The best traditional wear for Men The Indian wedding is really an extravagant affair where a huge series of events are held frequently. While the Indian ladies have a huge Men handmade collection online it of attire to choose from it is very likely that as a man you might find difficult o go for the additional clothing that has some western appeal. Such clothing would ensure that you will seem to be completely fit into the scenario. The best attire for friend of groom or pride As a best friend of the groom you would like to go for something that should be able to accentuate your appearance with a fine layer of luxury. While Sherwani is one of the most elegant choices most of other male guests would also be wearing it so you cannot expect to look your great or enjoy an elevated status wearing a Sherwani. The same goes true of Jodhpur suites Safari Suits and Patahni Suits. Rather go for Nehru Jacket that is not worn too frequently by the ordinary guests. Another best way to add a distinguished appeal to your appearance is to go for detailing that has a very unique character of its own. Going for the embroidery that stars from the shoulders and stretches down the hemline of the Sherwani replicating the essential patterns of some of the traditional Indian school of painting like miniature painting of Jaipur is something ally unique and would most possibly not find any competitions. Likewise you can also go of the chandelier embroidery on the shoulders that have an essential royal appearance. The well crafted Stoll draped decently over your should is another item that would add to your elevated appearance. Buy Handmade Gifts Online How to play safe However if you would like to opt for more than a few plans to beat all other male guests in appearance and visual impact then you would better buy men short jackets of different appearance matching with your Sherwani. If the shimmering silver jacket has already been worn by another guest then you can go for the Jacket with Bagru Print. If both of them have the competitors already present in the arena then you would look great in a short accept embellished with Lucknow chikankari. Yes it would be expensive but it is a small price you need to pay to have a premium look in your best fri end ’ s wedding.

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