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Published on January 19, 2016

Author: NeoBio


1. The Best Peptide Source It’s no secret that the realm of laboratory technology has progressed to the point where the research work involving peptides has flourished. There are obvious reasons for this level of proliferation; most of these reasons revolve around the fact that peptides have allowed scientific studies to somewhat crack the genetic code on a cellular level. Because of research peptides, science now has a better grasp on how an animal test subject’s body functions, from its endocrine system-related processes to its manner of protein synthesis. It is safe to say that the trend of increasing growth in relation to peptide research is not going to wane any time soon. It is also safe to say that the proliferation of suppliers in place to sell you peptides will also not wane. Indeed, each day seems to bring more and more choices in terms of where to purchase peptides for scientific study based on animal test subjects. There comes a time where you must not only look at what peptide you need to purchase, but also the company that is selling the actual peptide. Doing so could play a key difference in picking the proper peptide as opposed to the wrong one; a decision that could have a gigantic impact on whatever research you conduct with the peptide. As such, there are a few key attributes that you should always be on the lookout for. These attributes are particularly important to note because they all have a tendency to co-exist with each other, meaning that if a supplier falters in one attribute, then the chances are likely that they will be somewhat lacking in other aspects, too. Integrity of the Product Even before you begin your quest to find the best peptide source, you need to have a firm grasp on knowing what level of product integrity you desire, and keep the bar there. While this sounds relatively easy to do, you may find yourself tempted into looking at price first and product integrity afterward. However, it is wise to avoid this strategy at all costs. The reason being is that a discounted or cut-rate peptide will in all likelihood have a compromised purity level .

2. Purity is arguably the most important metric you can use in determining what peptide you should purchase. In essence, the higher the peptide rating (which is determined via a percentage), the more consistent the related test results pertaining to the peptide will be. On the other hand, if you run with a peptide that has a lower purity rating, your test results will feature a wider degree of variance to them, thus making the resultant data derived from their study less consistent. The reason for this is because a lower purity level peptide may have various disruptions found within their sequencing. Some of these disruptions include: • Truncated or shortened sequences • Missing sequences • Incomplete de-protected sequences • Other by-products of processes pertaining to protein synthesis If the scientific study on animal test subjects that you are conducting is slated to be linked to long-term projects that span the course of several years, this variance may cause issues with the overarching data that is connected to the project due to its associated inconsistencies. This is why the price tag metric is not necessarily a great attribute to utilize. In most cases where low-cost peptides are being touted, the product being sold has been diluted as a means to lower the price-tag. When this process of dilution happens, the overall level of purity linked to a peptide drops. As such, if you find yourself lured in by a lower price point, make sure that you do your due diligence and check the purity level. If the peptides that are being sold aren’t up to snuff, run the other way. They Should Know a Thing or Two Another key attribute that you should always be on the lookout for pertains to matters of knowledge. In essence, the supplier should have an astute knowledge of the basics behind the peptide that they are selling, such as its basic functionality and its proper storage. Moreover, they should be in a position to share that type of data with you via providing proper research materials with shipment. In short, you should never have to worry about conducting any guesswork regarding the product, from the moment you decide on purchasing the product

3. to the time when you are ready to utilize it. This elimination of guesswork also manifests itself by the actual amount of peptides that you purchase. Trust Trumps All In the end, the most important attribute that you should look for in a supplier is trust. Even if you are comfortable with the peptides that they are selling and the level of knowledge that they exhibit, that still isn’t quite enough. If a supplier makes you hesitant to purchase their products in any way, shape, or form, you should think twice before you going down the road and pulling the trigger on a transaction. Remember, peptides are a pretty big deal, and they are only going to get bigger as time progresses. Therefore, it is imperative that you trust your instincts above all else when dealing with a supplier. You may regret it later if you don’t. If you need a peptide or are interested in our peptide synthesis services, then we can definalty help. Our unique NeoPeptide TM technology is state of the art and will stream line all of your peptide service needs.

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