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Information about The Best Bathroom Renovators in Perth | WA Assett

Published on July 16, 2018

Author: maryturley


slide 1: Tips and Tricks to renovate your old bathroom WA Assett slide 2: One of the most underestimated rooms in our homes is the bathroom. Most of us think of it as a room in which we do n ’ t spend much time and thus it does not require much attention. But the way you keep your bathroom speaks a lot about your personality. slide 3: It is a place which tones the way you look and feel for the rest of the day. Though we spend very little time in the bathroom it is quite essential that we maintain it properly. So if you are planning to remodel your bathroom you can check out the following renovating ideas and tips. slide 4: Select products which will last for a long time When you select the products which will last for a long time you will save a lot of money. You also don ’ t have to spend much on maintaining such things and make your bathrooms look fresh and new. Try choosing quartz counters over marble as marble is harder to maintain and they get dirty quite soon. Make sure that your faucets are strong and long-lasting. Prefer getting a glass shower which is treated with anti- spotting agents so that when water falls on it it does not leave those white spots on it. slide 5: Maximize your energy efficiency Have you ever worried about having water problems in your surroundings and wished you had saved some of it when you had the chance to. While remodelling your bathrooms you can fix low flow toilets and faucets. You can use led lightings instead of using the traditional incandescent to save some electricity and you can also save up on your maintenance costs. slide 6: The brighter your bathroom the bigger it looks If you want your bathroom to look bigger you need to increase the lighting in the area. Or you can simply use light coloured tiles to reflect light so that it looks brighter. If you are planning to make some brilliant design choices do n ’ t let it go unnoticed by fixing the low lighting. To increase the brightness in your bathrooms you can also add a window. Adding a window will allow fresh air to enter the room. slide 7: LED lighting One of the best things you can add to your bathrooms is the LED lights. By using the LED light you can save up a lot on your electricity bills. You can even use them as a colour wash effect on your bathtubs and sinks. slide 8: Add some curves to your bathroom You can find plenty of beautiful curvy shapes for bathrooms on the market. Try to pick an element which you feel is the best and add curves only to that area. For example you can make your bathroom wall curvy or hang a wall decor which makes your bathroom look curvy. If you have enough space you can also buy a bathtub looks like a cocoon. slide 9: Thank You

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