The Benefits of Using Biometrics in Banking

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Information about The Benefits of Using Biometrics in Banking

Published on September 23, 2016

Author: M2SYS


1. 1 The Benefits of Using Biometrics in Banking

2. 2 How does biometric identification work?

3. Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing bank employees and customers through their physiological characteristics such as fingerprints, finger and palm veins, iris patterns, and voice recognition. 3

4. Benefits to Employees 4

5. 5 Biometrics benefits employees by providing more secure and user friendly individual identification using unique biometric characteristics. Major benefits include…

6. • Fast, secure, and user friendly authentication • A concrete audit trail of transaction history • Fast branch banking • Encourages accountability and productivity 6 Benefits to Employees

7. Benefits to Customers 7

8. Customers demand secure banking systems that protect their individual identities. Biometric identification answers the call by providing banks the most accurate and secure technology to identify customers. Major benefits of biometrics in banking to customers include… 8 Benefits to Customers

9. • Fast and secure banking transactions • Secure ATM customer identification • Secure mobile banking • Increased convenience and peace of mind 9

10. Benefits to Banks 10

11. Biometric identification technology is an integral and strategic part of financial service security platforms to prevent identity theft and fraud. The major benefits of biometrics to banks include… 11

12. • Reduction in security breaches • Fraud protection • Identity theft prevention • Secure mobile banking app authentication 12 Benefits to Banks

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