The Benefits of Having a Car Camera

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Information about The Benefits of Having a Car Camera

Published on February 7, 2014

Author: george_kia7


PowerPoint Presentation: The Benefits of Having a Car Camera PowerPoint Presentation: Owning a business relying on cars and other vehicles for delivery is risky. You have to take extra precautions when it comes to vehicle tracking and driver safety. Fortunately, technologies such as GPS vehicle tracking systems and car cameras can help make life easier. GPS Vehicle Tracking: GPS Vehicle Tracking Global Positioning System (GPS) has changed the landscape of navigation and tracking. GPS, combined with the power of the internet and advanced handheld devices, is now one of the most useful tools in transportation. You no longer have to depend on bulky, printed maps for directions. With just a few button presses, you may find out where you are and discover the simplest route to your next destination. PowerPoint Presentation: GPS tracking makes use of the power of GPS to help car owners monitor their cars' location. This is especially useful for businesses or enterprises that command a fleet of vehicles for delivery or transportation purposes. Using vehicle tracking, dispatchers may find quicker routes for drivers as they make their way to their destination. It can also provide alternative routes if the driver encounters heavy traffic or any obstruction on the road. GPS monitoring may also make it easier to locate a stolen vehicle. It can also aid if a vehicle is in need of towing or mechanical help. Car Camera: Car Camera A conventional camera is essentially a surveillance camera tracking what goes on inside and outside your vehicle. Through videos recorded by these cameras, you can keep close eye on your drivers to see if any of them are exhibiting reckless or questionable behaviours. They may also provide valuable evidence if a car accident involves the one you own. Reverse Camera: Reverse Camera When you are in the driver's seat, you cannot see everything that goes on behind your vehicle. These areas behind your car are called blind spots. If something or someone happens to be in your car's blind spot while you are driving in reverse, an accident may happen. Setting up a reverse camera helps prevent these accidents from happening. These specialized car cameras provide a clear view of the area at the back of your vehicle, giving you enough time to hit the brakes if something crosses your path. Parking Sensors: Parking Sensors Like reverse cameras, parking sensors help prevent an accident while you are driving a vehicle backwards. Parking sensors detect when your car is starting to get too close to an object or barrier, so you could stop your car or change its direction before you hit anything. Phone Car Kits: Phone Car Kits Distributing mobile phones to your employees and drivers may help improve your business' communication and coordination. The only concern with mobile phones is they are difficult to use while driving. Requiring your drivers to use their phones as they drive means you have to buy them phone car kits as well. PowerPoint Presentation: Sources:

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