The Benefits of Closed Loop Motion Feedback

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Information about The Benefits of Closed Loop Motion Feedback

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: DesignWorldOnline



In today’s tight economy, OEMs and end-users alike are searching for ways to get an edge over their competition, and closed-loop feedback might just be the best secret weapon you’ve never considered. Sure, encoders and resolvers are a must for high-speed packaging, but did you know that they can provide big savings and performance boosts over the life of a system for applications ranging from dockside loading to oil drilling to firefighting? Today’s encoders and resolvers can increase throughput, decrease downtime, enhance safety, and increase performance. Looking to gain an edge over your competitors.

Encoders and Resolvers Series: The Benefits to Closed Loop Motion Feedback

Before We Start  This webinar will be available afterwards at & email  Q&A at the end of the presentation  Hashtag for this webinar: #DWwebinar

Moderator Presenter Miles Budimir Allen Chasey Design World Eastern U.S. Sales Manager, Dynapar Corp.

Allen Chasey is the Eastern U.S. Sales Manager for Dynapar Corp. and specializes in encoder and resolver motion feedback, with a concentrated focus in the Off-Highway Vehicle industry. Allen received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics from Jacksonville University, and has worked in the electronic/automation industry for twenty years.

Your customers want… Two more bells Five more whistles Infinite uptime Negative cost

Your boss wants… Faster installation Fewer failures Lower operating cost Better throughput

You want…

Work Smarter, Not Harder Closed-loop feedback      increase throughput decrease downtime enhance safety boost performance long-term savings Paper Mill

“But I don’t build packaging machines.” Are you involved in industries like: Mining Logging Aerospace Steel manufacturing Tire manufacturing Dockside cranes Oil & Gas (drilling,exploration)  Elevator  Motor OEM       

It ain't what you don't know that's the problem, it's what you know for sure that just ain't so. -- Mark Twain

HVAC Cooling Fans: Lesson Learned! The first engineering team to try it gained an enormous strategic advantage

Rotary Feedback 101  Speed feedback  Position feedback  Close the loop on the load or on the motor

Resolvers  Tough--no onboard electronics  Analog  High resolution Resolver Applications: • Aerospace • Oil & Gas (down-hole drilling) • Formula One Racing (Kinetic Energy Recovery System)

Did We Mention TOUGH?

Encoders  Speed or position  Flexible  Optical versus magnetic  Incremental versus absolute  High resolution  Digital Did We Mention TOUGH?

Poll question #1 When should you close the loop on the motor rather than the load? a) Controlling speed, not displacement b) When there’s excessive backlash or “slop” in your system c) When tight speed tolerance (.01%) isn’t required

#1 Reduce downtime!!!

…and Downtime is Not.  Another diagnostic for drives and controllers  The canary in the coal mine  Detect problems faster  Encoders alert drives  Drives and controllers alert HMI  Shop floor to top floor  Planned maintenance vs. unplanned faults

On The Bus  Logging: if a branch catches a wire, how do you find the problem?  Connected, closed-loop feedback

#2 Improve speed control

It’s not about going fast  The slower you go, the more resolution you need  If you’re controlling volume, you need to control speed

This matters in…  Underground mining vehicles  Better starting and stopping  Elevator cars  Fertilizer spreaders

What does it get you?  Better quality product – paper, rolling metal, rubber and tires  Better starting and stopping – elevators, mining vehicles  Less wear  Smaller motors can do the job

Poll question #2 When is high-resolution feedback most important? a) High-speed motion b) Low speed motion c) High-dynamic-range motion

#3 Prevent Damage

Stop Unsafe Motion  Protect your system  Your product  Your personnel

In Lift Vehicles  Short jacking – you need to restrict the arc of the boom

Potentiometers work…     …for a while …if you don’t have EMI …or arc welding …and you don’t need intelligent feedback

Absolute encoders…  …are noncontact  …are CANbus compatible  …deliver real-time diagnostics Did We Mention TOUGH?

#4 Bridge the Performance Gap

The Great Divide  Smart excavators with GPS do a lot…  Return-to-dig  Inches of resolution  …And cost a lot  Manual excavators deliver a bargain…  …What happens when your skilled operator is out sick?

Encoders…  …pinpoint bucket location  …pinpoint speed  …deliver return-to-dig with greater accuracy  And did we mention TOUGH?

#5 Make your equipment last

Entropy sucks. lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder SOLUTION: Keep things in ORDER! Go Closed Loop!

Your equipment wears out a little more every day… Feedback Can Help!

Hydraulics  Hard stops and starts = shock and vibration  Damage seals  Loosen connections  Compromise welds and fasteners

Hi-Res Feedback Easy does

Mining--Variable Speed Flow (and don’t forget Oil & Gas mud pumps!) Fixed-speed pumps with valves to control flow. • Pressure jump creates heat • Any water vaporizes • Things go boom

Closed-Loop Feedback… Slows Motor BEFORE Valve Closes. No dead-heading No explosions Less wear, longer lifetime

Key Feedback Trends

Bus Communications  Health monitoring  Dynamically reprogrammable

Non-Contact Sensing     Sensors separated from rotating equipment Easier to install More forgiving form factor Fewer wear points

Absolute Feedback  Never lose track of your location  Unless you want to reset home – once or many  Bus connectivity  Higher accuracy

Did we mention TOUGH?     Stronger bearings Shaftless Potted electronics Chip-based array sensors bearingless potted electronics shaftless

And Budget-Friendly Performance?  Semiconductor fabrication – more for less  Cost of operations versus cost of acquisition  Modest outlay, big boost

Conclusion (or back to your to-do list) Closed-loop feedback can give your product:  More bells  More whistles  Faster throughput  Better quality  Less downtime  Better cost/performance ratio

Explore What Closed-Loop Feedback Can Do For You

Questions? Design World Miles Budimir Phone: 440.234.4531 Twitter: @DW_Motion Dynapar Allen Chasey Phone: 1.678.817.4945 Twitter: @encoders

Thank You  This webinar will be available at & email  Tweet with hashtag #DWwebinar  Connect with Design World  Discuss this on

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