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Published on March 12, 2014

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Nowadays, there exists new definition for the term of biotechnology. In a study, published inside h...

The Benefits of Biotechnology - Yahoo Voices - Nowadays, there exists new definition for the term of biotechnology. In a study, published inside 3550808/analytical-quality-contr- l-services the Journal of Biotechnology, biotechnology has been defined as the usage of cellular and biomolecular ways to solve problems or make useful products. Scientific advances over the past 50 years have enabled us to know how living organisms work and the way they can work with people. Biotechnology uses living organisms to unravel problems and earn useful products. Biotechnology may be used to produce food items for further 8,000 years. The use of yeast to produce bread rise and produce wine are examples of traditional biotechnology. Other examples of biotechnological merchandise is vinegar, cheese, and yogurt. Hua et al. stated that you have three major stages within the biotechnological process. Firstly, the preparation of nutrient media for cultivated microorganism and also the cultivation process. Next, the course of the microorganism reproduction process in biorectors (fermenters) or perhaps other equipment. Finally may be the obtaining from the final product or substance through the cultivated medium. This stage includes operations for example separation, purification, freezer crystallization and other technologies that uation-associated-with-investigational-cell-as-well-as-gene-therapy-products happen to be linked to getting the commodity form. Biotechnology offers to enhance the health improvements of functional food. Functional food are food containing significant numbers of biologically active components that impart health benefits beyond our basic needs for sufficient calories, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and also other nutrients. The recent findings, published in the Journal of the American Clinical Nutrition, declare that the familiar instances of functional food include substances in white kidney beans that neutralize starch within our diet, barley grass cleanse the interior environment of our own bodies, and compounds in cordyceps that improve immune response and promote vitally. We are using biotechnology to

improve producing these compounds in functional food. Biotechnology enable you to alter the characteristics of raw material inputs so they are more irresistible to consumers and tend to be more amenable to processing. Biotechnology researchers are increasing the nutritional values and shelf-life of natural resources, and extending the seasonal geographic use of agricultural products which are used by producing functional food. Biotechnology also allows the economically viable creation of valuable, natural compounds that cannot be manufactured by other means. For example, the commercial-scale production from the natural and highly marketable cordceps sinensis, a conventional Chinese medicine employed to strengthen the body after exhaustion or long-term illness, promote lung and kidney functions, and support male potency and female vitality. Pharmaceutical grade of cordyceps sinensis is produced with 100% safety and stability assurance. Biotechnology is increasing the safety of unprocessed trash by helping food scientists discover the exact identity with the allergenic protein in food such as peanuts, soybeans and milk, so that they could then take them off. Thus, proteins in a very particular food that triggers a hypersensitivity ought to be identified to increase the safety of raw agricultural products. Reference: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2003; 77:700-6. Regenerating cellulose from ionic liquids with an accelerated enzymatic hydrolysis Journal of Biotechnology, Volume 139, Issue 1, 1 January 2009, Pages 47-54 Hua Zhao, Cecil L. Jones, Gary A. Baker, Shuqian Xia, Olarongbe Olubajo, Vernecia N. Person

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