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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: unskinnybb


Media production study   Benefits - See organizational structure of news services in regards to, at least, politics, economics, and mass culture. - Thus, be aware of - other influences (self-censorship, propaganda, filters, commercials) - other key figures: not only artists or journalists - other possible objectives of production. - boundaries in journalistic professionalism - alternative media seeking (independent mind) - See the change in value of “art”. (purest/commercial)

Media production study   Limitations - Overlook of actual effects on audiences. (passive?) “…the PM’s argument is that media texts are often encoded in specific ways, …” (Klaehn, 2002) - Exaggeration of media power? “Adorno's exaggeration of the media's power to manipulate is partly a result of this theory being too closely modeled after the Nazis' use of the media in mobilizing the masses.” (Andrae, 1979) - Just prejudice against new culture? - How to measure professionalism? Media producers or journalists do have their own prejudice. How to really say that relationships between journalistic and powerful people distort reality: socialization is necessary.

Media text study   Benefits - Be aware of the ideologies hidden and the effort to spread them. - Get an insight into complex human thought and language use and learn how they make sense of the world out of it. - Learn how a text can be interpreted in a number of ways. “The media is chewing gum for the brain.”(Marcuse)

Media text study   Limitations - Ambiguity of meaning: there are as many meanings as there are people. - Too Interpretative (liberal): lack of theoretical base. “Some semioticians seem to choose examples which illustrate the points they wish to make rather than applying semiotic analysis to an extensive random sample.” (Leiss et al. 1990) - Intensification of distorted society image and conflicts.

Media text study   Limitations (cont.) - Different codes in different text formats. “…we need to learn to 'read' the formal codes of photographic and audio-visual media, …the resemblance of their images to observable reality is not merely a matter of cultural convention…the formal conventions in still or motion pictures should make a good deal of sense even to a first-time viewer.” (Messaris 1994,) - Disregard of motives/background where the text has been produced. - Limited availability of text to be analyzed.

Media audience study   Benefits - Understand how audience make sense of texts. - Thus, change texts to be read by audience in meanings the producers want. - Reconsider about the power of media: not as manipulative as it was thought to be. - Realize that it is audience who controls the output of the media, and thus the content of popular culture.

Media audience study   Limitations - Impossibility to isolate media from other influences. - Inaccurate answers from audiences. - Lack of generalizability. - Unmeasurable effects of media. (e.g. correlation vs. causation) - Sole focus on why audiences consume the media, disregarding meanings constructed by audience. (O’Sullivan, Dutton & Rayner 1994, 131) - Emergence of new media: change in viewing behavior .

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