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Published on February 8, 2009

Author: natalykimmel


Slide 6: To honor the beauty and the rights of the Bonelli Eagles, Nataly Cnyrim-Kimmel has conceived an art project entitled “The Beauty and The Beast. Self-Destruction”. While the sculptural project is clearly making reference to the famous fairy tale, it is also offering a new version of the story, with an eco-reading to it. In this interpretation, Beauty lies in the animal world and Man is revealed to be the Beast, endangering all living beings and as a consequence its own human world. The cycle of life must be preserved, the Beauty can be saved, and the Beast be tamed again. Adorned like a totemic animal by the many colors of a joyful palette, the Bonelli Eagle is presented in a thorn cage, fractured by the power of the Beauty taking off. Despite the thrust, the flight does not take place, hands seize his legs and the bird looses many of his feathers as he struggles to break free. His plumage gets hurt, scattered about in the cage, suspended in the air. The statement is clear: our planet has become a thorny environment, uncomfortable and unwelcoming, in which life can only damage itself. Slide 7: Despite our love of Beauty, our square rational human logic is not always serving the spirit and dignity of all the living beings it shares the planet with. It is time for Humans to question the logic that has driven them. The Bonelli Eagle becomes in this project the symbol of the Natural Beauty in this world. The Eagle is loosing its mean to fly, its identity and life force. But there is a chance to change: the process can be reversed. Preservation and measures can be put into place to act now. Helping the Bonelli Eagles to survive is a meaningful gesture. To signify this crucial opportunity, Nataly Cnyrim-Kimmel has conceived the feathers as multicolored rubber modules. As a suggestion for the end of the ECO ART PARADE : The first symbolical step could be to reversing the dreadful prospect of the extinction of this specie would be to put back the feathers on. The second step would be to be to bring back peacefully the eagle into our world, changing the logic of our actions. So that by protecting him, we will protect our planet, we will protect ourselves. Slide 8: To sensitize the public to the Eagle’s cause, the artist would like to propose to the Eco-Art Parade a few events around the production of multicolored feathers, the creation of a The feathers would become the ambassadors of the Eagle’s cause. They would be sent around the world to be signed by VIPs and celebrities of the art and environmental world present in Monaco would be gathered for a signing event. Moreover an edition of the feathers as pen, pencils or more complex objects could be made for the general public. Sotheby’s International could in addition to the sale of the Eagle, auction some of the special signed feathers conceived as collectibles. Multiple forms of events and production of secondary products to mark the importance of the Eco-Parade and the Bonelli Eagles could be imagined on the basis of this sculptural project. All proceeds of the sales via auctions or shops, online or on site, of the signed and unsigned feathers and feather-objects would benefit the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Feather - Mania !!! Slide 9: An educational program involving the schools of the Principality would be designed for children to learn about the environment and the Bonelli Eagles. Special Arts and crafts workshops would be lead by the artist, as she feels very committed to youth and the role of the arts in contributing to better the world. During one of the workshops, the children could participate in a determinant action to gather the feathers scattered in the exhibited cage and put them back on the sculpture. The artist and a young aware generation would join in this gesture full of hope for the future. To seal the Parade in a poetic and concrete manner, a couple of Bonelli Eagles (Male & Female) equipped with a tracking system could be released and their flight toward a safe new life could be monitored on a giant public screen as well as on the web. The movement from Art to Life would thus be accomplished, and the Bonelli Eagles, all plumage on being a reality to the people of the Eco Art Parade. Please see the technical documents and portfolio of sketches accompanying this text to have a visual idea of the proposal. The studio is at your entire disposition should you need more information! Material Description : Material Description Feather : : Feather : The feathers will be conceived as a decorative modular system. Made out of rubber they can fit together like a puzzle to create many different patterns and designs. The individual pieces come in 8 different forms, 8 standard colors, 3 metallic colors and 3 velvet colors. The size of each piece is customizable. The feathers will be water resistant and can be created in different materials in order to fit specific needs. They can be used as interior and/or exterior decorations, shower mats, lampshade, floors and wall coverings. They could be turned easily into pencils or ball pen holders Panels : : Panels : Size: 270x270x3,7mm Weight-Piece: 98g Material: Erbit C-Hooks : 2g Eagle Cage : Eagle Cage Cube Acrylic frame / cube shape Size 2100 x 2100 x 2100 mm Square acrylic tube 25 x 25 mm Three way junction at each corner For Sponsor Ship RequestsContact Info : For Sponsor Ship RequestsContact Info E mail : Skype : worldofsuccess : natalykimmel Webpage :

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