The battle of Thor and Hrungnir

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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: Mrs_Shearer



Norse Myth of Thor and Hrungnir

By: Tegan, Mason.

   Odin challenged Hrungnir to a race on horse back. They eventually came to the hall of Odin. The giant and Odin sat in the hall and drank ale and ate.

    The giant drank until drunk. He bad mouthed Odin Hrungnir told Odin he would destroy the hall and take all the beautiful women with him. He threatened to drink all their ale

      The gods called upon Thor He came furious with rage Challenged Hrungnir to battle. Thor tried to trick Hrungnir They threw their weapons at each other and they collided Thor got hit in the head by shrapnel.

  Hrungnir makes a clay giant to help him They cannot find a heart for the clay giant

   Hrungnir’s leg falls on Thor and he cannot get up But Thor’s son lifted the leg Thor gave his son Hrungnir’s horse to his son

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