The Basics of Factoring

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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: CIT_Group



A factoring transaction involves a supplier of goods (the factoring client), a buyer of those goods (typically a retailer) and a factoring company. This diagram explains the relationship between the three parties.

SM The Basics of Factoring Frank Zarabi, President & CEO, FAM Brands 1 Retailer places an order with supplier. RETAILER SUPPLIER 2 1 Factor evaluates credit worthiness of retailers. Factor approves the order. RETAILER SUPPLIER 3 1 Supplier ships products to retailer. RETAILER SUPPLIER 4 1 Supplier invoices retailer and assigns invoice to Factor. RETAILER SUPPLIER 5 1 Factor collects from retailer. Factor pays supplier. RETAILER $ $ SUPPLIER For more information about factoring, visit or call 800-248-3240.

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