The Basics of Culture Design

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Published on February 6, 2014

Author: LarissaConte



This is a modified version of my presentation from my class, Culture Design Workshop: The Basics, hosted at PARISOMA on Feb 4, 2014.



DEFINITION CULTURE The set of shared beliefs, values, & behaviors amongst a group.

CULTURE SHAPES AND IS SHAPED BY Beliefs o  Values Worldviews, o  Explicit values Mindsets o  Implicit values (=What’s good, valuable, true, etc.) Behaviors o  o  o  o  o  o  Language Systems Processes Leadership Artifacts Feedback o  o  o  o  o  o  Communication Decision-making Place-making Rituals Attire Taboos

KEYS TO COMPANY CULTURE If the purpose of a business is to invent, make, and improve products or services for their customers, as well as to survive in the marketplace, then culture ideally helps support creativity and resilience.

DR. CAROL DWECK THE POWER OF MINDSET Growth Mindset Fixed Mindset Intelligence is static Intelligence can be developed Leads to desire to look smart Leads to desire to learn

DR. CAROL DWECK MINDSET AND COMPANY CULTURE “We know from our studies that people with the fixed mindset do not admit and correct their deficiencies. And a company that cannot selfcorrect cannot survive . . . Instead of learning, growing, and moving the company forward, everyone starts worrying about being judged . . . It’s hard for courage and innovation to survive a company-wide fixed mindset.”


LARISSA’S CULTURE DESIGN PRINCIPLES o  Optimize for creativity, clarity, alignment, learning, and resilience o  Consider all stakeholders’ needs and points of view o  Use company values as design principles o  Design for coherence across scales o  Leverage greatest impact for least amount of effort o  Be strategic—i.e. Wise timing, Wise action

FRAMEWORK CULTURE DESIGN THINKING An iterative process for creating human experiences. Empathize Define Observe Ideate Prototype Test

CASE STUDY LEVERAGING INFORMALITY Informal attire was initially a limited marketing initiative for “fun fares.” It was ultimately adopted company-wide in the 90s because employees loved it and felt more free to focus on the customer when comfortable and relaxed.

CASE STUDY EXPLICIT CULTURAL ORIENTATION In Zappos four week New Hire Training , they cover both technical training and culture orientation. It includes an explicit overview of their 10 core values and hearing from managers in different departments about how they connect to the values.

CASE STUDY DEVELOPING CREATIVITY Born from the pragmatic need to rapidly train an expanding team, Pixar University evolved to offer creative skills and arts training for all employees, regardless of role. They know creativity is a muscle and it’s important in every job.

THANK YOU Larissa Conte @larissabconte

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