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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: MindSurf



Do you like your boss? Who does?
Are you a boss liked by others? Would you like to be?
The B.O.S.S. Effect is an Experiential Training philosophy aimed at doing away with the stereotypical image of a boss and replacing it with a champion people's manager who is loved and cherished and plays a pivotal role right at the fulcrum of organizational progress, particularly in today's economy. Yes, this also means cakes, candles and a whole lot of crowd surfing.

An EXPERIENTIAL Training Program | | |

What does it take to make an Employee voluntarily leave a job in a tough economy? A BAD BOSS

On Average 6 out of 10 employees leave bosses, not companies. Workgroups led by BAD BOSSES are Less Productive 50% Less Profitable 44%

BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY Bosses can not only be loved, respected and cherished but also play a crucial part right at the fulcrum of organizational progress

ALL MANAGEMENT IS PEOPLE MANAGEMENT The rapidly changing nature of business given today's economy and competitiveness requires a fundamental rethinking in how organizations manage people.

AND IT CAN BE LEARNT! A complex challenge involving a number of people-centric competencies & skills, it hardly comes naturally, so professionals need to be trained. Leadership Motivation Self Management Being a Better BOSS Communication Teamwork

THE SOONER THE BETTER The ideal stage to learn these skills is for new bosses and professionals flirting with their maiden managerial voyage.


A 2-day Experiential Training Program geared to make Great Bosses out of you. Manage better, Lead better n Get the best out of your people n Achieve high performance & results n Motivate & inspire your team n Deal with difficult people and challenging situations n Self-management for people management n And we do it the fun way!

WHO IT IS FOR New managers and bosses with less than a year’s experience Aspiring and soon-to-be managers Experienced managers & bosses seeking to improve their skills


BIRTH The stage of reinvention where the bosses must first unlearn before they begin to learn. To see the awesome, they must first be the awesome! THE MAN AT THE HELM ORGANIZE THIS! Change begins with oneself. To be effective, the boss must develop certain traits and new perspectives Tools for better self-organizing & delegation to foster efficiency REIGNING TIME DROP THAT HAT The Boss’s Guide to Time Management – tips, tricks and tools Shun the old-fashioned style of management. Learn how managers around the world are doing it – differently, unconventionally, and effectively.

OSMOSIS The stage of reaching out to the team, making inroads, seeking their love, and developing mutual understanding & trust. KEEPING IT TOGETHER THE DANGLING CARROT FALLACY The boss must be an effective communicator. This section discusses the ins and outs of interpersonal communication and how to master it. Discover the new science of motivation; learn to keep your people inspired and positively charged THE WEAKEST LINK Managing poor performers, difficult people and hostile situations

SYNC This is where the boss and the team begin to come together and get things done. When bridges are formed. Where one is for all, and all for one. BE NICE THE RAINBOW PARADIGM The role of and need for compassion in management; from teams to communities Celebrating diversity in teams rather than rejecting it; diversity of ideas, personalities and cultures GETTING IT DONE HIGH PERFORMANCE POTION Mastering the art of assertion How to achieve the best performance and results with people; and how to keep achieving them

SYNERGY So fused, the boss leads the effect of the parts so it exceeds that of the whole. STUCK LIKE GLUE TOWARDS EXCELLENCE Turning groups into teams; developing synergy The boss must create and cultivate an environment for lasting impact where more ‘bosses’ can flourish

THE MINDSURFWAY™ At MindSurf, we are all about CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING and we do it with our two-pronged approach, also central to all our training courses. EXPERIENTIAL TRAININGS Unlike the boring alternatives, our Experiential Trainings use innovative, interactive techniques for maximum impact. True learning happens when the human mind is engaged, activated and not bored.

EXPERIENTIAL TRAINING TOOLS THE FIRST OF THEIR KIND IN PAKISTAN, our Experiential Trainings apply a creative combination of Storytelling Theater/Improv Games/ Activities Video Cases Audiovisual Tools Fun & Humor These tools are meshed with primary facilitation, not only to demonstrate a point but also to entertain, involve and engage the audience. Our fun-filled trainings make sure that you have a truly unforgettable learning experience.

MEET THE TRAINER is a storyteller, trainer & creative artist who combines inventive flair, theatre/improv and experiential techniques to deliver innovative skill-building workshops which are exciting not dull, dynamic not static, engaging not instructional and, therefore, effective! Zuhaib has trained professionals from a number of organizations including: HBL, PPL, UBL, NBP Etilize Pakistan, TPS, Barclays Bank, SSGC, , EBM, Avanza Solutions, BASF Chemicals, NCCPL, Roshan Telecom (Afghanistan), Team A Ventures, KESC, SLIC, KWSB and KICTL

MEET THE TRAINER Zuhaib has introduced creative approach in his training by using actors for role-plays. This makes the training more realistic and easy to connect. Team members love him and his style. Highly commendable job and recommended with distinction. Al-Karim Hasan Director Human Resources, Global Operations, Etilize Private Limited I found Zuhaib very much adroit, a great speaker, and audience catcher. He has the capability to grapple his audience successfully till the end of demonstration. His workshops are complete package of knowledge, joviality, skill, know-how. His innovations in professional training are his bonus. Ambreen Tauseef Manager-II – ITC, Habib Bank Limited Zuhaib is dynamic and creative which eventually enabled us to not only learn better but understand better as well. His friendly attitude towards the class and somewhat unorthodox teaching methods made for some very well spent time. Ali Abbas Snr. Project Manager, Creative Chaos

An EXPERIENTIAL Training Program Bring The B.O.S.S. Effect to your organization! Contact us for public and in-house workshops | | |

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